Shipping Rates 

  Our current shipping charges are as follows. They reflect the current rates which we are being charged by Canada Post.
Double CDs and 2LP sets count as 2 items for shipping purposes.

S&H Rates
(Canadian Dollars)

Ontario / Québec Rest of Canada USA International

  1st CD / DVD

  5.95   5.95 11.95 14.95
  2nd CD / DVD   3.00   4.00   4.00   8.00
  3rd CD / DVD   3.00   4.00   4.00   4.00
  4th CD / DVD   1.00   2.00   2.00   4.00
  Each Additional CD / DVD   1.00   1.00   1.00   2.00
  Vinyl Record / VHS Videocassette 12.95 15.95 21.95 30.95
  Double Vinyl Record 16.95 19.95 29.95 38.95
  Additional Vinyl Record   4.00   4.00   4.00   8.00

Flat Shipping

  You can save significantly on your shipping charges if you request for your CDs to be shipped "flat". CDs will be shipped in a protective sleeve with booklet, disc, and insert intact, minus the jewel case which makes up for more than half the weight. Specifically request this option in the appropriate section on your order form when you check out. You will receive a discount of approximately 50% off of your shipping rate!
  To reduce shipping costs even further on overseas orders we can ship via Surface Rate. This saves approximately 50% of the shipping rate again but significantly increases the delivery time up to ten-fold. Please email us in advance for a quote.


  All orders under 200.00 CAD within USA and Canada, United Kingdom and continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan are insured at our expense. All shipments valued over 200.00 CAD will be charged a 10.95 Insurance Fee.
All shipments outside of these destinations will be charged this fee no matter the value of the shipment.

Delivery Time

  Delivery times vary widely with the destination of the order and the time of the season.
  Current expected delivery times for IN STOCK items are 4 to 7 days for orders within Canada, 7 to 10 days for orders to the United States, and 10 to 20 days for overseas shipments.
  You can expect to double this shipping time for orders placed during the month of December due to the holiday rush mail traffic


  Although we try to keep our best selling titles in stock in order to fill orders immediately it is impossible to keep everything in stock at any one given time. it sometimes becomes necessary to partially fill an order and keep the out-of-stock titles on backorder. Backorders are normally kept on file for each order for a period of one year. If at any time an item comes back in stock it will automatically be shipped out. Your shipping charges however will never exceed the amount quoted on the original order.
  If backorders are not desired please indicate this in the Special Requests section of the order form.