Heritage Music

We have been an an exclusive seller for this amazing Canadian distributor for many many years. Heritage Music distributes a large catalog of long-standing traditional Canadian music on a variety of labels:
  Alldisc was a major distributor of Canadian folk and east coast music which went out of business in the mid 1980's. We have a few of their discontinued titles remaining in stock.

  Banff Records carried a huge catalog of mainly fiddle music. We have a few of the titles which are still in print.

  Canadian Cavalcade is a name that was very apropos to the vast amount of traditional Canadian country music they had on their label. We carry what is left in print from their catalog.

  Celtic Records was a long-standing celtic and maritime label here in Canada. None of their titles are still in print, but we stock whatever we can get our hands on.

  Condor Records is still in business and carries the huge Smiley Bates, Dick Nolan and Roy Payne catalogs. They also carry many other Maritime artists as well as country, bluegrass, gospel, and assorted fiddle artists.

  Elm Records has now gone out of business, but we have many traditional and maritime titles still left in stock on cassette.

  Kodiak Records has been out of business forever, but we still have a couple of titles left in stock.

  Melrose Records are now out of business as well, but we have many cool folk and fiddle compilations both on CD and cassette still in our inventory.

  Oak Records also has some nice fiddle and accordian musicians in its repertoire. We carry an abundance of their cassette catalog.

  Rodeo Records is a long-standing traditional country & western label here in Canada, and we have a few of their titles remaining in stock on cassette.

Simply click any one of the links above to see what is still available!