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Canadian Artists

All prices are listed here in both Canadian and US Dollars

(US prices are approximate exchanges in brackets)
Best selling titles are listed in yellow   Other available titles are listed in white   Releases which are currently unavailable are listed in grey

ARTIST                          TITLE                                LABEL           CAT NO.    PRICE CDN    PRICE US
N.F.G. / 63 Monroe              N.F.G. / 63 Monroe                   Nardem                             Not Available

Nachoff, Quinsin                Magic Numbers                        Songlines       SGLSA 1556     20.99  (14.00 US)

Nadine                          How 'Bout Me                         Nadine          NT-1 CD         8.99  ( 6.00 US)

Naffin & Wright                 Muskoka Dreamtime                    indie pool      NB0031         25.99  (18.00 US)

Nagata, Kiyoshi                 Tenkai                               Humdrum         HDP 001        19.99  (14.00 US)

Nagler, Eric                    Come On In!                          Tanglewood      MCAD-10770     24.99  (17.00 US)
Nagler, Eric                    Improvise With Eric Nagler           Tanglewood      MCABD 10771              Deleted
Nagler, Eric                    I Can't Sit Down                     Tanglewood      MCABD 10772              Deleted
Nagler, Eric                    Fiddle Up A Tune                     Tanglewood      MCAD 10769     24.99  (17.00 US)
Nagler, Eric                    Eric's World Record  (Best Of)       Tanglewood      MCAD 10983     24.99  (17.00 US)

Nagourney, Sarah                Realm Of My Senses                   Glass Beat      SWEL-2345       7.99  ( 6.00 US)

Naiman, Arnie & Chris Coole     Arnie Naiman & Chris Coole           Naiman & Coole  NCCD 101       22.99  (16.00 US)

Naked                           Hold                                 indie pool      MOB2586078     23.99  (16.00 US)

Bif Naked                       4 Songs and a poem                   Plum            75892 4005 2             Deleted
Bif Naked                       Spaceman EP                          Aquarius        Q21Q 06027               Deleted
Bif Naked                       Bif Naked                            Plum            75892 4006 2             Deleted
Bif Naked                       Bif Naked                            Aquarius        Q2-578         10.99  ( 8.00 US)
Bif Naked                       Okenspay Ordway 1. a.k.a. Things I Forgot...    Aquarius  Q2 00580  10.99  ( 8.00 US)
Bif                             I Bificus                            Aquarius        Q2 00584       10.99  ( 8.00 US)
Bif Naked                       Another 5 Songs & A Poem             Lava/Atlantic   CD 92914       12.99  ( 9.00 US)
Bif Naked                       Purge                                Lava/Atlantic   CD 83509       19.99  (14.00 US)
Bif Naked                       Superbeautifulmonster                HRM             HRM-0523       19.99  (14.00 US)

Naked For Jesus                 Naked For Jesus                    Naked For Jesus   Cassette Only  23.99  (16.00 US)

Naked Research                  Naked Research                       Strawberry      70055-50145-2  24.99  (17.00 US)

Namaro, Cynthia                 Brazilian Shoes                      indie pool      CAN9969        23.99  (16.00 US)

Namaro, Jimmy                   We Gotta Get It All Together         Arc                                Not Available
Namaro, Jimmy                   The Latin Touch Of Jimmy Namaro      RCA Victor                         Not Available

NameSake                        NameSake                             NameSake        SMCD-NS97      22.99  (16.00 US)

Nancahuazu                      Jacha Uru                            Music Of The Andes                 Not Available

Nance                           Love is ...                          SPG             SPGS 77        22.99  (16.00 US)

Napoleon, Art                   Outta the Woods                      Twin Sisters    AN 9601        19.99  (14.00 US)

Nardi Trio, Daniela             one true thing                       Minerva         MIN 002        18.99  (13.00 US)

Narváez, Peter                  Some Good Blues                      Landwash        02 04141       19.99  (14.00 US)

Nash, Jory                      one way down                         thin man        tmRCD 001      22.99  (16.00 US)

Nash, Kirsten                   "Bridging The Gap"                   Warped          WR-9277         6.99  ( 5.00 US)

Nash The Slash                  Bedside Companion                        Cut-Throat                     Not Available
Nash The Slash                  Dreams And Nightmares                    Cut-Throat                     Not Available
Nash The Slash                  Decomposing                              Cut-Throat                     Not Available
Nash The Slash                  Children of the Night                    Cut-Throat  CUT4CD         12.99  ( 8.00 US)
Nash The Slash                  And you thought you were normal          Cut-Throat  CUT7CD         12.99  ( 8.00 US)
Nash The Slash                  American Band-ages                       Quality                        Not Available
Nash The Slash                  4 External Cuts Only                     Quality                        Not Available
Nash The Slash                  The Million Year Picnic                  Ralph                          Not Available
Nash The Slash                  Highway 61   The Original Score          Cut-Throat  CUT1CD                   Deleted
Nash The Slash                  Blind Windows                            Cut-Throat  CUT2CD                   Deleted
Nash The Slash                  Thrash                                   Cut-Throat  CUT3CD                   Deleted
Nash The Slash                  American Banned VHS                      Cut-Throat  VID-1983                 Deleted
Nash The Slash                  Give Me The Creeps VHS                   Cut-Throat  VID-1983                 Deleted
Nash The Slash                  Halloween VHS                            Cut-Throat  VID-1983                 Deleted
Nash The Slash                  Nosferatu                                Cut-Throat  CUT5CD         12.99  ( 8.00 US)
Nash The Slash/Hawkins/Deller   Lost In Space  Reel-to-Reel Obscurities  Cut-Throat  CUT6CD         12.99  ( 8.00 US)
Nash The Slash                  American BandAges REMASTERED             Cut-Throat  CUT8CD         12.99  ( 8.00 US)
Nash The Slash                  View From The Gallery (DVD)              Cut-Throat  TWOA01         20.99  (14.00 US)
Nash The Slash                  View From The Gallery 2 (DVD)            Cut-Throat  NASHDVD        20.99  (14.00 US)
Nash The Slash                  The Not-So-Silent Film Collection        Nash the Slash   NASHDVD2            Deleted

Nashville Brass                 Nashville Brass                      MTL             MTLCD 1018     22.99  (16.00 US)

Nasri                           "Go" CDEP                            Universal       7697422432      9.99  ( 7.00 US)

Nasty Black                     Larger Than Life                     Nasty Black     Cassette Only   3.99  ( 2.50 US)

Nasty On                        Lester Bangs CDEP                    Scratch/Stutter SR001          12.99  ( 9.00 US)
Nasty On                        CitySick                             Scratch/Stutter SR007          20.99  (14.00 US)

Natalie                         Natalie                              Isba            ISCD 2031      22.99  (16.00 US)

nathan                          Stranger                             Manitoba        MRC001         19.99  (14.00 US)
nathan                          Stranger                             Nathan          NMC 001        18.99  (13.00 US)
nathan                          jimson weed                          Nettwerk    0 6700 30372 2 8   16.99  (12.00 US)

Nathan, Paul                    No Other Man                         Broadland       BRI-CD-0897-02 22.99  (16.00 US)

Nathan's Flat                   99                                   Nathan's Flat   FLAT99         21.99  (15.00 US)

Nathaniel Dett Choral, The      Listen to the Lambs                  Marquis         P2 81293       20.99  (14.00 US)
Nathaniel Dett Choral, The      An Indigo Christmas   Live!          Marquis         P2 81321B      20.99  (14.00 US)

National Anthem                 Sing Along If You Know The Words     MapleNationwide P2 50999       20.99  (14.00 US)

National Arts Centre Orchestra     Exquisite Fires                   Marquis         P2 81219       20.99  (14.00 US)

National Velvet                 National Velvet (demo EP)            National Velvet                    Not Available
National Velvet                 National Velvet                      Capitol         C2 90336                 Deleted
National Velvet                 Courage                              Capitol         C2 93939       20.99  (14.00 US)
National Velvet                 Wildseed                             Iron Music Group  77876 51002  24.99  (17.00 US)

Native American Church of Canada     Meewasin Oma                    Turtle Island   TIM 30069      19.99  (14.00 US)

Natural Act                     Natural Act                                                             Not Available

Natural Gas (ex-Mandala)        Natural Gas                          Firebird                           Not Available

Navarre, Jean Michel            Tombé En Amour                       Trafic          TFK 8938       22.99  (16.00 US)

Navigators, The                 Dance And Sing                       Landwash        2791509852     19.99  (14.00 US)

naw                             the resound of a foggy autumn dawn   Dependent       75020-4271-2   16.99  (12.00 US)

Nazka                           Mi Camino                            Nazka           N0 0396        19.99  (14.00 US)

Neapole, Carolyn                The Letting Go                       Carolyn Neapole CAROCD001      23.99  (16.00 US)

Neck                            Underated Distant Star               Teenage USA / Sonic Unyon      19.99  (14.00 US)

Neckbeard                       Pleasure Steward                     Neckbeard       TBA                          TBA

Neckers, The                    The Neckers                          sloth           SL032-2        14.99  (10.00 US)

Necronomicon                    The Silver Key                       Skyscraper      NIC001         17.99  (12.00 US)
Necronomicon                    The Sacred Medicines                 Skyscraper      NIC009         17.99  (12.00 US)

Nectarine No9                   Niagara Falls                        Shake           SALD 214       19.99  (14.00 US)

Needy Fingers                   The Trials of This Lonely Man        DROG            DROG-036                 Deleted

Nefro                           my friend likes you                  indie pool      PM01           23.99  (16.00 US)

Negative Kelvin                 Treehouse                            Negative Kelvin                              TBA

Neil Trio, Al                   Retrospective 1965-1968 (2CDs)       Blue Minor      121 2001       29.99  (20.00 US)

Neill, JC                       Primary Funktion                     Delinquent      TBA                          TBA

Nielsen, Wendy   soprano        Forgotten Songs | Forgotten Loves    Marquis         P2 81265       20.99  (14.00 US)

Neilson Band, Burt              orange shag carpet                   No              BNB247421      16.99  (12.00 US)
Neilson Band, Burt              Five Alive                           No              BNB247422      16.99  (12.00 US)

Neilson, Don                    The Other Side Of You                epic            EK 80172                 Deleted
Neilson, Don                    Or Is It Just Me                     epic            EK 80230       10.99  ( 8.00 US)
Nein, The                       The Nein                             Sonic Unyon     SUNCD097       13.99  (10.00 US)
Nein, The                       Wrath Of Circuits                    Sonic Unyon     SUNCD104       18.99  (13.00 US)
Nein, The                       Transitionalisms                     Sonic Unyon     SUNCD107       13.99  (10.00 US)
Nelson, Debbie                  If Love's Got Nothing To Do With It  Royalty         TBA                          TBA

Nelson, Drew                    Mr. Nelson's Neighborhood            Capon           DNCD03         22.99  (16.00 US)
Nelson, Chief Fran              In The Spirit of Our Ancestors       Pacific         PM12292        15.99  (11.00 US)

Nelson, Ken                     Kountry Klassics                     NCN                                Not Available

NEO a4                          What's Up                            NEO a4                             Not Available
NEO a4                          The Warmer Side Of You               NEO a4                             Not Available
NEO a4                          Desire                               Duke Street     DSRD-31034               Deleted
NEO a4                          NEO a4                               Duke Street     DSRD-31039               Deleted
NEO a4                          The Hard Way                         Duke Street     DSRD-31054               Deleted

neotone                         O-My                                 Comovox         PUK 2020-2               Deleted

Neotrophic                      15 Levels Remix                      Ninja Tune      NTUNE 21       19.99  (14.00 US)

Nerdy Girl                      Twist Her                            Janken Pon      TBA                          TBA

nero                            is it morning?                       no              HAO9703-CD     17.99  (12.00 US)
nero                            Zedonk                               Pacific         PM12082        15.99  (11.00 US)

Neruda, Pablo                   Can                                  MaGaDa          MAGEGCD367     18.99  (13.00 US)

Neufeld, Rick                   Hiway Child                          Astra                              Not Available
Neufeld, Rick                   Prairie Dog                          Astra                              Not Available
Neufeld, Rick                   Manitoba Songs                       Astra                              Not Available

Neufeld, Shel                   Callofthewild                        WildArt         SNCOW 0396     22.99  (16.00 US)

neuraxis                        Trilateral Progress                  willowtip       WT038-2        17.99  (12.00 US)

neva                            universal hood ep                    This Will Be    NUH99001       18.99  (13.00 US)

nevermen, the                   monitor                              Amok            290658-CD                Deleted

never never                     destroying angel                     Quantum         QCD-94014      19.99  (14.00 US)

New Big Shoes                   New Big Shoes                        New Big Shoes   NBS001         17.99  (12.00 US)

New Deal, the                   This Is Live                         Mofunk          75020-0775-2   19.99  (14.00 US)
New Deal, the                   theNEWDEAL                           Jive Electro    01241-44202-2  19.99  (14.00 US)
New Deal, the                   gone gone gone                       sound+light     SLCD-05        22.99  (16.00 US)
New Deal, the                   Live: NYC 05.31.02 / 06.01.02 (2CD)  sound+light     75020-4566-2   23.99  (16.00 US)

New Grand, The                  the new grand                        Sonic Unyon     SUNCD030       17.99  (12.00 US)
New Grand, The                  Incognito                            Sonic Unyon     SUNCD044       16.99  (12.00 US)

New Meanies, The                The New Meanies                      The New Meanies 75020-0358-2   17.99  (12.00 US)
New Meanies, The                Three Seeds                          Virgin Canada   V21S 53443     24.99  (17.00 US)
New Meanies, The                highways                                                                          TBA

new Ministers, the              Don't You See It?                    new Ministers   NMDISC-001     24.99  (17.00 US)

New 1-2, The                    The New 1-2                          Melodiya        MEL0016CD      24.99  (17.99 US)

New Pornographers, The          Mass Romantic                        Mint            MRD-043        16.99  (12.00 US)
New Pornographers, The          Electric Version                     Mint            MRD-066        16.99  (12.00 US)
New Pornographers, The          Twin Cinema                          Mint            MRD-085        16.99  (12.00 US)

New Potatoes                    New Potatoes                         Capitol/ShopEMI 7243 27777 2   29.99  (20.00 US)

New Regime                      New Regime                                                              Not Available

New Town Animals                is your radio active?                Mint            MINT 050       16.99  (12.00 US)

new waver                       'the defeated'                       Endearing       NDR015         17.99  (12.00 US)

New World Quartet, The          Music For Saxophone Quartet          AuralSax        SA92452CD      19.99  (14.00 US)

Newell, Richard AKA King Biscuit Boy    Urban Blues Re:Newell        Stoney Plain    SPCD-01210     20.99  (14.00 US)

Newfoundland Showband, The      All Aboard For Newfoundland          Arc             Cassette Only   7.99  ( 5.00 US)
Newfoundland Showband, The      The Newfoundland Showband            Condor          HCD 4445       11.99  ( 8.00 US)

Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choir    full circle                       NSYC          2002-2         19.99  (14.00 US)
Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choir    Reaching from the Rock            Landwash      27915 07832    19.99  (14.00 US)
Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choir    Rock within the Sea               Furiant       FMDC 4000-2    19.99  (14.00 US)
Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choir    Quest                             Furiant       FMDC 4077-2    19.99  (14.00 US)
Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choir    At the Rim of Carol Singing Sea   Landwash      27915 07877    19.99  (14.00 US)

Newman, A.C.                    the slow wonder                      blue curtain    BC 05          16.99  (13.00 US)

Newman, Jo-Ann                  Easy Country                                                            Not Available

Newton Davis, Billy (of Nylons)   Spellbound                         Columbia        CK 44499                 Deleted
Newton Davis, Billy (of Nylons)   Love Is A Contact Sport            Columbia        CK 80112                 Deleted

nexa psionica                   code020                              Bombshelter     Cassette Only   3.99  ( 2.50 US)

Next                            Dusty Shoes                                                             Not Available

Nexus                           Rune                                 Nexus           TBA                          TBA

NFA                             Lost Not Found                       indie pool      IPNM9801       20.99  (15.00 US)

Niagara Brass                   " Brass Feast "                      Echique         ECD 007        18.99  (13.00 US)

Nicholl, B.P.                   B.P. Nicholl                         Allied                             Not Available

Nicholson                       Nicholson                                                               Not Available
Nicholson                       Under The Influences                 Loggerhead      LRID 2701      24.99  (17.00 US)
Nicholson                       I Drive                              Loggerhead      76974 2178-2             Deleted
Nicholson, Wayne and the east end    Don't Let Go                    Atlantica       EofE 008                 Deleted

Nick                            Nick                                 Salieri         PSNP-1098       6.99  ( 5.00 US)

Nick Buzz                       Circo                                Dark Light      DL 24008                 Deleted
Nick Buzz                       Circo                                FAB / Six Shooter  SIX05       16.99  (12.00 US)

nickelback                      Hesher.                              Shoreline       SECD 14001-2             Deleted
nickelback                      curb                                 Shoreline       P250 18440     17.99  (12.00 US)
nickelback                      the state                            EMI Canada      E21S 22735     19.99  (14.00 US)
nickelback                      Silver Side Up                       EMI Canada      P232 35248     19.99  (14.00 US)
nickelback                      The Long Road Home                   EMI Canada      P232 35277     19.99  (14.00 US)
nickelback                      All The Right Reasons                EMI Canada      P232 35377     19.99  (14.00 US)

Nicol, Dave                     All The Wild Birds                   Columbia                           Not Available
Nicol, Dave                     Night Crossings                      Dave Nicol                         Not Available

Nielsen, Alyssa                 This Heart                           Spinner         SP 623 2       22.99  (16.00 US)

night sun                       night sun                            night sun       NS 001                   Deleted
night sun                       night sun II                         night sun       NS 002                   Deleted
night sun                       Calling                              night sun       NSMCD 101      19.99  (14.00 US)
night sun                       One Moment of Grace                  borealis        BCD 121        19.99  (14.00 US)
night sun                       drive                                borealis        BCD 166        19.99  (14.00 US)

Nightshift Blues Band, The      Kids are Jumpin'                     NSBB            NSBB1950       22.99  (16.00 US)

Nightwinds                      Nightwinds                           Laser's Edge    LE1007         30.99  (22.00 US)

Nigrini, Ron                    Ron Nigrini                          Attic           ACD-1000       13.99  (10.00 US)
Nigrini, Ron                    Rich Things                          Attic           ACD-1010       13.99  (10.00 US)
Nigrini, Ron                    the drift                            Oasis           Cassette Only  14.99  (10.00 US)
Nigrini, Ron                    Above the Noise                      Oasis           OASIS CD 077             Deleted
Nigrini, Ron                    Songs from Turtle Island             Oasis           OASIS CD 777             Deleted

Nihilist Spasm Band, The        Record                               Allied                             Not Available
Nihilist Spasm Band, The        No Record                            Alchemy         TMG-1                    Deleted
Nihilist Spasm Band, The        Nihilist Spasm Band Vol. 2           Alchemy         TMG-2                    Deleted
Nihilist Spasm Band, The        1x~x=x                               Alchemy         ALCH CD 03               Deleted
Nihilist Spasm Band, The        What About Me                        Alchemy         ALCH CD 04               Deleted
Nihilist Spasm Band, The        Live In Japan                        Alchemy         ALCH CD 05               Deleted

Nils, The                       Now                                                                     Not Available
Nils, The                       Sell Out Young!                                                         Not Available
Nils, The                       Paisley                                                                 Not Available
Nils, The                       The Nils                             Profile         1245                     Deleted
Nils, The                       Green Fields In Daylight             Mag Wheel       MAG012         17.99  (12.00 US)

Nimrod                          Nimrod                               Scratch         SCRATCH #22    22.99  (16.00 US)

Nine Big Dogs                   Bite!                                Spy             SPY CD 1005              Deleted

nines, the                      the nines                            the nines       Cassette Only  25.99  (18.00 US)
Nines, The                      Wonderworld Of Colourful             The Nines       TH999S         30.99  (22.00 US)
nines, the                      four song ep                         Universal       umdm-81105     20.99  (14.00 US)

98DA                            Star Pig                             Soma            DA 002-2        8.99  ( 6.00 US)

Ninety Nine                     Ninety Nine                          Endearing       RING001        22.99  (16.00 US)
Ninety Nine                     767                                  Endearing       NDR011         16.99  (12.00 US)
Ninja High School               "Young Adults Against Suicide"       blocks          BLOCK032-2     16.99  (12.00 US)

Nisker, Merrill                 fancypants hoodlum                   Amatish         PP0006                   Deleted

Nitemare                        Creation of Life                     indie pool      IPNM9801       20.99  (15.00 US)

Nix, Herald                     Open Up The Sky                      supermono       SNM 00009      18.99  (13.00 US)

Nixon, Johnny                   When Silence Grooves                 Spirit Born     JNCD•002       22.99  (16.00 US)

NK & Hatiras                    Liquid Adrenaline                    indie pool      LIQCD001       23.99  (16.00 US)

no comment                      togetherness camaraderie             NSI             76127 05662 5   6.99  ( 5.00 US)
no comment                      castles in the air                   Sextant         P2 70019B      20.99  (14.00 US)

No Connection                   Toe Tappin Fun                       Raw Energy      P222 45922     15.99  (11.00 US)

No Guff                         They're Red Hot                      Hoodoo          HDR 20609      18.99  (13.00 US)

No Holds Barred                 Un Rapped                            indie pool      FWR1057        21.99  (15.00 US)

No Less Lunaic                  swear I wouldn't bleed               No Less Lunatic  NLL  594-2     6.99  ( 5.00 US)

No Means No                     Mama                                 Alternative Tentacles WRONG 1            Deleted
No Means No                     Small Parts Isolated...              Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 63           Deleted
No Means No                     Wrong                                Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 77           Deleted
No Means No                     You Kill Me                          Alternative Tentacles VIRUS              Deleted
No Means No                     Sex Mad                              Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 86           Deleted
No Means No                     0 + 2 = 1                            Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 98           Deleted
No Means No                     The Worldhood Of The World As Such   Alternative Tentacles VIRUS177           Deleted
No Means No                     Would We Be Alive?                   Alternative Tentacles VIRUS207           Deleted
No Means No                     Dance Of The Headless Bourgeoisie    Alternative Tentacles VIRUS277           Deleted
No Means No                     In The Fishtank                      Konkurrent      KONK 77                  Deleted
No Means No                     No One                               Alternative Tentacles VIRUS248           Deleted
No Means No                     Something Better Change              Sudden Death / KOCH   2487777            Deleted
No Means No                     Generic Shame CDEP                   Wrong           WR021          13.99  (10.00 US)
No Means No                     The People's Choice                  Ant Acid        AAA998         16.99  (12.00 US)
No Means No                     All Roads Lead To Ausfahrt           Wrong           WRONG033       19.99  (14.00 US)

No.9  (ex-Platinum Blonde)      No.9                                 Universal USA   UMSCD 248777             Deleted

Noah                            Noah                                 Nimbus 9                           Not Available
Noah                            Peaceman's Farm                      Nimbus 9                           Not Available

Noah23                          Quicksand                            Plague Language PL002-2        17.99  (12.00 US)

Noah's Arkweld (ex-hHead)       fun!                                 Squirtgun       SQUIRT CD 76   17.99  (12.00 US)

Noah's Great Rainbow            Noah's Great Rainbow                 Noah's Great Rainbow  NGR4202            Deleted

Nodèjà                          Nodèjà                               Tox             TOX 3028       22.99  (16.00 US)

Noise Bible                     Monty Cantsin Amen                   Musicus Phÿcus                 19.99  (14.00 US)

Noise Therapy                   Cyclops                              Universal       3145408442     13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Noise Therapy                   Mytown Lowrider                      Universal       3145409682     19.99  (14.00 US)
Noise Therapy                   The Dr. Johnny Fever Remixes EP      TBA             TBA                          TBA

Noisegate                       Noisegate                            indie pool      KGB1003        15.99  (11.00 US)

Noizy Dub Crew                  Bootsy's 400 Dubs                    Plan Eleven P11G06 Cassette    17.99  (12.00 US)

NOJO                            Neufeld-Occhipinti Jazz Orchestra    Auracle         AURCD1003      20.99  (14.00 US)
NOJO                            Firewater                            Auracle         P232 11317     20.99  (14.00 US)
NOJO With Don Byron             You Are Here                         True North      TNSD 0166      18.99  (12.00 US)
NOJO (Michael Occhipinti & Hugh Marsh)     highwire                  True North      TND 272        18.99  (12.00 US)
NOJO With Sam Rivers            City Of Neighbourhoods               True North      TND 323        18.99  (12.00 US)

Nolan, Bonnie Lou               Bonnie Lou Nolan                                Camden                  Not Available
Nolan, Bonnie Lou               Bonnie Lou Nolan II                             Camden                  Not Available
Nolan, Bonnie Lou               Bonnie Lou Nolan III                            Camden                  Not Available

Nolan, Dick                     I Walk The Liney                                Arc                     Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Home Of The Blues                               Olympic                 Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Dick Nolan Sings                                London                  Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     On Stage At The Drake                           Arc                     Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Echoes of the Atlantic                          Continental Maple Leaf  Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Atlantic Lullaby                                Arc                     Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Truck Driving Man                               Arc                     Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     I'se the B'y, Who Catches The Fish...           Arc                     Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Moving Out                                      Arc                     Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     I Want to Live                                  Arc                     Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Atlantic Christmas                              Arc                     Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Be True Newfoundlanders                         Arc                     Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Folson Prison and Other Johnny Cash Songs       Arc                     Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Lucky's Boat                                    Arc                     Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Newfie Hits                                     Arc                     Not Available
Nolan, Dick / Marlene Beaudry   Country                                         Arc                     Not Available
Nolan, Dick / Marlene Beaudry   Duet                                            Arc                     Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Fisherman's Boy                                 RCA Camden              Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Home Again This Year                            RCA Camden              Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Happy Newfoundlander                            RCA Camden              Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Happy Anniversary Newfoundland                  RCA Camden              Not Available
Nolan, Dick / Harry Hibbs       Folk Songs of Newfoundland                      Radio Canada Int'l      Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Dick Nolan                                      RCA Victor              Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     A Country Song                                  Boot                    Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Best of Dick Nolan                              RCA                     Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Side By Each Down At The Ol' Fishin' Hole       Starpak                 Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Dick Nolan's Greatest Hits of Newfoundland      Starpak                 Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     Welcome Aboard                                  Boot                    Not Available
Nolan, Dick                     More Dick Nolan                                 Arc  Cassette Only   9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Nolan, Dick                     My Beautiful Island                             Arc  Cassette Only   9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Nolan, Dick & Roy Payne         Side By Each                                    Condor   HCD4437    11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Nolan, Dick                     My East Coast                                   Condor   HCD4423    11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Nolan, Dick                     The Family Bible                                Condor   HCD4412    11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Nolan, Dick                     Pretty Girls Of Newfoundland                    Condor   HCD4418    11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Nolan, Dick                     Down By The Sea                                 Condor   HCD4443    11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Nolan, Dick                     Newfoundland Good Times                         Condor   HCD4449    11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Nolan, Dick                     Christmas At Home                               Condor   Cassette    9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Nolan, Dick & Eddie Coffey      Christmas Morn In Newfoundland                  Condor   XMCD 58    11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Nolan, Dick                     The Best of Dick Nolan                          Sony BMG 78296-2    19.99  (14.00 US)

Nolan, Faith                    Africville                           M.W.I.C.                           Not Available
Nolan, Faith                    Freedom to Love                      Aural Tradition ATRCD 302      19.99  (14.00 US)

Nolan, Scott                    no bourbon & bad radio               Transistor66    TR66 115       18.99  (13.00 US)

Nomad Music                     Nomad Music Collection-Bears         indie pool      NCD9666        20.99  (15.00 US)

Nomads, The                     Hits Of The Nomads                   Point                              Not Available
Nomads, The                     The Cold Hard Facts Of Life          Lance Rock                               Deleted
Nomads, The                     Lock Up Your Mothers                 indie pool      DSCD1001       27.99  (19.00 US)
Nomads, The                     Almost 'Live'                        indie pool      DSCD1002       27.99  (19.00 US)

Nombre, Le                      Scénario Catastrophe                 Blow The Fuse   BTFCD006       16.99  (12.00 US)

Nora                            View                                 Attikaworld     TBA            22.99  (16.00 US)

Norman Ensemble, Chris          Portraits                            Dorian          DOR90011       19.99  (14.00 US)
Norman Ensemble, Chris          Man With The Wooden Flute            Dorian          DOR90166       19.99  (14.00 US)
Norman Ensemble, Chris          The Beauty of the North              Dorian          DOR90190       19.99  (14.00 US)

Norman, Chris with C. Bariloche   Highlands                          Dorian          DOR90250       19.99  (14.00 US)

Norman Ensmble, The Chris         The Flower of Port Williams        Dorian          DOR90289       19.99  (14.00 US)
Norman Ensemble, Chris          The Caledonian Flute                 Boxwood Media   BOX-902        21.99  (15.00 US)
Norman Ensemble, Chris          Wind & Wire                          Boxwood Media   BOX-903        21.99  (15.00 US)
Norman Ensemble, Chris          In the fields in frost and snow      Boxwood Media   BOX-904        21.99  (15.00 US)

Norman, Jim / Grafite           Time Changes, Times Change           Dark Light      DL 24005       24.99  (17.00 US)

Norman, Patrick                 Sweet Sweet Lady                     RCA                                Not Available
Norman, Patrick                 Quand On Est En Amour                Star            STL-CD-1003    13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Norman, Patrick                 Only Love Sets You Free              Star            STR-CD-8001    13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Norman, Patrick                 Soyons Heureux                       Star            STR-CD-8009    13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Norman, Patrick                 Passion Vaudou                       Star            STR-CD-8024    13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Norman, Patrick                 Guitare                              Unidisc         AGEK-2288      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Norman, Patrick                 Collection Privée                    Unidisc         AGEK-2288      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Norman, Patrick                 Noël sans faim                       Star            STR-CD-8037    13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Norman, Patrick                 chante Kenny Rogers                  Star            STR-CD-8046    13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Norman, Patrick                 Whispering Shadows                   Star            STR-CD-8053    13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Norman, Patrick                 The Christmas Album                  Star            STR-CD-8066    13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Norman, Patrick                 Chez-Moi                             Star            STR-CD-8072    13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Norman, Patrick                 Les Plus Belles Chansons             Star            STR-CD-8083    20.99  (15.00 US)
Norman, Patrick                 10 Grands Succès                     Unidisc         AGEK-2291      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Norman, Patrick                 Les Grands Succès                    Unidisc         AGEK-7302      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Norman, Patrick                 Les Plus Belles Chansons De Mariage  Peg             PGCCD 9415     20.99  (15.00 US)
Norman, Patrick                 Plaisirs De Noel                     Universal       B000777772     18.99  (13.00 US)

Normandeau, Michel (Harmonium)  Jouer                                Polydor                            Not Available

North & South                   I Can Dream                          Hartice         SA3200         22.99  (16.00 US)

North Of America                Elements Of An Incomplete Map        Matlock         MAO003         17.99  (12.00 US)
North Of America                These Songs Are Cursed               Matlock/No      MAO0077        22.99  (16.00 US)
North Of America                The Sepultura                        Level Plane     LPR29          13.99  (10.00 US)
North Of America                This Is Dance Floor...               No              PRG009         18.99  (13.00 US)

north sea, the                  Raising The Fawn                     Sonic Unyon     SUNCD092-2     20.99  (14.00 US)

Northcott, Tom                  The Best Of Tom Northcott                Warner Bros.                   Not Available
Northcott, Tom                  upside downside                          Uni                            Not Available
Northcott, Tom                  The Best Of Tom Northcott 1964 To 1971   Neptoon     Cassette Only  14.99  (10.00 US)
Northcott, Tom                  So... You Thought You Heard It All       Full Circle FCCD 1-02                Deleted
Northcott, Tom                  Joyful Songs Of Leonard Cohen            Full Circle TBA                          TBA

Northern Arm, the               the Winter Music Project             Independent     TBA                          TBA

Northern City Limits            Clear Blue Sky                       Northern City   NCL002         19.99  (14.00 US)

Northern Cree Singers           Pow-Wow Songs Recorded Live, Lummi       Canyon      CR-16243       19.99  (14.00 US)
Northern Cree Singers           Dance Hard!                              Canyon      CR-16247       19.99  (14.00 US)
Northern Cree Singers           Honor the Eagle Feather                  Canyon      CR 6269        19.99  (14.00 US)
Northern Cree Singers           It's Time To Round Dance!                Canyon      CR 6292        19.99  (14.00 US)
Northern Cree Singers           In Our Dream We Trust                    Canyon      CR 6291        19.99  (14.00 US)

Northern Cree                   Here To Stay                             Canyon      CR 6321        19.99  (14.00 US)
Northern Cree                   Showtime  Round Dance Songs              Canyon      CR 6322        19.99  (14.00 US)
Northern Cree                   Rockin' The Rez                          Canyon      CR 6327        19.99  (14.00 US)
Northern Cree                   Second Song... Dancers' Choice!          Canyon      CR 6331        19.99  (14.00 US)
Northern Cree And Friends       Round Dance Songs Recorded "Live"        Canyon      CR 6350        19.99  (14.00 US)
Northern Cree                   Still Rezin'                             Canyon      CR 6358        19.99  (14.00 US)
Northern Cree                   Pow-Wow Songs Recorded Live At For Duchesne          CR 6212        19.99  (14.00 US)
Northern Cree And Friends       Honoring Singers & Songmakers            Canyon      CR-6364        19.99  (14.00 US)
Northern Cree                   Rezonate                                 Canyon      CR 6365        19.99  (14.00 US)
Northern Cree And Friends       Honoring Singers & Songmakers Volume 2   Canyon      CR 6366        19.99  (14.00 US)
Northern Cree And Friends       Honoring Singers & Songmakers Volume 3   Canyon      CR 6367        19.99  (14.00 US)
Northern Cree                   Sweethearts' Shuffle  Round Dance Songs  Canyon      CR 6380        18.99  (13.00 US)

Northern Junk Co.               Northern Junk Co.                    Melodeon        MELODEON-073   22.99  (16.00 US)

Northern Pikes, The             The Northern Pikes                   Black 'N' Round                    Not Available
Northern Pikes, The             Scene In North America               Black 'N' Round                    Not Available
Northern Pikes, The             Secrets Of The Alibi                 Virgin          CDV-3041       11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Northern Pikes, The             Big Blue Sky                         Virgin          CDV-3001       11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Northern Pikes, The             Snow In June                         Virgin          CDV-3084       11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Northern Pikes, The             Neptune                              Virgin          V2-86501                 Deleted
Northern Pikes, The             "gig"                                Virgin          V2724383919123           Deleted
Northern Pikes, The             hits and assorted secrets 1983-1993  Virgin          72435-48219-2  15.99  (11.00 US)
Northern Pikes, The             Live                                 Northern Pike   NPR001         17.99  (12.00 US)
Northern Pikes, The             Truest Inspiration                   Northern Pike   23339-0105-2   17.99  (12.00 US)
Northern Pikes, The             It's A Good Life                     Six Shooter     SXTCD0032      14.99  (10.00 US)

Northern Storm                  Real Life                            Northern Storm  NS2843         22.99  (16.00 US)

Northern Variations             In The Moon of Winter                indie pool      CD01           23.99  (16.00 US)

northernblues gospel allstars   Saved                                northernblues   NBM 0013       19.99  (14.00 US)

Northey, Craig (ex-The Odds)    giddyup                              Page            P233 50441     16.99  (11.00 US)

Northstar                       Northstar                            Northstar       NSCD-1                   Deleted
Northstar                       Secret Weapon                        indie pool      SW10                     Deleted

Norwegian, Bertha               Spearmaidens                         Bertha Norwegian  BN 1                   Deleted

Northwest Company, The          The Northwest Company                Neptoon         077            28.99  (20.00 US)

Noto, Sam                       now hear this                        Supermono       XOR005CD       19.99  (14.00 US)

Notre-Dame                      nouvelle religion                    Or W. Woolf     ORWCD-21                 Deleted
Notre-Dame                      de Paris                             Epic            EK 91302        8.99  ( 6.00 US)

Nouvelle Frontiere, La          La Nouvelle Frontiere                Gamma                              Not Available
Nouvelle Frontiere, La          L'hymme aux quenouilles              Gamma                              Not Available

Nova, Aldo                      Aldo Nova                            Columbia        WRK 37498      15.99  (11.00 US)
Nova, Aldo                      Subject                              Columbia        WRK 38721                Deleted
Nova, Aldo                      Twitch                               Columbia        WRK 40001                Deleted
Nova, Aldo                      A Portrait of Aldo Nova              Columbia        WEK 48522      11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Nova, Aldo                      Blood On The Bricks                  Polydor         CDLEM42        25.99  (18.00 US)
Nova's Dream                    Nova's Dream featuring Aldo Nova     RCA             74321-41410-2            Deleted

Nova Scotia Mass Choir          Heaven                               Tidemark        02 10330       18.99  (13.00 US)

Novar Road                      Novar Road                           Novar Road      NR001          22.99  (16.00 US)

Novillero                       The Brindleford Follies                  endearing   ndr024         16.99  (12.00 US)
Novillero                       Aim Right for the Holes in their Lives   Mint        MRD 084        16.99  (12.00 US)

Nowhere blossoms                what the flowers are for             What Gives?     WGD.001        22.99  (16.00 US)

NQ Arbuckle                     Hanging The Battle Scarred Pinata    Six Shooter     SIX07          16.99  (12.00 US)

NRG                             Fancy Lady                           Private                            Not Available

Nuance                          Journal Intime                       isba                               Not Available
Nucleus                         Nucleus                              Mainstream                         Not Available

Nude 101                        Nude 101                             Bat Cave        BAT 007        22.99  (16.00 US)

Numb                            Wasted Sky                                                              Not Available
Numb                            Blind                                Metropolis      MET056         14.99  (10.00 US)
Numb                            Blood Meridian                       Metropolis      MET063         19.99  (14.00 US)
Numb                            Suspended                            Metropolis      MET111         19.99  (14.00 US)
Numb                            Language Of Silence                  Metropolis      MET125         19.99  (14.00 US)

Nummmb                          Nummmb                               Psychospace     TBA                          TBA

Numbers, The                    add up                               Basement                           Not Available

Nunez, Alejandro, Ramiro Puerto Proyecto Urbano                      Mano            PU 111         19.99  (14.00 US)

Nuzzle                          Nuzzle                               Nuzzle          NUZ CD 001               Deleted
Nuzzle                          San Lorenzo's Blues                  Troubleman      94630-0036-2   19.99  (14.00 US)

Nylons, The                     The Nylons                           Attic           ACDM 1125      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Nylons, The                     One Size Fits All                    Attic           ACBD 1152      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Nylons, The                     Seamless                             Attic           ACBD 1190      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Nylons, The                     Happy Together                       Attic           ACBD 1233      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Nylons, The                     Rockapella                           Attic           ACBD 1254      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Nylons, The                     4 On The Floor                       Attic           ACDM 1301      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Nylons, The                     Illustrious a collection of classic hits    Attic    ACDM 1375      17.99  (12.00 US)
Nylons, The                     The Best Of The Nylons                      Attic    ACD 1426       17.99  (12.00 US)
Nylons, The                     "Live To Love"                       Scotti Bros.    SBDM 5255      22.99  (16.00 US)
Nylons, The                     Harmony The Christmas Songs          Scotti Bros.    SBDM 5446      22.99  (16.00 US)
Nylons, The                     Fabric Of Life                       Song            9905700442               Deleted
Nylons, The                     Play On                              Sleeping Giant  SGM 101        17.99  (12.00 US)
Nylons, The                     Christmas Harmonies                  Shoreline       19261          22.99  (16.00 US)

Nyolo, Sally                    multiculti                           coeurdelion     CDLCD-1939     22.99  (16.00 US)

Nytrix                          Nytrix                               Private                            Not Available

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