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What exactly is that MAPL logo all about? Well, it distinguishes Canadian content (or Cancon for short) on all Canadian made music recordings. M signifies that the music was composed by a Canadian. A indicates the artist as being a Canuck. P for Canadian production, and L for the lyrics

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Pop Feature

Chilliwack - There and Back LIVE Chilliwack
There and Back LIVE

Three years in the making, "There and Back", the first ever live CD for Chilliwack is finally done. Fifteen classic Chilliwack tunes including the radio hits, live favourites and some great jamming add up to seventy eight minutes of honest classic rock. This is a deluxe package: unique and colourful with lots of pictures of the band, an 18 page booklet with tidbits of information and trivia on each song, a 14" x 19" full colour poster, and on the back of the poster a "Chilliwack family tree" that traces the membership of the band all the way from the "Classics" and the "Collectors" in the '60's right up to the current group. The "tree" is the most accurate historical reference information on the band that has ever been available, and it looks good too!
Track Listing: Fly At Night / Lonesome Mary / I Believe / Crazy Talk / Communication Breakdown / Trial By Fire / Groundhog / Whatcha Gonna Do / Arms Of Mary / Baby Blue / California Girl / Something I Like About That / 17th Summer / Raino / My Girl

Price: $18.99 CAD

Men Without Hats - no hats beyond this point men without hats
no hats beyond this point

Where did the boys go? The synthpop group Men Without Hats, who in the last century brought us such unforgettable songs as The Safety Dance, Pop Goes The World, Hey Men, and Sideways, are back with a new 10 song album. It's a voyage of discovery to the synth source of Universe MWH2004. Electro-pop for evolved humanoids in the third millennium. Men Without Hats are back with a new album after a 10 year absence. They now offer up a brand new 10 song cycle, in the familiar synth-pop style that people have come to love from MWH. For this opus, the brothers Doroschuk used some classic synths like the Prophet 5 and the Yamaha CS-50 that were used on earlier albums. To this, they added new sounds, to come up with an album that strikes as both familiar and new. A brand new day has broken for synth-pop in the 21st Century.
Track Listing: dancing in the moonlight / in california / christina's world / today tomorrow yesterday / how does it feel / hey superstar / body / dreaming / roses / telepathy

Price: $17.99 CAD