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Canadian Artists

All prices are listed here in both Canadian and US Dollars

(US prices are approximate exchanges in brackets)
Best selling titles are listed in yellow   Other available titles are listed in white   Releases which are currently unavailable are listed in grey

ARTIST                          TITLE                                LABEL           CAT NO.    PRICE CDN    PRICE US
Lei Qiang                       Chinese Traditional Erhu Music       Oliver Sudden   K10-007        20.99  (14.00 US)
                                Chinese Traditional Erhu Music 2     Oliver Sudden   K10-010        20.99  (14.00 US)

Quad                            Bring It On                          Quad            Quad-1                   Deleted

Kevin Quain                     Hangover Honeymoon                   Fading Ways     FWM013         17.99  (12.00 US)
                                Tequila Vampire Matinee              Fading Ways     FWM 017        17.99  (12.00 US)

David Quan                      Invocata                             indie pool      OASCD1019      25.99  (18.00 US)

Tony Quarrington                One Bright Morning                   Cordova Bay     CBR-0192       18.99  (13.00 US)
                                Deep River                           Cordova Bay     CBR-0222       18.99  (13.00 US)
                                West Wind                            CBC             TRCD 3003      20.99  (14.00 US)

QuarTango                       QuarTango                            Musical Heritage  MHS 512088X  22.99  (16.00 US)
                                Espresso                             Justin Time     JUST 84        18.99  (13.00 US)
                                Compadres                            Justin Time     JUST 112-2     18.99  (13.00 US)
                                esprit                               Justin Time     JUST 142-2     18.99  (13.00 US)
                                Macadam Tango                        Justin Time     JUST 164-2     18.99  (13.00 US)
                                Performances                         Justin Time     JUST 202-2     18.99  (13.00 US)

quartette                       quartette                            Denon           CAN 9016                 Deleted
                                Work of the Heart                    Denon           CAN9024        17.99  (12.00 US)
                                O Canada (CDEP)                      Denon           CAN 9025       12.99  ( 9.00 US)
                                it's Christmas!                      Outside         CAN 1225       17.99  (12.00 US)
                                in the beauty of the day             Outside         23339-1029-2   17.99  (12.00 US)
                                I See a Star                         Outside         23339-1073-2   17.99  (12.00 US)

Quartetto Gelatto               Quartetto Gelatto                    Marquis         E2 81600       18.99  (13.00 US)
                                Rustic Chivalry                      Marquis/linus   2 70057        18.99  (13.00 US)
                                aria fresca                          Marquis         E2 81602       18.99  (13.00 US)
                                Neapolitan Café                      QG              QGR 2004       18.99  (13.00 US)
                                Travels The Orient Express           Marquis         E2 81677       18.99  (13.00 US)

¡Que Vida!                      Raising The Dead                     ¡Que Vida!      !QV!-001       22.99  (16.00 US)

Queazy                          Hurk                                 Spark           QUE 002        19.99  (14.00 US)

Québec Loisirs                  Prendre le temps...                  Solitudes       SAVCD03         8.99  ( 6.00 US)

Queen City Kids                 Queen City Kids                      Columbia                           Not Available
                                Black Box                            Columbia                           Not Available
                                The Best Of Queen City Kids          Columbia        CK 80136                 Deleted

Queen Mab                       Barbie's Other Shoe                  Norwegian       NWCD 0198      19.99  (14.00 US)

Querkus                         No Direction (EP)                    Querkus         QCD 0077       22.99  (16.00 US)

Quick Flight                    Breakaway                            Tunesmith                          Not Available

Quiet                           Ahead                                indie pool      IRCD091        19.99  (14.00 US)

Gino Quilico                    Noël                                 Guy Cloutier    PGCCD-8437     20.99  (14.00 US)

Ted Quinlan                     as if                                Unity           P2 11290       22.99  (16.00 US)

David Quinton                   Bombs And Lullabyes 1981-1988        Bullseye        BLP-CD 4035    13.99  (10.00 US)

Lester Quitzau                  Lester Quitzau                       Lester Quitzau  LQ-001                   Deleted
                                The Second Album                     Lester Quitzau  LQ-002                   Deleted
                                Keep On Walking                      Lester Quitzau  LQ-003         19.99  (14.00 US)
                                A Big Love                           Lester Quitzau  LQ-004         19.99  (14.00 US)
                                So here we are                       Lester Quitzau  LQ-005         19.99  (14.00 US)

Lester Quitzau and Mae Moore    oh My!                               Poetic License  PL 003         18.99  (13.00 US)

Quo Vadis                       Forever                                 Skyscraper   VPCD961        17.99  (12.00 US)
                                Day into Night                          Skyscraper   HYP1077        17.99  (12.00 US)
                                Passage In Time                         Skyscraper   SM003          17.99  (12.00 US)
                                Defiant Imagination To The Bitter End   Skyscraper   SM013          17.99  (12.00 US)

Qwest                           Dream Zone                           MWC             PACE 014                 Deleted
                                Tampico Gold                         MWC             PACE-015                 Deleted

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