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What exactly is that MAPL logo all about? Well, it distinguishes Canadian content (or Cancon for short) on all Canadian made music recordings. M signifies that the music was composed by a Canadian. A indicates the artist as being a Canuck. P for Canadian production, and L for the lyrics

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Rob Lamothe Craig Erickson And The Voodoo Brothers - Ride Rob Lamothe  Craig Erickson
And The Voodoo Brothers

Price: $17.99 CAD

Rob Lamothe - above the wing is heaven Rob Lamothe
above the wing is heaven
(Digipak CD)
Price: $17.99 CAD

Gordon Jnr. - Egypt, Mississippi Gordon Jnr.
Egypt, Mississippi
Price: $17.99 CAD

Monkey Trial - four long seasons Monkey Trial
four long seasons
Price: $17.99 CAD

Jamie Oakes - shadows in dreams Jamie Oakes
shadows in drreams
Price: $16.99 CAD

Lisa Winn - out from under Lisa Winn
out from under
Price: $15.99 CAD

Our Lady Peace - live Our Lady Peace
Price: $17.99 CAD

Finger Eleven Finger Eleven
Finger Eleven
(Limited Edition Digipak CD + Bonus DVD)
Price: $17.99 CAD

Laura Smith - b'tween the earth and my soul Laura Smith
b'tween the earth and my soul
Price: $6.99 CAD

Amanda Marshall - Intermission>The Singles Collection Amanda Marshall
Intermission>The Singles Collection
Price: $17.99 CAD

Celine Dion - One Heart Celine Dion
One Heart
Price: $17.99 CAD

USD price conversions are only approximations!
The Canadian Dollar has gained some strength in the last couple of years. All of our prices were originally listed back when the US exchange rate was a strong 1.500 CAD. We will be slowly updating our US exchanges shortly but in the mean time PLEASE remember that at today's 1.200 exchange rate the following price conversions are in effect:

2.99 cad = approx. 2.50 usd
9.99 cad = approx. 8.25 usd
15.99 cad = approx. 13.25 usd
19.99 cad = approx. 16.50 usd
24.99 cad = approx. 20.75 usd

To compare world exchange rates compared to the Canadian dollar simply click on the little Canadian flag below

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