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Canadian Artists

All prices are listed here in both Canadian and US Dollars

(US prices are approximate exchanges in brackets)
Best selling titles are listed in yellow   Other available titles are listed in white   Releases which are currently unavailable are listed in grey

ARTIST                          TITLE                                LABEL           CAT NO.    PRICE CDN    PRICE US
E- O Show Schematics, The       ...............(I)...............    Chippawa Low-Fi CD 00001       22.99  (16.00 US)

E>H<B                           Life By The Drop                     E>H<B           RDRCD-5713      8.99  ( 6.00 US)

Eagle & Hawk                    Mother Earth                         Arbor           P2 51216       16.99  (11.00 US)

Eagle Feather                   Message From A Drum                  Tidemark        02 50780       22.99  (16.00 US)

Eaglesmith, Fred J              F. J. Elgersma                       Sweetwater      FSE 001        17.99  (12.00 US)
Eaglesmith, Fred J              the boy that just went wrong.        New Woodshed    NWR 002        17.99  (12.00 US)
Eaglesmith, Fred J              Indiana Road                         Sweetwater      FSE 003        17.99  (12.00 US)
Eaglesmith, Fred J              There Ain't No Easy Road (2CDs)      Sweetwater      FSE 004        29.99  (20.00 US)
Eaglesmith, Fred J              from the paradise motel              Barbed Wire     BWR 2001                 Deleted
Eaglesmith, Fred J              Things is Changin’                   Sweetwater      FSE006         17.99  (12.00 US)
Eaglesmith, Fred                drive-in movie                       Vertical        VER 4218-2     17.99  (12.00 US)
Eaglesmith, Fred                Lipstick Lies & Gasoline             Razor & Tie     RT 2831-2      17.99  (12.00 US)
Eaglesmith, Fred                50-Odd Dollars                       Razor & Tie     79231 82143    17.99  (14.00 US)
Eaglesmith, Fred                Ralph's Last Show (2CDs)             A Major Label   LJ21|LJ22      23.99  (16.00 US)
Eaglesmith, Fred                Falling Stars and Broken Hearts      Sweetwater      FSE008         17.99  (12.00 US)
Eaglesmith, Fred                balin                                A Major Label   LJ23           17.99  (12.00 US)
Eaglesmith, Fred J              Official Bootleg Series Volume 1 (2CDs) A Major Label   FSEBOOT1/2  30.99  (22.00 US)
Eaglesmith, Fred                The Gift (VHS)                          Cracker         Cracker-1             Deleted
Eaglesmith, Fred J              Dusty                                   A Major Label   FSE009      17.99  (12.00 US)
Eaglesmith, Fred J              Official Bootleg Series Volume 2 (2CDs) A Major Label   FSEBOOT3/4  30.99  (22.00 US)
Eaglesmith, Fred                The Small Beers Tour (DVD)              Sonic Rendezvous  SRV 025   25.99  (18.00 US)
Eaglesmith, Fred J              Milly's Cafe                            A Major Label   FSE010      17.99  (12.00 US)

earrl                           earrl                                planet earrl    pep001         22.99  (16.00 US)
earrl                           the first six divided                planet earrl    pep002         22.99  (16.00 US)
earrl                           wicked still                         planet earrl    pep 003         8.99  ( 6.00 US)

Ear Contact (George Mcfetridge) January Sun                          Trio            TCP 202        18.99  (13.00 US)

Earth Baby                      World Class                          Hammerhead      HDR-CD-101     24.99  (17.00 US)

earthmen                        eargasm                              Planet          CD00001        22.99  (16.00 US)

Earthnoise                      Algonquin                            Earthnoise      EN 1001        19.99  (14.00 US)
Earthnoise                      Tikal                                Earthnoise      EN 2102        19.99  (14.00 US)
Earthnoise                      Garifuna                             Earthnoise      EN 2103        19.99  (14.00 US)

Earthquake                      Earthquake                                                              Not Available

Earthquake Pills                Autodidactophone                     Sloth           SLO014         19.99  (14.00 US)

EarthTones                      To Be Continued...                   EarthTones      EARTH 0945     17.99  (12.00 US)

Easily Amused.                  Novice                               Independent     KR 01                    Deleted
Easily Amused.                  Simple Stuff                         Universal       25989 41642 2  19.99  (14.00 US)

East of 9                       Love & Lust                          Silver Moon     SMEI 0001      22.99  (16.00 US)

East Coast Disaster Complex     These Children Have Nothing But Hope   no/Coqi       COQ006         16.99  (12.00 US)

Eastern Eagle Singers           Traditionally Yours                  SOAR            SOAR 178       19.99  (14.00 US)

Eastman, Eddie                  Easy                                 Bel Air                            Not Available
Eastman, Eddie                  Eddie Eastman                        Bel Air                            Not Available
Eastman, Eddie                  Intimate Strangers                   Bel Air                            Not Available
Eastman, Eddie                  The Winning Side                     Diamond                            Not Available
Eastman, Eddie                  Living in the Fast Lane              Bookshop                           Not Available
Eastman, Eddie                  Trying to Make a Living              Bookshop                           Not Available
Eastman, Eddie                  Greatest Hits                        Bookshop                           Not Available
Eastman, Eddie                  Eddie Eastman                        Artisan                            Not Available

Eastmure, Peter                 The Smallest Voice                   pye             PYECD001       22.99  (16.00 US)

easy access                     easy access                          Easy Access     EAR-001                  Deleted
easy access                     the children of the happy parents    Easy Access     EAR-002        22.99  (16.00 US)

Eaton Ensemble, William         Where Rivers Meet                    First Nations   10027-2-9      24.99  (17.00 US)

echelon                         all good things...                   echelon         ECHCD 40601     6.99  ( 5.00 US)

Ecclestone, Colleen             In Essence                           Grand Union     GDCE001        19.99  (14.00 US)

ecclestons, the                 from imbolc to beltane               Pacific         PM 10302       15.99  (11.00 US)

econoline crush                 purge                                EMI Canada      E2 28989       20.99  (14.00 US)
econoline crush                 affliction                           EMI Canada      E2 32072       20.99  (14.00 US)
econoline crush                 TheDevilYouKnow                      EMI Canada      E2 38777       20.99  (14.00 US)
econoline crush                 All That You Are CDEP                EMI Canada      E21A 84913               Deleted
econoline Crush                 Brand New History                    EMI Canada      MRCD 0077      18.99  (13.00 US)

Ed & Jolene                     Glimpse Of Heaven                    Oak             Cassette Only            Deleted

Eddie & The Hot Rods            Eddie & The Hot Rods                                                    Not Available

Eddy, Danette                   Motion Potion                        Tidemark        02 50772       18.99  (13.00 US)
Eddy, Danette                   Traces                      Danette Eddy / Festival  02 02090       18.99  (13.00 US)

Eddy, Terri-Lynn                Dreams                               Tidemark        02 50829       18.99  (13.00 US)

Eden                            Eden                                 Total                              Not Available

Edgar, Marc                     C'est l'borde!                       Anarchichyk     AKCD 1301      22.99  (16.00 US)

Edge, Gerry                     Gerry Edge                           KEE             KEE 945201CD   22.99  (16.00 US)

Edie The Egg Lady With The Viletones    Edie, Queen Of Punks         Other People's  P232 52117               Deleted

Edison Woods                    Edison Woods                         Endearing       NDR031         16.99  (12.00 US)

Edmunds, Geoff                  Geoff Edmunds                                                           Not Available
Edmunds, Geoff                  Geoff Edmunds                                                           Not Available
Edmunds, Geoff                  Compilation Of His 2 Albums          Pacemaker       TBA                          TBA

Edward Bear                     Bearings                             Capitol                            Not Available
Edward Bear                     Eclipse                              Capitol         S21 52777      14.99  (10.00 US)
Edward Bear                     Edward Bear                          Capitol         S21 52998      10.99  ( 8.00 US)
Edward Bear                     Close Your Eyes                      Capitol                            Not Available
Edward Bear                     The Best Of The Bear (1969-1984)     Capitol                            Not Available
Edward Bear                     The Edward Bear Collection           Capitol         C21Y-26585     11.99  ( 8.00 US)

Edward, Harding & George        Half & Half                          Celebration                        Not Available

Edwards, Bobby                  Fat City Suite In E Major            CBC Canadian Talent Library        Not Available
Edwards, Bobby                  Guitarisma                                                              Not Available

Edwards, Carolina               Nova Scotia                                                             Not Available

Edwards, Jean                   Song Spectrum                        indie pool      LP Only            Not Available
Edwards, Jean                   Do You Remember                      indie pool      CANTO00397     24.99  (18.00 US)

Edwards, Kathleen               Failer                               MapleMusic      MRCD-6377      16.99  (12.00 US)
Edwards, Kathleen               Back To Me                           MapleMusic      MRCD 6440      16.99  (12.00 US)

edwin (of I Mother Earth)       Another Spin Around The Sun          epic            ET 80392       15.99  (11.00 US)
edwin & the pressure            edwin & the pressure                 Columbia        CK 80753                 Deleted

Egan, Bob                       The Promise                          Festival / Bob Egan  GAR 2022  18.99  (13.00 US)

Egan, Coral                     My Favorite Distraction              Fusion3         New Release    17.99  (12.00 US)

EGG                             Don't Postpone Joy                   Mutek           MTKFAB01       19.99  (14.00 US)

Egolillys                       pithy                                whimseys        WPEL96-001CD   22.99  (16.00 US)

Eidolon                         Eidolon                                                                       Deleted
Eidolon                         Zero Hour                            Metal Blade     39841 36777              Deleted
Eidolon                         Seven Spirits                        Metal Blade     39841 37777              Deleted
Eidolon                         Nightmare World                      Metal Blade     39841 38777              Deleted
Eidolon                         Coma Nation                          Skyscraper      SM005          17.99  (12.00 US)
Eidolon                         Apostles Of Defiance                 Skyscraper      SM008          17.99  (12.00 US)

Eight                           Eight                                Eight           Cassette Only   3.99  ( 2.50 US)

Eight Seconds                   Ottava Rima                          Apprentice                         Not Available
Eight Seconds                   Big Houses                           Apprentice/Atco CD 91417                 Deleted
Eight Seconds                   Almacantar                           Polydor         831 119-2                Deleted

83                              Hip Hop 101                          Select          APCD 1454      19.99  (14.00 US)

Eika, Peter                     Party of One                         MapleMusic      MRCD0777       16.99  (12.00 US)

Eikhard, June                   The Best Darn Fiddling In The World  Banff           Cassette Only            Deleted

Eikhard, Shirley                Shirley Eikhard                      Capitol                            Not Available
Eikhard, Shirley                Children Of The Present              Attic           ATM-1007       13.99  (10.00 US)
Eikhard, Shirley                Let Me Down Easy                     Attic           ATM-1021       13.99  (10.00 US)
Eikhard, Shirley                Horizons                             Attic           ATM-1032       13.99  (10.00 US)
Eikhard, Shirley                Greatest Hits                        Capitol                            Not Available
Eikhard, Shirley                Taking Charge                        Eika                               Not Available
Eikhard, Shirley                The Jazz Sessions                    Eika            SEM 1196                 Deleted
Eikhard, Shirley                If I Had My Way                      Denon Canada    CAN 9023                 Deleted
Eikhard, Shirley                Going Home                           artisan         E2 57890                 Deleted
Eikhard, Shirley                the last hurrah                      Eika            SEM 1199                 Deleted
Eikhard, Shirley                end of the day                       Eika            SEM 2001                 Deleted
Eikhard, Shirley                stay open                            Eika            SEM 2003                 Deleted
Eikhard, Shirley                Country                              All Species     ASMCOU2005     18.99  (13.00 US)
Eikhard, Shirley                Pop                                  All Species     ASMPOP2005     18.99  (13.00 US)

Eilon, Rafi                     The Waiting                          indie pool      007            18.99  (13.00 US)

Eiselman, Mark                  The Chant                            Unity           UTY 163                  Deleted
Eiselman, Mark                  Sweet & Lovely                       Cornerstone     CRST 125       17.99  (12.00 US)

El Camino                       Reverb Explosion                     Del-Fi          DELFI 7777     24.99  (17.00 US)

El Divino                       The Diviners                         indie pool      DCD101         19.99  (14.00 US)

El Guapo                        El Guapo                             Dischord        DRCD-007       22.99  (16.00 US)

Elder, Lin                      One beautiful wife                   Big Hip         314 540 860-2            Deleted

Electric Humans Guild, The      The Electric Humans Guild            Robosapien      BOT01          16.99  (12.00 US)

Electroshine.                   Electroshine.                        Electroshine.   Electroshine.  22.99  (16.00 US)

Electrosonics                   Electrosonics                        Drive-In        DRIVE019       14.99  (10.00 US)
Electrosonics                   Rampion                              Drive-In        DRIVE007       14.99  (10.00 US)

elektra women's choir           Legacy                               Can. Music Ctr. CMCCD 6800     18.99  (13.00 US)

Elektradrive                    Elektradrive                         Long Island     LIRC 00077               Deleted

Elevator Through                Music From Motion Picture "the such" Murder          MUSND 038      15.99  (11.00 US)

Elevator To Hell                Vague Premonition                    Sonic Unyon     LP Only        19.99  (14.00 US)
Elevator To Hell                "Parts 1-3"                          Sub Pop         SPCD 305       19.99  (14.00 US)
Elevator To Hell                Eerieconsiliation                    Sub Pop         SPCD 399       19.99  (14.00 US)
Elevator                        A Taste Of Complete Perspective      teenage USA     TEEN3023-2     16.99  (12.00 US)
Elevator                        Darkness -> Light                    Blue Fog        VOID-001       16.99  (12.00 US)
Elevator                        August                               Blue Fog        VOID004-2      16.99  (12.00 US)

Eleven Minutes Away             arson followed me home               Deep Elm        DER436         18.99  (13.00 US)

Elfin Parade, The               Santa's Party                        indie pool      305190          6.99  ( 5.00 US)

Elissa                          Mamboleo EP                          EMI Canada      P21Q 83322-2    8.99  ( 6.00 US)

Elites, The                     Uptown Blues                         indie pool      20771D         23.99  (17.00 US)

Eliya                           The Language Of Peace                Bennu           CD TAO 001     24.99  (18.00 US)

ella                            hérétique                            3D/dep          DDM2-1143                Deleted
ella                            mon or                               Select          LACHAPCD918    20.99  (14.00 US)

Ella Says                       My Everything & Where It Went        indie pool      CRV103         19.99  (14.00 US)

Elle                            Nympholepsy                          indie pool      ESL801         21.99  (15.00 US)

Elliott, Carl                   Down Home Fiddlin'                   Oak             Cassette Only   7.99  ( 5.00 US)
Elliott, Carl                   More Fiddle Favourites               Condor          Cassette Only   7.99  ( 5.00 US)
Elliott, Carl                   Red Hot Fiddle                       Holborne        Cassette Only   9.99  ( 7.00 US)

Elliott, Kirk                   Celtic Moon                          Soundwright     KECMSW93-2               Deleted
Elliott, Kirk                   The Heavenly Banquet                 Soundwright     KECMSW02-2               Deleted
Elliott, Kirk                   Moonlight On Water                   Soundwright     KECMSW03-2               Deleted
Elliott, Kirk                   No Fixed Address                     Soundwright     KECMSW04-2               Deleted

Elliott, Lorne                  The Collected Mistakes                    Lorne Elliott                 Not Available
Elliott, Lorne                  The Collected Mistakes II                 Turtle Pond  LE-CM-11-2   18.99  (13.00 US)
Elliott, Lorne                  More Than You Probably Need In Your Life  Monster      MMM 2205     18.99  (13.00 US)
Elliott, Lorne                  Selections From All Directions            Turtle Pond  MMMM 450     18.99  (13.00 US)
Elliott, Lorne                  Selections From All Directions Volume 2   Turtle Pond  MMMM 2135    18.99  (13.00 US)

Ellis, Corey                    last great alibi                     IronMusic       77876 51016 2  19.99  (14.00 US)

Ellis, Tyler                    Straid Hill                          Northern Bliss  NBM794-2       24.99  (17.00 US)
Ellis, Tyler                    Horseshoes & Handgrenades            Northern Bliss  NBM 2001       24.99  (17.00 US)

Ellison                         Ellison                              Supreme         GF144                    Deleted

Ellwood, William                Natural Selections                   MCA             NSD 61049      19.99  (14.00 US)

Elmer, Briand                   Cape Breton Fiddle                   Holborne        Cassette Only   7.99  ( 5.00 US)

Elmer Iseler Singers, The       Spirituals                           Marquis         P2 81115       20.99  (14.00 US)
Elmer Iseler Singers, The       Noël   Early Canadian Christmas Music    Marquis     P2 81227       20.99  (14.00 US)

Elmes, Barry                    East and West                        Cornerstone     CRST 102       17.99  (12.00 US)
Elmes, Barry                    Climbing                             Utility         UTL 122        22.99  (16.00 US)
Elmes, Barry                    Different Voices (2CD)               Cornerstone     CRST 107       29.99  (19.00 US)
Elmes Quintet, Barry            The Five Minute Warning              Cornerstone     CRSTCD 115     17.99  (12.00 US)

Elsa                            Douce Violence                       Quebec          74321-11155-2            Deleted
Elsa                            Rien Que Pour Ca                     Quebec          BMGQCDD 806              Deleted

elycium                         sink                                 Spark           ely0002         8.99  ( 6.00 US)

Elyra                           Land Of Ever                         Rainshine       ELYRA 01       22.99  (16.00 US)

Elysian Dream                   Celtic Collision                     MCA             KECD 001       22.99  (16.00 US)
Elysian Dream                   10th Anniversary                     Elysian Dream   ED8797         22.99  (16.00 US)

Elysian Fields                  Sativa                               Chacra          CHACD 027                Deleted
Elysian Fields                  Elysian Fields                       Radioactive     RARDM-11402              Deleted
Elysian Fields                  Bleed Your Cedar                     Radioactive     RARSD-11505    19.99  (14.00 US)
Elysian Fields                  Queen Of The Meadow                  Jetset          JTSTD-11577    22.99  (16.00 US)

Elysium                         Glisten                              indie pool      DEW004         25.99  (19.00 US)

Em                              ElectroMagic                         Plan Eleven     P11CD06        24.99  (18.00 US)

Emans, Mike                     Purely Physical                      Justin          JUST-CD 7                Deleted

émard, ville blues band         ville émard blues band               Funkébec                                 Deleted
Embury, Larry                   Best Loved Christmas Carols          Master                             Not Available

Emeralds, The                   Christmas With The Emeralds                                             Not Available

Emerson Drive                   Emerson Drive                        Universal       0044502722     19.99  (14.00 US)

Emery, Lester                   Pale Rider                           VMP             VMP EL 200     29.99  (19.00 US)

Emigré                          Emigré                               Attic           ACD 1066       30.99  (22.00 US)

Emissary (featuring Beverly Klaas)  Scarlet Skies                                                       Not Available

Emmett, Rik (Triumph)           Absolutely                           Duke Street     DSMD-31068      9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Emmett, Rik (Triumph)           Ipso Facto                           Alert           82002           9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Emmett, Rik (Triumph)           The Spiral Notebook                  Duke Street     DSRSD 31096     9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Emmett, Rik (Triumph)           Ten Invitations from the Mistress of Mr. E . OHC     OHC174         16.99  (12.00 US)
Emmett, Rik (Triumph)           Swing Shift                                  artisan P2 97610       16.99  (12.00 US)
Emmett, Rik (Triumph)           Raw quartet                          EMI Canada      E2 99302       20.99  (14.00 US)
Emmett, Rik (Triumph)           Rik Emmett LIVE at Berklee           artisan         P2 26986       20.99  (14.00 US)
Emmett, Rik & Sam Reid          the Spirit of Christmas              Open House      P2 71501                 Deleted
Emmett, Rik                     The Best Of Rik Emmett  The Millenium Collection     4400144722     11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Emmett, Rik (Triumph)           Handiwork                            artisan         P2 71667       20.99  (14.00 US)
Emms, Paul and the Green Valley Boys     Church in the Wildwood      Arc                                Not Available

emptys, the                     meatlockerfannoise                   BangOn          BANG1013-2     19.99  (14.00 US)

Empty Overdrive                 On The Planet, Off The Planet        Supermono       SNM 005        19.99  (14.00 US)

Encontre, Denis                 Denis Encontre                       Holborne        Cassette Only   6.99  ( 5.00 US)

Endangered Species Big Band     Endangered Species                   Endangered Species  ESP006      5.99  ( 4.00 US)

Endless                         Silk Road Music                      JBM             JBM 9801       22.99  (16.00 US)

End, The                        Transfer Trachea Reverberations From Point...    Redefine RCD-077   19.99  (14.00 US)

ENdEAVOR                        ENdEAVOR                             Summit          SCD 5356       22.99  (16.00 US)

Endo                            Endo                                 Bizo            ENDO-1         22.99  (16.00 US)

Enema                           Clean As A Whistle                   indie pool      LRE0013        21.99  (15.00 US)

England, Andrea                 Lemonade                             LFM/MapleNationwide  LFM013    16.99  (12.00 US)

England, John                   Ivory Daydreams                      indie pool      ISRCD0002      23.99  (17.00 US)

English, Willie                 Willie English                       Pacemaker       PACE-039                     TBA

Englishman, J.                  poor l'il rockstar                   wea             2 81650        19.99  (14.00 US)

Enhancer                        Enhancer                             Enhancer        ENHCD001                 Deleted

Enman, Ken                      Instant Atmosphere                   Tidemark        02 10370                 Deleted
Enman, Ken                      Fingerfood                           Tidemark        02 10914                 Deleted

Ennis Sisters                   Can't Be the Same                    Ennis Sisters                      Not Available
Ennis Sisters, The              Red is the Rose                      Tidemark        02 50723                 Deleted
Ennis Sisters, The              Christmas on Ennis Road              Tidemark        02 50775                 Deleted
Ennis Sisters, The              3                                    Tidemark        02 50822                 Deleted
Ennis Sisters                   EnnissisterS                         wea             2 40057        20.99  (14.00 US)
Ennis Sisters                   Christmas                            wea             2 51007        20.99  (14.00 US)
Ennis Sisters                   It's not about you                   Ennis Sisters   RRCD 7047                Deleted

Ensemble Claude-Gervaise        Tout L'monde Est Malheureux                                             Not Available
Ensemble Claude-Gervaise        Chante L'amour Et La Guerre                                             Not Available
Ensemble Claude-Gervaise        Jouissance Vous Donneray                                                Not Available
Ensemble Claude-Gervaise        La Rencontre                                                            Not Available
Ensemble Claude-Gervaise        Musique Au Temps De Leonard Da Vinci                                    Not Available
Ensemble Claude-Gervaise        Noels De La Renaissance                                                 Not Available
Ensemble Girigonza              Villa-Lobos Canteloube Sealey Rein   Cansona Arts Media  CAM 9601             Deleted

Enter The Haggis                Let The Wind Blow High               Enter The Haggis  ETHCD401     19.99  (14.00 US)
Enter The Haggis                Aerials                              Enter The Haggis  ETH 2001     19.99  (14.00 US)
Enter The Haggis                Live! 04.26.02 - 04.29.02            Enter The Haggis  ETHCD402     19.99  (14.00 US)
Enter The Haggis                Casualties Of Retail                 Enter The Haggis  ETHCD504     19.99  (14.00 US)
Enter The Haggis                Live At Lanigan's Ball (DVD)         Adirondack        2095308322   19.99  (14.00 US)
Enter The Haggis                soapbox heroes                       UFO               185922000625 19.99  (14.00 US)
Enter The Haggis                Northampton (Live)                   UFO               185922007725 19.99  (14.00 US)

Entourloupe                     La St-Berdondaine                    EMI Canada      67527 04441-2  19.99  (14.00 US)

Entropy                         Ashen Existence                      Exalted Sith    CD6915                   Deleted
Entropy                         Transcendence                        Inazone         HRH950207                Deleted

Enzo Enzo                       Enzo Enzo                            Quebec          BMGQCD 813     19.99  (14.00 US)
Enzo Enzo                       Deux                                 RCA             74321-18249-2  19.99  (14.00 US)

ephin                           Build                                Fusion3         EPHCD 7777 CD  17.99  (12.00 US)

Epic45                          Reckless Engineers                   Where Are My    WAM009         15.99  (11.00 US)
Epileptic Brain Surgeons        Epileptic Brain Surgeons             Epidemic                                 Deleted

Epsilonla3                      Audiovideotherapy DVD                Epsilonla3      EPSILONDVD001  18.99  (13.00 US)

epsilon knot                    edna                                 Turtle          TR-05          17.99  (12.00 US)

Epworth, John                   MM / DD / YY                         Antiantenna     ANT005          7.99  ( 5.00 US)

Equus                           Equus                                Auto                               Not Available

erez-petersen project, an       Step Up                              NBH             CD-090151      22.99  (16.00 US)

eric panic                      catharsis                            Local Union 2112   UNION030-2  18.99  (13.00 US)

Eric's Trip                     Peter                                Murder          MURCD 2                  Deleted
Eric's Trip                     Love Tara                            Sub Pop         SP234b         20.99  (14.00 US)
Eric's Trip                     Songs About Chris                    Sub Pop         SPCD 88/259              Deleted
Eric's Trip                     Forever Again                        Sub Pop         SPCD 00268               Deleted
Eric's Trip                     Purple Blue                          Sub Pop         SPCD 333       24.99  (17.00 US)
Eric's Trip                     long days ride 'till tomorrow        Sonic Unyon     sap 0077       19.99  (14.00 US)
Eric's Trip                     The Eric's Trip Show... 1991-1996    teenage USA     57362-3025-2   16.99  (12.00 US)

Erikson, Karl                   Aerogramme                           United Artists                     Not Available
Erikson, Karl                   I Am Next                            United Artists                     Not Available

Eriksson, Anders                Within Reach                         Anders Eriksson AEMCD1         20.99  (14.00 US)

Eritage                         Eritage                              Son-D'Or                           Not Available
Eritage                         La Poulette Grise                    Son-D'Or                           Not Available
Eritage                         L'alouette Chante Encore             Son-D'Or                           Not Available
Eritage                         Chansons De Toutes Les Couleurs      Son-D'Or                           Not Available
Eritage                         La Ronde Des Voyageurs               Son-D'Or                           Not Available

Esathero                        Breath From Another                  Work/Sony       RFCD 001       19.99  (14.00 US)

Escape                          Hyp-Selfnosis                        Escape CD 001   MAGCD-12       11.99  ( 8.00 US)

esq                             Breakfast In Kamloops                esq             ESQ 001                  Deleted

Esquires                        Introducing The Esquires             Capitol         C2 57777       20.99  (14.00 US)

Essence                         white st*r line                      Incentive       Cassette Only   3.99  ( 2.50 US)

Essentials, The                 Oh what a night!                     The Essentials  ESSCD001                 Deleted
Essentials, The                 ...and then some                     The Essentials  ESSCD002                 Deleted

Essig, David                    Redbird Country                      Woodshed                           Not Available
Essig, David                    high ground                          Woodshed                           Not Available
Essig, David                    Stewart Crossing                     Woodshed                           Not Available
Essig, David                    Sequence                             Posterity/Woodshed                 Not Available
Essig, David                    In the Tradition                     Phonodisc       AP 113-2       24.99  (17.00 US)
Essig, David                    While Living in the Good Years       Appaloosa       AP 113-2       24.99  (17.00 US)
Essig, David                    Whose Muddy Shoes                    Appaloosa                          Not Available
Essig, David                    Two Kayagum Solos                    New Woodshed                       Not Available
Essig, David                    Running Light                        New Woodshed                       Not Available
Essig, David                    Morning Calm                         New Woodshed                       Not Available
Essig, David                    Rebel Flag                           Appaloosa       AP 072-2                 Deleted
Essig, David                    State Of Origin                      Arpeggio        AP 093-2       24.99  (17.00 US)
Essig, David                    Tremble & Weep                       Arpeggio        AP 126-2       19.99  (14.00 US)
Essig, David                    Redbird Country | High Ground        Appaloosa       AP 133-2       19.99  (14.00 US)
Essig, David                    into the lowering sky                Appaloosa       AP 141-2       24.99  (17.00 US)
Essig, David                    A Stone In My Pocket  (2CDs)         Pacific         PM12032        23.99  (16.00 US)
Essig, David                    The Songs and Guitar of David Essig (DVD) Windswept/Cox 0619604010  23.99  (16.00 US)

Essihos, George                 Extraordinary Measures               Essihos         ESS CD-1                 Deleted

Este Mundo                      Isla Rosada                          Tidemark        02-70754                 Deleted
Este Mundo                      los elementos                        Tidemark        02-50877                 Deleted

Esterhazy, Danishka             The Harper's Hands                   Koshka          KOSH 101       18.99  (13.00 US)

Eternity's Children             Eternity's Children                  Capitol                            Not Available
Eternity's Children             Timeless                             Capitol                            Not Available

Ethier, Andre                   Andre Ethier W/ Christopher Sandes   Sonic Unyon       SUNCD094-2   18.99  (13.00 US)

Eudoxis                         Attack From Above                    Private                            Not Available

Euphoria (featuring G. Webster) Powerdrive                                                              Not Available
euphoria                        euphoria                             Six Degrees     57036-1015-2   19.99  (14.00 US)
euphoria                        Delerium EP                          Six Degrees     57036-5015-2   11.99  ( 8.00 US)
euphoria                        beautiful my child                   Six Degrees     57036-1045-2   19.99  ( 8.00 US)

Euphorics, The                  Standing Up For Love                 indie pool      HAPPYCD01      23.99  (14.00 US)

Eustace, Mary Jo                Bone & Marrow                        Mary Jo Eustace MJE 001        22.99  (16.00 US)

Eval Manigat                    Africa+                              T.R.B./Musicor                           Deleted

Evan, Brian                     quite frankly...                     Indie Pool                     23.99  (16.00 US)

Evans, Bobby                    Irish & Newfoundland Favorites Vol. 1   Landwash     2436505302     19.99  (14.00 US)
Evans, Bobby                    Irish & Newfoundland Favorites Vol. 2   Landwash     2436505312     19.99  (14.00 US)
Evans, Bobby                    Newfoundland "Fun Songs"                Landwash     2436505322     19.99  (14.00 US)
Evans, Bobby                    Songs of the Island                     Landwash     2436505332     19.99  (14.00 US)
Evans, Bobby                    Pure Gospel                             Landwash     2436505342     19.99  (14.00 US)
Evans, Bobby                    Country Favourites                      Landwash     Cassette Only  14.99  (10.00 US)

Evans, George                   Mood Swing                           M-Swing         G 023          17.99  (12.00 US)
Evans, George                   I'm All Smiles                       M-Swing         MSWG 024       17.99  (12.00 US)
Evans, George                   From Moment To Moment                M-Swing         MSWG 025       18.99  (13.00 US)
Evans, George                   Eyes For You                         M-Swing         MSWG 026       18.99  (13.00 US)
Evans, George                   George Evans V                       M-Swing         MSWG 027       18.99  (13.00 US)

Evans, Paul                     Big Steel Guitar                     Oak             Cassette Only   7.99  ( 5.00 US)

Evans & Doherty                 Live At The Lunenberg Harbour Folk Festival   Evandoh   1001 CD               Deleted
Evans & Doherty                 Silver Sea                                    Evandoh   1002 CD               Deleted
Evans & Doherty                 Road Not Taken                                Evandoh   1003 CD               Deleted
Evans & Doherty                 Sailors on the Asphalt Sea                    Evandoh   1004 CD     19.99  (14.00 US)
Evans & Doherty                 A Much Better View                            Evandoh   1008 CD     19.99  (16.00 US)
Evans & Doherty                 Sailing Ships & Sailing Men                   no        NO 007                Deleted
Evans & Doherty                 The World Is What You Make It                 no        NO 077                Deleted

Evaporators, The                I Gotta Rash                         Mint/NardWuar   MR-00          22.99  (16.00 US)
Evaporators, The                United Empire Loyalists              Mint/NardWuar   MR-07          22.99  (16.00 US)
Evaporators, The                Ripple Rock                          Mint/NardWuar   MR-72          16.99  (12.00 US)
Evaporators, The                Gassy Jack And Other Tales           Mint            MRD 110        16.99  (12.00 US)

Evely, Lizanne                  Under a New Sun                      Vamp            VPCD6002       22.99  (16.00 US)

Eventide                        Eventide                             indie pool      EBB01          16.99  (12.00 US)

Everest                         Everest                              Epic            PE-80098                 Deleted

Everhart, Bob & Sheila          20 American Classics                 Condor          HCD 4458       11.99  ( 8.00 US)

Everlasting Grace               The Motive Of One                    Everlasting Grace  Cassette     2.99  ( 2.00 US)

Every Mother's Nightmare        Smokin' Delta Voodoo                 Pacemaker       PER00222       18.99  (13.00 US)

Everybody's Free                To Wear Sunscreen CDEP               indie pool      ORCD1007       16.99  (12.00 US)

Everyday People                 Everyday People                      GRT                                      Deleted

Evil Roy Slade                  Heat                                 Turtle          TR-04          15.99  (11.00 US)

Evoy, Larry                     Larry Evoy                           Attic                              Not Available

Evaporators, The                Ripple Rock                          Mint/NardWuar   MR-72          17.99  (12.00 US)

Excalceolators                  Eternal Good Foot                    supermono       BBL1           18.99  (13.00 US)

exchanges, the                  the exchanges                        sans            2005           22.99  (16.00 US)

Exciter                         Heavy Metal Maniac                   Shrapnel        MEGK19852      19.99  (14.00 US)
Exciter                         Unveiling The Wicked                 Megaforce       MEGK19872      19.99  (14.00 US)
Exciter                         Violence & Force                     Megaforce       MEGK19942      19.99  (14.00 US)
Exciter                         Long Live The Loud                   Megaforce       MEGK19862      19.99  (14.00 US)
Exciter                         O.T.T.                               Megaforce       MEGK19892      19.99  (14.00 US)
Exciter                         better Live than dead.               Megaforce       MEGK19962      19.99  (14.00 US)

Exhaust                         Exhaust                              Constellation   TBA            19.99  (14.00 US)
Exit                            Sense of Adventure                   Alter Ego                      10.99  ( 8.00 US)
Exit                            Random Thoughts of a Raving Lunatic  Alter Ego                      12.99  ( 9.00 US)

Exit This Side                  Sucker                               Exit This Side  EXITCD001      23.99  (17.00 US)

Expedition                      Live                                 Cegep                              Not Available

Experience 9                    Freak Out Total                                                         Not Available

Exploders, The                  New Variations                       Teenage USA     57362-3027-2   17.99  (12.00 US)

Expression Of Praise            To Whom It May Concern               indie pool      GNAT0001       24.99  (18.00 US)

Extra Virgin                    Nude Combinations                    Dependent       75020-5659-2   13.99  (10.00 US)

Extras, The                     Ripe                                 Independent     RIPE 1         28.99  (20.00 US)
Extras, The                     Bit Parts                            Ready                              Not Available
Extras, The                     The Road To Zambando                 Ready                              Not Available
Extras, The                     The Watcher                          Ready                              Not Available
Extras, The                     Extropolis                           Ready                              Not Available

Extreme Flute                   Desvio                               indie pool      IPEF01         23.99  (17.00 US)
Extreme Flute                   Scratch It!                          indie pool      IPEF02         23.99  (17.00 US)

Eyabay                          Keep Their Heads Ringing             Tam Can         TIM 3000       22.99  (16.00 US)

eye eye                         Just In Time To Be Late              Duke Street                        Not Available
eye eye                         Common Ground                        Duke Street     DSRD 31037               Deleted

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