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Canadian Artists

All prices are listed here in both Canadian and US Dollars

(US prices are approximate exchanges in brackets)
Best selling titles are listed in yellow   Other available titles are listed in white   Releases which are currently unavailable are listed in grey

ARTIST                          TITLE                                LABEL           CAT NO.    PRICE CDN    PRICE US
H                               H                                    Jesus H Christ  CD 9308        15.99  (11.00 US)
H                               Stability's End                      Spider          SP H - 002     15.99  (11.00 US)

H.P. Riot                       H.P. Riot                            Concept                            Not Available

H³0+ (Ian Crichton of Saga)     Welcome To The Boom Boom Room        Hypnotic                                 Deleted

Haas, Gaby                      Gaby Haas Live At The Hofbrauhaus    Point           350            19.99  (14.00 US)

Hachey Brothers, The            Pickin' Strings                      Banff                              Not Available
Hachey Brothers, The            Pickin' Strings No.2                 Banff           Cassette Only  14.99  (10.00 US)

Hacking, Norm                   Skysongs ... A Writer's Collection      Forty-Seventh    FORT0794   18.99  (13.00 US)
Hacking, Norm & Kirk Elliott    Orange Cats Make The Very Best Friends  Three Flamingos  3FLAM 2003 17.99  (12.00 US)

Hacking The Future              Sex Without Secretions               New World       NWP 000-2      22.99  (16.00 US)

Hadji & LMO                     Indian Style                         Wikkid          WRCR 007                 Deleted
Haddock, Dave                   Oil And Water                        Caribou         CRCD 003-2     19.99  (14.00 US)
Haddock, Dave                   Keep It Simple                       Ear Muff        EMCD 02001     18.99  (13.00 US)

Hadley                          seventy-one the beautiful            MapleNationwide MM0502         16.99  (12.00 US)

Hadrian's Wall                  Hadrian's Wall                       Hadrian's Wall  HDW-001                  Deleted
Hadrian's Wall                  glengarry                            Hadrian's Wall  HDW-002                  Deleted
Hadrian's Wall                  Live                                 Hadrian's Wall  HDW-005        29.99  (21.00 US)

Haflidson, Steve                Steve Haflidson                      peever tunes    pvr 777-01     14.99  (10.00 US)

Hagan, Maura                    Comin' Around                        Landwash        02 04191       19.99  (14.00 US)

Haggis                          Last Drag                            Pleasant Street TBA                          TBA

Haines, Mark & The Zippers      Mark Haines & The Zippers            Stony Plain                        Not Available
Haines, Mark & The Zippers      Radio Jungle                         Stony Plain                        Not Available
Haines, Mark & The Zippers      Like It Is Live!                     Mark Haines Bizz  MHZL 93-2              Deleted
Haines, Mark & Tom Leighton     Optimists  Jig                       Borealis        HL0297         19.99  (14.00 US)
Haines, Mark & Tom Leighton     Foot to Floor (repeat on beat)       Haines-Leighton HL1292                   Deleted
Hakamu, The                     The Hakamu                           Christopher                        Not Available

Half Human                      Human Eightysix                      Graven Image                       Not Available

Half The Sky                    Naked As Moonlight                   Down to Earth   DTE 1002       25.99  (18.00 US)

Halfhide, Vince & The Bird      Kitchen Music                        Blue Plough     BP 1133        22.99  (16.00 US)

Halifax Pier                    Put Your Gloves On And Wave          Temporary Residence  TRCD 007  22.99  (16.00 US)

Hall, Albert                    King Of The Country Waltz            Custer/Axe      CDAH001        22.99  (16.00 US)

Hall, Chris                     Lifeline                             Capitol                            Not Available
Hall, Chris                     Hypnotized                           Capitol                            Not Available

Hall, Janice                    Collector's Item                     Leep            NOCD 007       18.99  (13.00 US)

Hall, Joe                       On The Avenue                        Posterity                          Not Available
Hall, Joe                       Off Of Burke                         Posterity                          Not Available
Hall, Joe                       Rancho Banana                        Posterity                          Not Available
Hall, Joe                       Direct To Delete                     Friendly Pirate                    Not Available
Hall, Joe                       Travelling Without Deodorant   The Best Of Joe Hall  CBR 0202       20.99  (14.00 US)
Hall, Joe                       Rapture                              Wingnut         1993                     Deleted

Hall, Karen Leslie              On The Dream Road                    Karen Leslie Hall  KLHCD 001   22.99  (16.00 US)

Hall, Janice                    suspended                            Leep            JHCD 001       22.99  (16.00 US)

Hall, Meredith & Bernard Farley    My Fond Heart                     Landwash        02 03089       19.99  (14.00 US)

Hall, Porter                    Ten Month Soundtrack                 Endearing       NDR020         17.99  (12.00 US)

Halperin, Ian                   Island of Love                       TFM             S110           24.99  (17.00 US)

Ham                             Boreal Imbroglio                     Permafrost                     17.99  (12.00 US)

Hambleton, Fergus               Snap                                 Outside         SNM019         19.99  (14.00 US)

Hamel, Georges                  Chansons Du Patrimoine - Vol.1       Select          KAROCD 1549    20.99  (14.00 US)

Hamilton, Bob                   Bob Hamilton                                                            Not Available

Hamilton, George IV             Down East Country                    Camden                             Not Available
Hamilton, George IV             Hymns Country Style                  Image VII                          Not Available
Hamilton, George IV             Waitin' for the sun to shine         K-tel           ECD 3834       12.99  ( 9.00 US)
Hamilton, George IV             To You And Yours  (2CDs)             EMI Canada      E2 77777-2     25.99  (18.00 US)

Hamilton, Jamie                 Jamie Hamilton                       ocean           ORCD-01-29-99   8.99  ( 6.00 US)

Hamilton District Christian High School   With One Voice:            HDCH            HDCH-001                 Deleted

Hamm, Ken                       Inter-tidal Zone                     North Track     NT 9301        19.99  (14.00 US)
Hamm, Ken                       Eagle Rock Road                      North Track     NT 9501        19.99  (14.00 US)
Hamm, Ken                       Galvanized! solo blues               North Track     NTCD 9801      19.99  (14.00 US)
Hamm, Ken                       Cross The River                      North Track     NTCD 2K01      19.99  (14.00 US)
Hamm, Ken                       fingerlicks                          North Track     NTCD 0301      19.99  (14.00 US)

Hammerlock                      Anthems For Outlaws                  Man's Ruin      MR167          22.99  (16.00 US)

Hammersmith                     Hammersmith                          Mercury                            Not Available
Hammersmith                     It's for you!                        Mercury                            Not Available

Hammett-Vaughan, Kate           how my heart sings                   Maximum         MAX 0063       17.99  (12.00 US)
Hammett-Vaughan, Kate           Devil May Care                       Maximum         MAX 1201       17.99  (12.00 US)

Hammond, Marie-Lynn             Marie-Lynn Hammond                   Black Tie                                Deleted
Hammond, Marie-Lynn             Vignettes                            Black Tie                                Deleted
Hammond, Marie-Lynn             Marie-Lynn Hammond | Vignettes       Vignettes Media VM7881-2       18.99  (13.00 US)
Hammond, Marie-Lynn             Impromptu                            Vignettes Media VM7882-2       18.99  (13.00 US)
Hammond, Marie-Lynn             Black&White ...and shades of grey    Black Tie       VM7883-2       18.99  (13.00 US)
Hammond, Marie-Lynn             Pegasus                              Vignettes Media VM7884-2       18.99  (13.00 US)

Hammond Dance Album             Hammond Dance Album                  MTL             MTLCD 1032      6.99  ( 5.00 US)

Hampshire, Keith                The First Cut                        A&M                                Not Available
Hampshire, Keith                Variations                           A&M                                Not Available

Handsome Ned                    The Name Is Ned  anthology (2CDs)    Linkhorn        72435 27062 2  28.99  (19.00 US)

Handy Trio, The Thomas          Arc                                  Handy           HAND 01                  Deleted

Hanford, Caitlin                Bluer Skies                          Outside         74018-9027-2   19.99  (14.00 US)

Hangedup                        Hangedup                             Constellation   CRC0077        22.99  (16.00 US)
Hangedup                        Clatter For Control                  Constellation   CST034         16.99  (12.00 US)

Hank's Hallucination            Crocodile Tears                      Hank's Hallucination  HHCD-001 22.99  (16.00 US)

Hanker                          Web Of Faith                         Skyscraper      SM012          17.99  (12.00 US)

Hanlon, Jim                     Hometown Bay                                                            Not Available

Hann, Paul                      Bernie the bowlegged bloodhound      Strathcona      Cassette Only            Deleted

Hannaford Street Silver Band    Connections In Brass                 Opening Day     ODR9335        25.99  (18.00 US)

Hanover                         Fits Ya Good (EP)                    MCA                                Not Available
Hanover                         Hungry Eyes                          MCA                                Not Available

Hanson Brothers                 Sudden Death.                   Virgin Canada          724384201623           Deleted
Hanson Brothers                 Gross Misconduct                Alternative Tentacles  VIRUS 116CD  19.99  (14.00 US)
Hanson Brothers                 My Game                         Mint                   MRD 059      16.99  (12.00 US)

Hanson, Jennifer                Something Cool                       Jennifer Hanson JENCD 11                 Deleted

Happy As Hell And Swinghammer   Double Sided Tape                    Happy As Hell   Cassette Only  24.99  (17.00 US)
happy Feeling                   happy Feeling                        Barry                              Not Available

Happy Man                       Sunburst                             Page            STOMP002       18.99  (13.00 US)

Happy Wanderers, The            16 Top Country Hits              Canadian Cavalcade  Cassette Only  14.99  (10.00 US)

Harbord Trio, The               Circle Of Stone                      Familiar        FM - 0002      19.99  (14.00 US)

Harbour of Dreams               A Tribute To Newfoundland            indie pool      MF001001       21.99  (15.00 US)

Hard Choir                      Hard Choir                                                              Not Available

Hard Ground                     Hard Ground                          Hard Ground     HARDGROUND     22.99  (16.00 US)

Hard Rock Miners                Hard Rock Miners                     Columbia                                 Deleted
Hard Rock Miners                Rock N Roll Welfare                  Hypnotic        HYPSD 1037     19.99  (14.00 US)
Hard Rock Miners                the final frontier                   Einstein Bros.  EK 80169       24.99  (17.00 US)

Hardline                        Double Eclipse                       MCA             MCAD 10586               Deleted

Hardship Post                   Somebody Spoke                       Sub Pop         SPCD 02892               Deleted
Hardship Post                   Hack ep                              murder          MURCD003       11.99  ( 8.00 US)

Hardsteppers                    Revolution                           Hardstepper     HSR01          14.99  (10.00 US)

Hardy, Hagood                   Stop 33 Sutton Place                 RCA Victor                         Not Available
Hardy, Hagood                   Hagood Hardy And Montage             CBC                                Not Available
Hardy, Hagood                   Hagood Hardy And Montage             Canadian Talent Library            Not Available
Hardy, Hagood                   The Homecoming                       Attic           ACDM 1003      13.99  (10.00 US)
Hardy, Hagood                   Maybe Tomorrow                       Attic           ACBD-1011      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Hardy, Hagood                   Tell Me My Name                      Attic           ACBD-1034      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Hardy, Hagood                   A Very Special Christmas with Hagood Hardy   K-tel                      Not Available
Hardy, Hagood                   Reflections                          Attic           ACBD-1052      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Hardy, Hagood                   The Hagood Hardy Collection          Attic           ATT-1073       17.99  (12.00 US)
Hardy, Hagood                   As Time Goes By                      Attic           ACBD-1097      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Hardy, Hagood                   The Christmas Album                  Attic           ACBD-1098      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Hardy, Hagood                   Love Me Closer                       Attic           ACBD-1116      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Hardy, Hagood                   Chasing A Dream                      GRT                                Not Available
Hardy, Hagood                   Night Magic                          GRT                                Not Available
Hardy, Hagood                   Hagood Hardy                         GRT                                Not Available
Hardy, Hagood                   Anne                                 Attic           ACDM-1331      24.99  (17.00 US)
Hardy, Hagood                   All My Best                          Duke Street     DSBBD-31052     9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Hardy, Hagood                   All My Best, Vol. 2                  Duke Street     DSBBD-31063     9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Hardy, Hagood                   In My Heart                          Duke Street     AGEK-2424      13.99  (10.00 US)
Hardy, Hagood                   Morocco                              Sackville       SKCD2-2018     13.99  (10.00 US)
Hardy, Hagood                   Alone                                Isis            SOLCD01        17.99  (12.00 US)
Hardy, Hagood                   After Hours                          Isis            SOLCD02        17.99  (12.00 US)
Hardy, Hagood                   Between Friends                      Isis            SOLCD20        17.99  (12.00 US)
Hardy, Hagood                   Airs De Noël                         I.M.D.          5009-2          7.99  ( 6.00 US)
Hardy, Hagood                   A Christmas Homecoming               I.M.D.          5010-2          7.99  ( 6.00 US)

Hare                            Where's My Money? EP                 SPG             SPGS69          9.99  ( 7.00 US)

Harel, Pierre, Corbach          Félix En Colère                      Artiste         ARTCD 478      19.99  (14.00 US)

Harem Scarem                    Harem Scarem                         WEA             CD 75150       15.99  (11.00 US)
Harem Scarem                    Mood Swings                          WEA             CD 93139       11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Harem Scarem                    Live & Acoustic                      WEA             CD 96585                 Deleted
Harem Scarem                    Live In Japan                        WEA             CD 14250                 Deleted
Harem Scarem                    Voice Of Reason                      WEA             CD 10613                 Deleted
Harem Scarem                    Karma Cleansing                      WEA             CD 19146                 Deleted
Harem Scarem                    Big Bang Theory                      WEA             2 24208                  Deleted
Harem Scarem                    weight of the world                  FusionIII/Frontiers  FR CD104            Deleted

Harwood, Dorian                 Have a Little                        Dorian          #01209Y16      22.99  (16.00 US)

Harlan, Jack                    Carnival Of Mystery                  Nettwerk        W2 30174       20.99  (14.00 US)

Harland                         Love, Harland                        indie pool      PNCD1106       21.99  (15.00 US)

Harlequin                       Victim Of A Song                     Epic                               Not Available
Harlequin                       Love Crimes                          Epic                               Not Available
Harlequin                       One False Move                       Epic                               Not Available
Harlequin                       Harlequin                            Epic                               Not Available
Harlequin                       Greatest Hits                        Epic            WEK-80134      14.99  (10.00 US)
Harlequin                       Radio Romances                       Epic            WEK-80777                Deleted
Harlequin                       Harlequin II                         Universal       YWGII          18.99  (13.00 US)
Harlequin                       Waking The Jester                    BMG             WEK-80134      16.99  (12.00 US)

Harlots Webb                    Wild Times                           era             828-2                    Deleted

Harmer, Sarah and Jason Eurlinger    Songs For Clem                  Cold Snap       CD085521       18.99  (13.00 US)
Harmer, Sarah                        You Were Here                   Cold Snap       0121596452     11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Harmer, Sarah                        all of our names                MapleMusic      0121597772     11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Harmer, Sarah                        I'm A Mountain                  MapleMusic      0121607772     18.99  (13.00 US)
Harmer, Sarah                        Escarpment Blues                MapleMusic      0121617772     19.99  (14.00 US)

Harmonium                       Harmonium                                   Polydor  833 991-2      15.99  (11.00 US)
Harmonium                       Si On Avait Besoin D'Une Cinquième Saison   Polydor  833 990-2      25.99  (18.00 US)
Harmonium                       l’heptade (2CDs)                     Columbia        G2K 90348      35.99  (25.00 US)
Harmonium                       En Tournee (2CDs)                    Columbia        M2U1004        33.99  (24.00 US)
Harmonium                       Harmonium in California (VHS)        MaGaDa          MAGHVDF-73     15.99  (11.00 US)
Harmonium                       Harmonium en Californie (VHS)        MaGaDa          MAGHVDF-95     15.99  (11.00 US)
Harmonium                       Harmonium in California (DVD)        MaGaDa          MAGHDVD-97     23.99  (16.00 US)
Harmonium                       Les deux albums originaux (2CDs)     Polydor         4400163472     26.99  (19.00 US)

Harmony Trowbridge              Amoraphobe                           Harmony Trowbridge   TRO 001   12.99  ( 9.00 US)

Harness, Kyp                    Nowhere Fast.                        Momentum        ACC-49268      22.99  (16.00 US)
Harness, Kyp                    God's Footstool                      Amatish         SW0192         17.99  (12.00 US)
Harness, Kyp                    Welcome To The Revolution            Amatish         SWO194         17.99  (12.00 US)

Harnoy, Ofra                    Favourite Encores                    Fanfare                            Not Available

Harp Dog Brown                  Home Is Where The Harp Is            Candlelight     CR 008                   Deleted
Harp Dog Brown                  Beware Of The Dog                    Spunky          SP 637                   Deleted

Harpoon Missile                 Boy, Interrupted                     Linus/Warner    2 70005        19.99  (14.00 US)

Harrington Brothers             Rare Old Times                       Tidemark        02 50041                 Deleted

Harris, Dave                    Slim's Blue Dream                    Malahat Mountain   MMMCD 009   22.99  (16.00 US)

Harrison, Tim                   Train Going East                     Cassette Only                            Deleted
Harrison, Tim                   In The Barroom light                 Cassette Only                            Deleted
Harrison, Tim                   The Stars Above                      2nd AV          SAS 2004                 Deleted
Harrison, Tim                   Bridges                              2nd AV          NB0021         18.99  (13.00 US)
Harrison, Tim                   Tim Harrison                         2nd AV          SAS 2005       18.99  (13.00 US)
Harrison, Tim                   Sara And The Sea                     2nd AV          SAS 2006       18.99  (13.00 US)
Harrison, Tim                   wheatfield with crows                2nd AV          SAS 2008       18.99  (13.00 US)
Harrison, Tom                   Five Guardian Generals               Delinquent      *9.            22.99  (16.00 US)

Hart, Corey                     First Offense                        Aquarius        Q2-46077        9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Hart, Corey                     Boy In The Box                       Aquarius        Q2-46166       20.99  (14.00 US)
Hart, Corey                     Fields Of Fire                       Aquarius        Q2-46331        9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Hart, Corey                     attitude&virtue                      WEA             CD 26815                 Deleted
Hart, Corey                     Bang!                                Aquarius        Q2-92513        9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Hart, Corey                     Young Man Running                    Aquarius        Q2-551          9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Hart, Corey                     Singles                              Aquarius        Q2-94974                 Deleted
Hart, Corey                     Part One                             Aquarius        Q2-00561       16.99  (12.00 US)
Hart, Corey                     sunglasses at night                  Aquarius        Q206027-56403  11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Hart, Corey                     Corey Hart                           Columbia        CK 80240       15.99  (11.00 US)
Hart, Corey                     The Complete Aquarius Years: Chapter 1 (DVD)  MaGaDa MAGHDVD-79     35.99  (20.00 US)
Hart, Corey                     jade                                 Columbia        CK 80387       15.99  (11.00 US)
Hart, Corey                     Best Of Corey Hart                   Aquarius        Q2 00615       16.99  (12.00 US)

Hart, Michael                   Dulcimer Light Christmas             indie pool      SKD003         22.99  (16.00 US)

Hart, Tara •Lyn•                Tara •Lyn• Hart                      Epic            EK 80297       22.99  (16.00 US)
Hart-Brennan, Maureen           Heartbeat                            Hart-Brennan    1986-2001       8.99  ( 6.00 US)

hart-rouge                      hart-rouge                           Trafic          TFD-8732                 Deleted
hart-rouge                      Inconditionnel                       MCA/Trafic      TFD 8953                 Deleted
hart-rouge                      La Fabrique                          MCA/Trafic      TFD-8963                 Deleted
hart-rouge                      Blue Blue Windows                    MCA             MCASD-10807              Deleted
hart-rouge                      La dernier mois de l'année           MCA             MCASD-10877              Deleted
hart-rouge                      Bonsoir Québec                       Folie Avenue    FACD-0595                Deleted
hart-rouge                      Beaupré's Home                       Highway 13      H13 0297-2     19.99  (14.00 US)
hart-rouge                      Nouvelle-France                      Universal       80617 0400-2   19.99  (14.00 US)
hart-rouge                      Une histoire de famille              Universal       UMSD 81094     17.99  (12.00 US)
hart-rouge                      J'ai fait un rêve                    Universal       8661712092     19.99  (14.00 US)

Hartford Baby Grande            Hartford Baby Grande                 Columbia                           Not Available

Harting-Ware, Lynn              The Many Moods Of The Guitar         Acoma           GXD 5732       25.99  (18.00 US)
Harting-Ware, Lynn              Angelica                             Acoma           GXD 5735       25.99  (18.00 US)

Hartley, Steffen                Steffen Hartley                      Star            STR-CD-8111    22.99  (18.00 US)

Harwill                         Spinner Of Tales                     indie pool      IPA003         25.99  (18.00 US)

Hasek, Michael                  Naja                                 Naja            NAJA9901       23.99  (16.00 US)
Hasek, Michael                  Michael Hasek                        Naja/A&M                           Not Available

Hashimoto                       The First Single                     Hashimoto                                    TBA

Hashimoto Show, The             We Must Resist Any Temptation To Play Funk      Fueled          TBA               TBA

Haslem, Paul                    Step out of Time                     Paul Haslem     DJ-001         22.99  (16.00 US)
Haslem, Paul                    Dulcimer Traditions                  Paul Haslem     DJ-002         22.99  (16.00 US)
Haslem, Paul                    Spirit of the Land                   Paul Haslem     DJ-005         22.99  (16.00 US)

Hassan, Ahmed                   The Sable/Sand Trilogy               AVA             AVA 07                   Deleted
Hassan, Ahmed                   Fourteen Remembered                  Rolovermaryem   ROM 05         18.99  (13.00 US)

Hasselbach, Mark                Double Life                          indie pool      WT361372       27.99  (19.00 US)

Hässenpfeffer                   songs of convenience                 MaGaDa          MAGCD-28       12.99  ( 9.00 US)
Hässenpfeffer                   Shit Out Of Luck                     MaGaDa          MAGCD-37       20.99  (14.00 US)

Hatcher, Jeffrey and The Big Beat (Blue Shadows)  Cross Our Hearts   Columbia        CK-80132       30.99  (22.00 US)

Haugsoen, Knut                  One Day's Growth                     Ram             0069                     Deleted
Haugsoen, Knut                  STEP and A Half                      Ram             0070           22.99  (16.00 US)

Haunted, The                    The Haunted                          Trans-World                        Not Available
Haunted, The                    The Haunted (Greatest Hits)          Voxx            VCD 2012       20.99  (14.00 US)

Hawg Wylde                      Kick Off Your Boots                  Hawg Wilde      PBM 006        22.99  (16.00 US)
Hawg Wylde                      Wildest Dreams                       indie pool      PBM 202        23.99  (16.00 US)

Hawkins, Ron (Lowest of the Low)   "The Secret Of My Excess"         Shake The Record  SALD225      14.99  (10.00 US)
Hawkins, Ron (Lowest of the Low)   Hey Valarie                       Shake The Record  SALD229       8.99  ( 6.00 US)
Hawkins, Ron and the Rusty Nails   Greasing the Star Machine         Outside           23339-1022-2 17.99  (12.00 US)
Hawkins, Ron and the Rusty Nails   crackstatic                       Outside           23339-1038-2 17.99  (12.00 US)
Hawkins, Ron + Rusty Nails         Airports of the World             Outside           23339-1077-2 19.99  (14.00 US)

Hawkins, Ronnie                 Ronnie Hawkins                            Yorkville                     Not Available
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Mr. Dynamo                                Roulette                      Not Available
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Folk Ballads Of Ronnie Hawkins            Roulette                      Not Available
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Ronnie Hawkins Sings Hank Williams        Roulette                      Not Available
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Ronnie Hawkins                            Roulette                      Not Available
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Best Of Ronnie Hawkins                    Roulette                      Not Available
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Ronnie Hawkins                            Hawk                          Not Available
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Mojo Man                                  Hawk                          Not Available
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Home From The Forest                      Hawk                          Not Available
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Greatest Hits & Rock 'N Roll Favourites   Capitol         42284 70512         Deleted
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Greatest Hits                             Polygram        847051-2            Deleted
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Greatest Hits                             Unidisc         SPLK-7300 13.99  (10.00 US)
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Best Of Ronnie Hawkins & His Band         Roulette        CDROU-5009          Deleted
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Ronnie Hawkins                            Capitol                       Not Available
Hawkins, Ronnie                 The Hawk                                  capitol                       Not Available
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Sold Out                                  Hawk                          Not Available
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Rock & Roll Resurrection                  Eagle                         Not Available
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Giant Of Rock & Roll                      Hawk                          Not Available
Hawkins, Ronnie                 A Legend In His Spare Time                Hawk            UBK-4016  13.99  (10.00 US)
Hawkins, Ronnie                 A Hawk In Winter                          Hawk                          Not Available
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Rockin'                                   Mode                          Not Available
Hawkins, Ronnie                 The Hawk And Rock                         Polygram                      Not Available
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Rockin' With Ronnie                       Polygram                      Not Available
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Making It Again                           Hawk            UBK-4017  13.99  (10.00 US)
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Hawk & Rock Live In UK 82                 Hawk            UBK-4050  13.99  (10.00 US)
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Hello Again...Mary Lou                    Hawk            UBK-4018  13.99  (10.00 US)
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Rock'N'Roll Resurrection / The Giant....  See For Miles SEECD719    23.99  (16.00 US)
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Best Of Ronnie Hawkins                    Rhino           3R2 70966 19.99  (14.00 US)
Hawkins, Ronnie                 Mary Lou                                  Collectables    COl9940   12.99  ( 9.00 US)
Hawley, Jane                    As We Talk on Thin Ice               Jane Hawley     JH01           19.99  (14.00 US)
Hawley, Jane                    letters to myself                    Jane Hawley     JH02           19.99  (14.00 US)

Hawtin, Richie                  DE9  Closer To The Edit              M_nus           MINUS8CD       20.99  (14.00 US)
Hawtin, Richie                  '(R) Edit'                           M_nus           CDNOMU94       13.99  (10.00 US)
Hawtin, Richie & Sven Vath      The Sound Of The Third Season        M_nus           MINUS 13CD     19.99  (14.00 US)

Hay, Thomas                     Thomas Hay                           indie pool      888            16.99  (11.00 US)

hayamind                        hayadans                             hayamind        CDHH 01        22.99  (16.00 US)

hayden                          In September                         Paul            CS-001                   Deleted
hayden                          everything i long for                Hardwood        hard 020       17.99  (12.00 US)
hayden                          -moving careful-                     Hardwood        hard 032       17.99  (12.00 US)
hayden                          The Closer I Get                     Hardwood        UMSD 81082     19.99  (14.00 US)
hayden                          Skyscraper National Park             Hardwood        4400162982     19.99  (14.00 US)
hayden                          Live From Convocation Hall (2CDs)    Hardwood        7697422292     27.99  (19.00 US)
hayden                          Elk-Lake Serenade                    Hardwood        7697422772     18.99  (13.00 US)

Haynes Trio, Joel               The Time Is Now                      Cellar Live     CL 050925      14.99  (10.00 US)
Hayward Trio, The Ronnie        Move Around                          East Side       ES 015         29.99  (21.00 US)

Haywire                         bad boys                             Attic           ACD-1220       13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Haywire                         Don’t Just Stand There               Attic           ACD-1239       13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Haywire                         Get Off                              Attic           ACD-1334       13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Haywire                         Nuthouse                             Attic           ACD-1283       13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Haywire                         Wired The Best Of Haywire            Attic           ACD-1383       17.99  (12.00 US)
Haywire                         Best Of Haywire                      Attic           ATT-1383       13.99  ( 9.00 US)

Haze, Oliver                    wandering trip                       Gold Jam        GJR2-1459       5.99  ( 4.00 US)

Hazelton, Terra Featuring Jeff Healey    Anybody's baby              HealeyOphonic   HOP 38001      20.99  (14.00 US)

Headcramp                       Mind-Blowing Beef-Fest Spectacular   indie pool      MHR001         20.99  (14.00 US)
Headcramp                       No More Smiles                       Meathead        MHR003          6.99  ( 5.00 US)

HeadFix                         HF                                   HeadFix         Cassette Only   3.99  ( 2.50 US)

Headlines, The                  The Headlines                        Axe                                Not Available

Headpins                        Turn It Loud                         Solid Gold      79786-2        16.99  (12.00 US)
Headpins                        Line Of Fire                         Solid Gold      71011-2        16.99  (12.00 US)
Headpins                        Head Over Heels                                                         Not Available
Headpins                        Greatest Hits                        Columbia        VCK 80130                Deleted
Headpins                        :The Complete Greatest Hits          Solid Gold      71012-2        16.99  (12.00 US)

heads, the                      relaxing with...                     Headhunter      HUK 001cd      19.99  (14.00 US)

Heads In The Sky                Heads In The Sky                     Illuminated                        Not Available

Heads of Our Time               Heads Of Our Time                    Good Groove                        Not Available
Heads of Our Time               The Subtle Art of Self-Destruction   Good Groove                        Not Available

Headstones                      Picture of Health                    MCA             MCABD 10871     9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Headstones                      Teeth & Tissue                       MCA             MCASD 11152     9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Headstones                      Smile & Wave                         Universal       UMD 81048       9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Headstones                      nickels for your nighmares           Universal       012 157 517-2  18.99  (13.00 US)
Headstones                      the greatest fits                    Universal       4400161642     17.99  (12.00 US)
Headstones                      the oracle of hi-fi                  MapleMusic      MRCD 6045      16.99  (12.00 US)

Headstrong                      Headstrong                           RCA             07863-68004-2  10.99  ( 8.00 US)

Headview                        Sad Tomato                           indie pool      THB1923        19.99  (14.00 US)

Healey Band, The Jeff           See The Light                        Arista          ARCD-8553      15.99  (11.00 US)
Healey Band, The Jeff           Hell To Pay                          Arista          ARCD-0863      15.99  (11.00 US)
Healey Band, The Jeff           feel this                            Arista          07822-18706-2  20.99  (14.00 US)
Healey Band, The Jeff           Cover To Cover                       Arista          74321-23888-2  20.99  (14.00 US)
Healey Band, The Jeff           Master Hits                          Arista          07822190992    15.99  (11.00 US)
Healey Band, The Jeff           get Me Some                          Interscope/MCA  7516410012               Deleted
Healey, Jeff                    Adventures In Jazzland               HealeyOphonic   HOP 38000      19.99  (14.00 US)
Healey Band, The Jeff           Live At Montreaux                    Eagle           8269920067021  18.99  (13.00 US)
Healey Band, The Jeff           Live At Montreaux (DVD)              Eagle           W9 39045       20.99  (14.00 US)

Hearn, Kevin                    mothball mint                        Page            KEV1293                  Deleted
Hearn, Kevin and Thin Buckle    H -Wing                              Nettwerk        W2 30239       20.99  (14.00 US)
Hearn, Kevin and thin buckle    night light                          Outside         23339 77777 2  17.99  (12.00 US)

Hearsey, Tim                    Close Calls                          Tim Hearsey     THB1923        27.99  (19.00 US)

Heard, The                      The Heard                            Serf City       SCR-001         6.99  ( 5.00 US)

Heart                           Dreamboat Annie                      Mushroom        C2 46491       11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Heart                           Little Queen                         Mushroom        WRK 34799      11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Heart                           Magazine                             Mushroom        S21-18322      11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Heart                           Dog & Butterfly                      Columbia        EK 85771       11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Heart                           Bebe Le Strange                      Columbia        EK 85770       11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Heart                           Passionworks                         Columbia        IDK 38800      22.99  (16.00 US)
Heart                           Private Audition                     Mushroom        WRK 37777                Deleted
Heart                           greatest hits (live)                 Columbia        WEGK 36888     15.99  (11.00 US)
Heart                           Heart                                Capitol         CDP 546157     16.99  (12.00 US)
Heart                           Brigade                              Capitol         CDP 7 91820 2  16.99  (12.00 US)
Heart                           Bad Animals                          Capitol         C21Y 97777     24.99  (17.00 US)
Heart                           Greatest Hits                        epic            EK 690156      15.99  (11.00 US)
Heart                           Rock The House Live!                 Capitol         C2 95797       22.99  (16.00 US)
Heart                           The Definitive Collection            Columbia        CK 91069       19.99  (14.00 US)
Heart                           desire walks on                      Capitol         CDP 599627               Deleted
Heart                           The Road Home                        Capitol         C21S 30489     20.99  (14.00 US)
Heart                           The Road Home (VHS)                  Capitol         C3VB 77819     16.99  (12.00 US)
Heart                           The Road Home (DVD)                  Capitol         7243477917     26.99  (18.00 US)
Heart                           These Dreams - Heart's Greatest Hits    EMI Canada   CDP 553376     24.99  (17.00 US)
Heart                           Greatest Hits 1985 - 1996            EMI Canada      C21S 26803     20.99  (14.00 US)
Heart                           Presents: A Lovemongers Christmas    beyond          398 578 222-2  20.99  (14.00 US)
Heart                           Greatest Hits                        epic            EK 69015       15.99  (11.00 US)
Heart                           The Essential Heart (2CDs)           Sony            TV2K 61557     32.99  (22.00 US)
Heart                           Alive In Seattle                     epic            E2H 90287      39.99  (27.00 US)
Heart                           Jupiters Darling                     Sovereign       SA 0001        17.99  (12.00 US)
Heart                           Presents A Lovemongers Christmas 2   Sovereign       SOVA 1954-2    14.99  (10.00 US)
Heart                           Dreamboat Annie Live                 Universal       82666310644    20.99  (14.00 US)
Heart                           Love Songs                           Sony BMG        2796948252     14.99  (10.00 US)

Heart & Soul                    Heart & Soul                         Velvet          VRCD-2001      24.99  (17.00 US)

Heart & Stone                   Eternity                             Heart & Stone   H&S 777        24.99  (17.00 US)

heart to heart                  lift your hands in the sanctuary     FusionIII/Micah MCD 1010       17.99  (12.00 US)

Heartblood                      Heartblood                           Richard Sabsay  9923           10.99  ( 7.00 US)

Heartbreak Hill                 Heartbreak Hill                      Heartbreak Hill HH98            6.99  ( 5.00 US)

Heaven's Cry                    Food For Thought Substitute          Hypnotic        HYPSD 1054     24.99  (17.00 US)

Heavy Blinkers, the             Hooray For Everything                Pleasant Street PLCD-7CD                 Deleted
Heavy Blinkers, the             the Heavy Blinkers                   Brobdingnagian  brob 002 cd    17.99  (12.00 US)
Heavy Blinkers, the             Better Weather                       Brobdingnagian  NDR045         16.99  (12.00 US)
Heavy Blinkers, the             the night and I are still young      MapleMusic      MRCD 1777      19.99  (14.00 US)
Heavy Blinkers, the             The Heavy Blinkers | Orwell          IPX             ipx003         16.99  (12.00 US)

Heavy Eric                      3 Chords At 10                       indie pool      WEB003CD       14.99  (10.00 US)
Heavy Eric                      Goalie's Nightmare                   Heavy Eric      HECD9801       15.99  (11.00 US)
Heavy Eric                      She's Got My Heart Behind The 8 Ball Heavy Eric      HECD9807       15.99  (11.00 US)

heavy meadows                   heavy meadows                        Dependent       75020-4238-2   17.99  (12.00 US)
heavy meadows                   heavy meadows II                     Dependent       75020-4777-2   17.99  (12.00 US)
heavy meadows                   heavy meadows III                    Dependent       75020-5704-2   17.99  (12.00 US)

Heavy water                     heavy water                          T.R.E.Z.        T.R.E.Z.001    22.99  (16.00 US)

Heavywater                      Idle Moments                         Phunk•E Low Down Dirty 650002  22.99  (16.00 US)

Hebert, Brian                   Fiddle Storm  A 20 Year Retrospective   Banff        SMCD 9905      11.99  ( 8.00 US)

Hébert, Danielle                Danielle Hébert                      Dark Horse      DHP 001                  Deleted
Hébert, Danielle                The Alien Suite                      Dark Horse      DHP 002        18.99  (13.00 US)
Hébert, Danielle                Adventuriére Accidentelle            Dark Horse      DHP 003        18.99  (13.00 US)

Hecker, Tim                     tim hecker presents "radio amor"     Mille Plateaux  EFA 23119CD    21.99  (15.00 US)

Heelwalkers, The                The Heelwalkers                      Brobdingnagian  BROB-CD-077    19.99  (14.00 US)

Heidelberg Polka Band           Beer Barrel Polka                    Elm             Cassette Only   7.99  ( 5.00 US)

Helix                           White Lace & Black Leather           H&S             H&S2                     Deleted
Helix                           No Rest For The Wicked               Capitol         CD 65777                 Deleted
Helix                           Long Way To Heaven                   Capitol         CD 66184       20.99  (14.00 US)
Helix                           Walking The Razor's Edge             Capitol         72435-24699-2  20.99  (14.00 US)
Helix                           Wild In The Streets                  Capitol         CD 46920                 Deleted
Helix                           Back For Another Taste               Capitol         C21Y-26573     14.99  (10.00 US)
Helix                           Over 60 Minutes With...              Capitol         C21Y-93571     14.99  (10.00 US)
Helix                           It’s A Business Doing Pleasure       Aquarius        Q21H-570       14.99  (10.00 US)
Helix                           The Early Years                      Maximum         7323-11001-2             Deleted
Helix                           half-Alive                           DeRock          DER CD-9012    19.99  (14.00 US)
Helix                           Deep Cuts  the best of Helix         Razor & Tie     RAZCD7777                Deleted
Helix                           B Sides                              Beak            BEAK CD 77               Deleted
Helix                           S.E.X. Rated (DVD)                   EMI Canada      E9DM 92460     23.99  (16.00 US)
Helix                           Rockin' You For 30 Years             EMI Canada      P2 64053       16.99  (12.00 US)
Helix                           Rockin' You For 30 Years (DVD)       EMI Canada      E9 44246       23.99  (16.00 US)

Hell Billys                     Hell Billys                          True North      TNSD 114       15.99  (11.00 US)
Hell Billys                     Tied To A Rocket                     True North      TNSD 157       19.99  (14.00 US)

Hell City Love                  Hell City Love                       Brobdingagian   20673-1648-2   17.99  (12.00 US)

Hellenkeller                    Demonstration                        °Zorm.                                       TBA

Hellfield                       Hellfield                            Epic                               Not Available
Hellfield                       Nightmusic                           Epic                               Not Available

Hellfield, Mitch                Grown Men Crying                     Bullseye        TBA                          TBA

Helm, Levon                     Ties That Bind: Best Of 1975-1996    Raven           RVCD87         23.99 (16.00 USD)
Helm, Levon                     Dirt Farmer                          Vanguard   79811-2             19.99 (14.00 USD)

Hemingway Corner                Hemingway Corner                     Epic            EK 80180                 Deleted
Hemingway Corner                Under the Big Sky                    Epic            EK 80218       24.99  (17.00 US)

hemispheres                     chaser                               Artifact        ART 0163       22.99  (16.00 US)

Henderson, Al                   Dinosaur Dig                         Cornerstone     CRST 103       17.99  (12.00 US)

Henderson, Ed and Worldfest     A World Christmas                    MR              MR9820         19.99  (14.00 US)

Henderson Quintet, Al           Fathers And Sons                     Cornerstone     CRST 124       17.99  (12.00 US)

Henderson, Jacquie              Who do you think I am?               Jacquie Henderson  JH-CD 0195  22.99  (16.00 US)

Hendrix, Kat                    Kat Hendrix                          indie pool      LG9305         23.99  (16.00 US)

Hendrixson, Dave and the Budstock Band   Finding Your Dream...       Dave Hendrixson   1998         22.99  (16.00 US)

hennessey                       dig it up                            hennessey       23339-1007-2   23.99  (16.00 US)
hennessey                       Life on AM Radio                     hennessey       23339-1077-2    9.99  ( 7.00 US)

Henri Band                      Henri Band                                                              Not Available
Henri Band                      Henri Band II                                                           Not Available

Henry, Rick                     Wide Open                            Pacific         PM 12092       15.99  (11.00 US)

Henrys, The                     Joyous Porous                        The Henrys      TRAIN 2002     18.99  (13.00 US)

.heon.                          electro-acoustic requiem             Unicorn         UNCR 5007      20.99  (14.00 US)

Hépatite B                      Hépatite B                           Select          KONFCD 5203    19.99  (14.00 US)

Hepburn, Kenny                  Twangy Guitar                        Arc                                Not Available

Herald Nix                      Open Up The Sky                      Supermono       SNM 00009      19.99  (14.00 US)

Here                            Here                                 Here            THERE01        24.99  (17.00 US)

heretics, the                   Mass Hysteria                        Fringe          FPD 3105       22.99  (16.00 US)

Herman, Tim                     Tim Herman                           Tomcat          CD-TCCD97302   24.99  (17.00 US)

Herman's End                    The Could Be A Book                  Independent     HE001          19.99  (14.00 US)

Hernsworth, Wade                The Songs Of Wade Hernsworth         Wade Hernsworth WHCD00105      22.99  (16.00 US)

Herriott, Mike                  A Piece of the Action                CMC             BHR-CD012      20.99  (14.00 US)

Hervey, Pat                     Pat Hervey                                                              Not Available

Hess, Kenny                     Back To Reality                      indie pool      SA93001CD      23.99  (16.00 US)
Hess, Kenny                     Welcome To Lonesome                  indie pool      SA94329CD      23.99  (16.00 US)
Hess, Kenny                     A Country Christmas                  indie pool      SA94562CD      23.99  (16.00 US)
Hess, Kenny                     That Can't Be Me                     indie pool      SA96420CD      23.99  (16.00 US)

Hetu, Lucien                    Lucien Hetu Au Carillon Sun          RCA Victor                         Not Available

Heuson, Jean & Christina Smith  Like Ducks!                          Jean Heuson     JHCD 001       22.99  (16.00 US)

Hev's Duties                    Bomb Level Again                     Bomb            TBA                          TBA

Hewitt, Angela                  --Bach--   The English Suites (2CDS)   hyperion    SACDA67451/52    45.99  (32.00 US)

Hewson, Jean                    Early Spring                         Pigeon Inlet    PIPCD-7328     22.99  (16.00 US)

Hextalls                        Hextalls                             Hextalls        HEXTALL 001    22.99  (16.00 US)
Hextalls, The                   The Hextalls                         Shredder        SHREDDER 007   20.99  (14.00 US)

hexus                           strive                               Hexus 2000      HTA6147        22.99  (16.00 US)

hHead                           Fireman                              hHead           hH002          24.99  (17.00 US)
hHead                           ~jerk~                               I.R.S.  X2 7243 8 309237 2 7   22.99  (16.00 US)
hHead                           :ozzy                                handsome boy    HBCD0015       17.99  (12.00 US)

Hibbs, Harry                    Harry Hibbs At The Caribou Club               Arc    AGEK-2355      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Hibbs, Harry                    More Harry Hibbs At The Caribou               Arc    AGEK-2356      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Hibbs, Harry                    The Incredible Harry Hibbs                    Arc    AGEK-2357      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Hibbs, Harry                    Fourth                                        Arc    AGEK-2358      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Hibbs, Harry                    A Fifth Of Harry Hibbs                        Arc    AGEK-2359      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Hibbs, Harry                    Somewhere At Sea                              Arc    AGEK-2360      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Hibbs, Harry                    The All New Harry Hibbs With Shrimp Cocktail  Arc    AGEK-2361      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Hibbs, Harry                    The Best Of Harry Hibbs                       Arc    SPLK-7320      17.99  (12.00 US)
Hibbs, Harry                    The Incredible Harry Hibbs           Condor          HCD-4410       11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Hibbs, Harry                    All Kinds Of Everything              Tidemark        H59CD                    Deleted
Hibbs, Harry                    Bell Island Boy                      Tidemark        RDRCD 1261               Deleted
Hibbs, Harry                    The Very Best Of Harry Hibbs Volume One  CBC Studio  HA 001         19.99  (14.00 US)

Hickey Necklace                 the passion farmer                   Trumpeter       TRI 1142       22.99  (16.00 US)

Hicks, Ivan                     Most Requested                       Tidemark        02 50865       18.99  (13.00 US)
Hicks, Ivan                     Connections                          Tidemark        02 61177       18.99  (13.00 US)

Hidell                          Up & Coming                          EMI Canada      E2 82597       20.99  (14.00 US)

Hidden Agenda                   Lasting Effects                      Woodshed        WDSHDAK102     22.99  (16.00 US)
Hidden Agenda                   Verbatim                             Hidden Agenda   HARLOWBG01      5.99  ( 4.00 US)

High Holy Days                  All My Real Friends                  Universal       0887777772     18.99  (13.00 US)

High Noon                       Have Drum Will Travel                Canyon          CR 6254        19.99  (14.00 US)
High Noon                       Songs For Our People                 Canyon          CR 6355        19.99  (14.00 US)
High Noon                       The Way It All Began                 Canyon          CR 6374        19.99  (14.00 US)

High Street                     Noise                                High Street     HS 1001        25.99  (18.00 US)

highland heights                highland heights                     Tidemark        RCM!CD-7                 Deleted
highland heights                never a dull moment                  Tidemark        02 50009                 Deleted
highland heights                Folk Songs                           Tidemark        02 50806                 Deleted

Highstreet                      She Won't Be Waitin                  Columbia                           Not Available

HighTops, The                   Tangled Up In Love                   HighTops                           Cassette Only

Highway Freak Ticket            Obviously Obvious                    Turtle          TR-13          17.99  (12.00 US)

Hilda V.                        East Coast Country                   Hilda V.        HILDAV         13.99  (10.00 US)
Hilda V.                        The Power and Time                   Hilda V.        FH4859         14.99  (10.00 US)

Hill, Dan                       Dan Hill                             MCA             MCABD 81034     9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Hill, Dan                       Hold On                              MCA             MCABD 81035              Deleted
Hill, Dan                       Longer Fuse                          MCA             MCAMD 81036     9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Hill, Dan                       Frozen In The Night                  MCA             MCABD 81037     9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Hill, Dan                       If Dreams Had Wings                  MCA                                Not Available
Hill, Dan                       Best Of Dan Hill                     MCA                                Not Available
Hill, Dan                       Partial Surrender                    MCA                                Not Available
Hill, Dan                       Love In The Shadows                  MCA                                Not Available
Hill, Dan                       Real Love                            Columbia        CK 45162       24.99  (17.00 US)
Hill, Dan                       Dan Hill                             Columbia        CK 40456       15.99  (11.00 US)
Hill, Dan                       The Dan Hill Collection              Columbia        CK 80141                 Deleted
Hill, Dan                       Dance Of Love                        Columbia        CK 80141                 Deleted
Hill, Dan                       Greatest Hits And More...Let Me Show You    Quality  QCD 2016       15.99  (11.00 US)
Hill, Dan                       I'm Doing Fine                         MCA           MCASD 81012     9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Hill, Dan                       love of my life the best of Dan Hill   Sony          TVK 24055      15.99  (11.00 US)

Hill, Reg                       The Best Darn Fiddling In The World  Banff           Cassette Only   9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Hill, Reg                       Ottawa Valley Hoedown                Banff           Cassette Only   9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Hill, Reg                       Ottawa Valley Hoedown #2             Banff           Cassette Only   9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Hill, Reg & Ottawa Valley Melodiers   14 Great Fiddle Favourites     Banff           Cassette Only   6.99  ( 5.00 US)
Hill, Reg                       Ottawa Valley Fiddlin'               Holborne        Cassette Only  24.99  (17.00 US)
Hill, Reg                       Ottawa Valley Fiddlin' Vol. 2        Holborne        Cassette Only  24.99  (17.00 US)

Hill, David                     eight songs                          david hill      991128GG       10.99  ( 8.00 US)

Hill, Elizabeth                 Love That Strong                     Music Masters   SPIRIT 02      18.99  (13.00 US)

Hill, Steve                     Domino                               Audiogram       ADCD 10158               Deleted

Hill, Warren                    Kiss Under The Moon                  BMG             BMG 3117       19.99  (14.00 US)
Hill, Warren                    Devotion                             BMG             07863 66321    19.99  (14.00 US)
Hill, Warren                    Love Life                            EMI Canada      V21I 49660-2   19.99  (14.00 US)

Hille, Veda                     Songs About People and Buildings     Ball of Flames  Cassette Only            Deleted
Hille, Veda                     Silver                               Ball of Flames  VH-111-2                 Deleted
Hille, Veda                     path of a body                       Ball of Flames  VH-112-2       24.99  (17.00 US)
Hille, Veda                     Spine                                Veda Hille      VH 113         18.99  (13.00 US)
Hille, Veda                     Here Is A Picture (Emily Carr)       Veda Hille      VH 114         18.99  (13.00 US)
Hille, Veda                     Women In (E)motion                   T&M             T&M 111        20.99  (14.00 US)
Hille, Veda                     you do not live in this world alone  Veda Hille      VH1152         18.99  (13.00 US)
Hille, Veda                     : field study                        Veda Hille      vh-116-2       18.99  (13.00 US)
Hille, Veda                     Auditorium                           Veda Hille      VH 117         18.99  (13.00 US)
Hille, Veda                     Return Of The Kildeer                festival        APE 009        18.99  (13.00 US)
Hillman, Bill & Sue-On          The Western Union                         Galaxy                        Not Available
Hillman, Bill & Sue-On          The Western Union II                      Union IV                      Not Available
Hillman, Bill & Sue-On          Bill & Sue-On Hillman                     Union IV                      Not Available
Hillman, Bill & Sue-On          The Western Union   On Stage              Maple Grove                   Not Available
Hillman, Bill & Sue-On          14 Original Songs                         Maple Grove                   Not Available
Hillman, Bill & Sue-On          The Hillman Express   track 15            Maple Grove                   Not Available
Hillman, Bill & Sue-On          Bill & Sue-On Hillman Featuring Sue-On    Maple Grove                   Not Available
Hillman, Bill & Sue-On          16 Cajun-Fiddle-Country Songs             Maple Grove                   Not Available
Hillman, Bill & Sue-On          On Stage In England With Desperado        Maple Grove                   Not Available
Hillman, Bill & Sue-On          24 Of Our Best VOL. 10                    Maple Grove               22.99  (16.00 US)
Hillman, Bill & Sue-On          Volume 11   The England Sessions          Maple Grove               22.99  (16.00 US)
Hillman, Bill & Sue-On          Vol. 12   The Canada Sessions             Maple Grove               22.99  (16.00 US)
Hillman, Jim                    The Merlin Factor                    Amplitude       JACD-4013                Deleted
Hillman, Jim & The Merlin Factor  Sunsplash                          Amplitude       ARCD-001       24.99  (17.00 US)

Hillsiders, The                 Little Drummer Boy                                                   Not Available

Hilly Band, The Bill            The Bill Hilly Band                  Bill Hilly Band BHB 200006     18.99  (13.00 US)

Hilt                            Orange Pony                          Nettwerk        W2-6311                  Deleted
Hilt                            Journey To The Center Of The Bowl    Nettwerk        W2-30056                 Deleted

Hines, Justin                   Kid At Play                          Page            1427CD         18.99  (13.00 US)

hinje                           hinje                                Hinje           HJ001           5.99  ( 4.00 US)

ºHip Club Groove*               Land Of The Lost                     Funtrip         TRIP 2                   Deleted
Hip Club Groove                 Trailer Park Hip Hop                 Murder          mur 010                  Deleted

His Luscious Uncle              Silence And Radio                    His Lucious Uncle  HLU1998     23.99  (17.00 US)

Hiscott, Jim                    Spirit Reel                          CMC             OCCD 9071      19.99  (14.00 US)

Hislop, Jeff                    Jeff Hislop                          Pacific         WSCD 0100      16.99  (12.00 US)

Hissanol                        The Making Of Him                    Alternative Tentacles VIRUS210 19.99  (14.00 US)

Hissy Fit                       What To Wear                         Bridge Burner   HF2            19.99  (14.00 US)
Hissy Fit                       Uglier Than You                      Bridge Burner   HF4            20.99  (14.00 US)
Hissy Fit                       Restless                             Bridge Burner   P220 81117     12.99  ( 9.00 US)

Hitch-Hikers, The               The Hitch-Hikers                     Paragon                            Not Available
Hitch-Hikers, The               Chip Dip                             Paragon                            Not Available
Hitch-Hikers                    Canada's message to the meters       Paragon                            Not Available
Hitch-Hikers                    From Jamaica To Toronto                                                 Not Available

Hitmen                          Cosmic Dayz                          Pelican         PECD-1402                Deleted

Hobbins, Alan                   Chopin The Romantic                  indie pool      MMCD02         23.99  (17.00 US)

Hobnail Boots, The              Training At Altitude                 indie pool      CDJAY356       25.99  (18.00 US)

Hoeppner, Susan                 fantaisie française                  Marquis         P2 81299C      20.99  (14.00 US)
Hoeppner, Susan                 Serenade                             Marquis         P2 81301A      20.99  (14.00 US)

Hoffman, Philomene              let her go                           Philomene Hoffman  phcd-61702  20.99  (14.00 US)

Hogan, Alison                   Hogan Sings Holiday                  Whole Lotta     HSH 0195       19.99  (14.00 US)

Hogan, Sean                     hijacked                             Oasis           CDSH04         24.99  (17.00 US)
Hogan, Sean                     Catalina Sunrise                     MapleNationwide CDSH12         16.99  (12.00 US)

Hogg, Stephen                   cordin' to me                    Stephen Hogg    CD1050                       Deleted
Hogg, Stephen                   The Talkin' Stick                Stephen Hogg    NFA-TALKIN STICK             Deleted
Hogg, Stephen                   Dirty Rotten Shame               A Major Label   MM003              20.99  (14.00 US)

hokus pick                      // super duper                       freedom         FRD 3424       22.99  (16.00 US)

Hokus Pokus                     Hokus Pokus                                                             Not Available

Hol'fader                       KAMA                                 Hole In Your Head  HIYH-007    22.99  (16.00 US)

Holden, Clive                   Trains Of Winnipeg                   Endearing       NDR 027        16.99  (12.00 US)

Holding Pattern                 Small m Manifesto                    Matlock         MAO013         17.99  (12.00 US)

holiday snaps, the              neuken in de keuken                  Pleasant Street PLSC 004       20.99  (14.00 US)
holiday snaps, the              Stuck Like A Hair Piece              Pleasant Street PLSC 077       20.99  (14.00 US)

holidays, the                   the holidays                         supermono       snmcd007       17.99  (12.00 US)

Holroyd, Bob                    Fluidity & Structure                 Bob Holroyd     BHCD 1001                Deleted

Holland, Jerry                  Jerry Holland                        Rounder         R2 77777                 Deleted
Holland, Jerry                  Master Cape Breton Fiddler           Boot            FM1982         24.99  (17.00 US)
Holland, Jerry                  Lively Steps                         Fiddlesticks    CP0177                   Deleted
Holland, Jerry                  Jerry Holland Solo                   Cranford        CP0777                   Deleted
Holland, Jerry                  The New Fiddle                       Cló lar-Chonnachta                       Deleted
Holland, Jerry                  A Session With Jerry Holland         Fiddlesticks    CP1777                   Deleted
Holland, Jerry                  Fathers & Sons                       Fiddlesticks    Cassette Only            Deleted
Holland, Jerry                  The Fiddlesticks Collection          Green Linnet                             Deleted
Holland, Jerry                  Fiddler's Choice                     Odyssey         ORCD 1051      24.99  (17.00 US)
Holland, Jerry                  Crystal Clear                        Cranford        CP-0200-CD     24.99  (17.00 US)
Holland, Jerry                  A Session With Jerry Holland         Fiddlesticks    CP0277                   Deleted
Holland, Jerry                  A Trip to Cape Breton                Lochshore       LDL 1269       20.99  (14.00 US)
Holland, Jerry                  Parlor Music                         Rounder Archive                22.99  (16.00 US)

Holland, Michele                Racin' The Angels                    CMIC/indie pool ICAN 10832     23.99  (17.00 US)

hollowphonic                    phonic 50mg                          Sweet tooth     SUGAR-6        17.99  (12.00 US)
hollowphonic                    Majestic                             Pharmacutical   PHARM002       14.99  (12.00 US)

Holly                           Holly                                Windsong        HD-818         22.99  (16.00 US)

Holly Go Lightly                Means In Your Possession             Holly Go Lightly  HGL997       17.99  (12.00 US)

Holy Blotter                    Holy Blotter                         Holy Blotter    HB0010         21.99  (15.00 US)

holy body tattoo, the           our brief eternity                   ExVoto          EVCD002        22.99  (16.00 US)
Homer                           Have Spoken By Itself                Punx            PMW007         18.99  (13.00 US)

Hometown Band, The              The Hometown Band                    A&M                                Not Available

Honest John                     Loser Friendly                       Dyna Groove     MTSC-1002      18.99  (13.00 US)

Honey Bucket                    Honey Bucket                         indie pool      CD6739         15.99  (11.00 US)

Honeymans, The                  The Honeymans                        indie pool      CD43243        21.99  (15.00 US)
Honeymans, The                  Stompin' Grounds                     The Jukebox     JBS-1005       22.99  (16.00 US)

Honeymoon Suite                 Honeymoon Suite                      Warner Bros.    CD 50730       11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Honeymoon Suite                 The Big Prize                        Warner Bros.    CD 25293       11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Honeymoon Suite                 Racing After Midnight                Warner Bros.    CD 55445       11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Honeymoon Suite                 Monsters Under the Bed               Warner Bros.    CD 75532       11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Honeymoon Suite                 The Singles                          Warner Bros.    CD 56979       15.99  (11.00 US)
Honeymoon Suite                 13 Live                              MaGaDa          MAGCD-49       18.99  (13.00 US)
Honeymoon Suite                 Lemon Tongue                         Wildfire        HMS03542       18.99  (13.00 US)

honeysuckle serontina           honeysuckle serontina                honeysuckle serontina  CDHS01  22.99  (16.00 US)

HoneyTruck                      Money For Boot$                      Supermono       snmcd 00413    18.99  (13.00 US)

Hong Ting                       Chinese Tradional Zheng Music        Oliver Sudden   K 10021        18.99  (13.00 US)

Honychurch, Peter               Real As Anything                     indie pool      FL007          21.99  (15.00 US)

hooblers, the                   Can you do this?                     PGM             PGM 218        30.99  (21.00 US)
hooblers, the                   where we are                         Vogue                          30.99  (21.00 US)

Hood (Terry Jacks)              Hood                                 Goldfish                           Not Available

Hoofbeats, The                  Have You Herd?                       DROG            DROG-043                 Deleted

Hookahman                       Hookahman                            Hookahman       HMCD8498385    25.99  (18.00 US)

Hooper, Tom                     the unexplored cosmos                Bullseye        BLR-CD-4058    14.99  (10.00 US)
Hooper, Tom                     same old me CDEP                     Bullseye        BLR-CD-0014     5.99  ( 4.00 US)

Hope, Beatrice                  Ponik Labradenmink  Daughter of Labrador   Landwash  76127 77777    19.99  (14.00 US)

Hope, Gavin                     Anything Like Mine                   EMI Canada      P232 83293-2   19.99  (14.00 US)

Hope, Michael                   Bewitched                            Michael Hope    MHPCD002       26.99  (18.00 US)

Hope, Rich                      Good To Go                           Rich Hope       RHCD-001                 Deleted
Hope, Rich                      Rich Hope EP                         Rich Hope                                    TBA

Hope Springs Eternal            Live From The Recording Studio       indie pool      623667200950   25.99  (18.00 US)
Hope Springs Eternal            frozen sonic                         a-ttack         TBA                          TBA

Hopeful Monster                 Hopeful Monster                      Brobdingnagian  BROB-CD-1077   19.99  (14.00 US)

Hopkins, Duncan                 Kindred Spirits                      Unity           UTY151         17.99  (12.00 US)

Hopping Penguins, The           The Trombone Chromosome              BEI             BEID 28                  Deleted

Horowitz, Larry                 Who Told You I Was Paranoid?         Attic           ATT-1448       17.99  (12.00 US)

Horizons                        {The World In Stereo}                Hennie Bekker   HBM 1377       22.99  (16.00 US)

Hornoy, Ofra & The Orford String Quartet      Play The Beatles       Fanfare                            Not Available

Horton, Walter Shakey           Walter Shakey Horton & Hot Cottage                                      Not Available

Hosein, Hurrican Harold         Proud Trini                          indie pool      RDRCD5336      23.99  (17.00 US)

Hoskins, Gregory and the Stickpeople    Moon Come Up                  Columbia        TNK-74        11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Hoskins, Gregory and the Stickpeople    Raids On The Unspeakable      Columbia        TNBD-81       13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Hoskins, Gregory and the Stickpeople    Surgery                       Midnight Works  GHSP01        22.99  (16.00 US)
Hoskins, Gregory                        The King Of Good Intentions   Midnight Works  WM 1          18.99  (13.00 US)

hot hot heat                    knock knock knock                    Sub Pop         SPCD 594       14.99  (10.00 US)
hot hot heat                    Make Up The Breakdown                Sub Pop         SPCD 599       15.99  (11.00 US)
hot hot heat                    Scenes One Through Thirteen          Navarre         OHE 9          18.99  (13.00 US)

Hot Jive                        Rock & Roll                                                             Not Available

Hot Little Rocket               Danish Documentary                   endearing       NDR028         16.99  (12.00 US)

Hot Tip                         Stop All Motion                      Attic           ATM-1089       13.99  ( 9.00 US)

hot toddy                       hot toddy                            hot toddy       HT 01                    Deleted
hot toddy                       Shoe Factory                         hot toddy       HT 02          17.99  (12.00 US)
hot toddy                       any day                              hot toddy       HT 03          17.99  (12.00 US)
hot toddy                       the salty sessions  vol. 1           hot toddy       HT 04          17.99  (12.00 US)
hot toddy                       The Salty Sessions - Vol.II          hot toddy       HT 05          17.99  (12.00 US)
hot toddy / Isaac & Blewett     Live at The Black Box                hot toddy       HT 06          17.99  (12.00 US)
hot toddy                       trio                                 hot toddy       HT 07          17.99  (12.00 US)

Hou-Lopa                        Off                                                                     Not Available

Hou-Lops, Les                   Les Hou-Lops                         Apex                               Not Available

Houle Trio, François              Schizophere                        Red Toucan      RT 9303        18.99  (13.00 US)

Houle, François Marilyn Crispell  any Terrain Tumultous              Red Toucan      RT 9305        18.99  (13.00 US)

Hour Glass                      Hour Glass                                                              Not Available

House, Amy & Berni Stapleton    A Tidy Package VHS                   Landwash        2436501403     25.99  (17.00 US)

House of Blue Light             House of Blue Light                  Blues World?    BWB 1018       18.99  (13.00 US)

House of Doc                    Prairiegrass                         MapleNationwide MNCD4406       16.99  (12.00 US)

House Of Frustration            flowers for no one                   Fubar           SP0658-2       24.99  (17.00 US)

House Of Random                 15 Big Hits                          Chimo                              Not Available

houseplants, the                livingroom                           Man Wee         MANWEE1        23.99  (16.00 US)

Houston                         Houston                              Tuesday                            Not Available

Houston, Chris and His Evil Twang   War Of Da Dudes                  Chris Houston   Cassette Only            Deleted
Housten, Chris                      Evil Twang                       Supermono       SNM 0010                 Deleted

Houston, Whitey                 Whitey Houston                       indiestructable Indie005       16.99  (12.00 US)

Hover                           Almost Everything                    indie pool      DEW003         25.99  (18.00 US)

Hovington, Hervé                HR                                   Disques Double  DOCD-30017     22.99  (16.00 US)

Howard, Brent                   Brent Howard                         fre             L2 50115b                Deleted
Howard, Brent                   Change                               Delinquent      TBA                          TBA

Howling Syn                     Devilries                            escapi          NMS 010        18.99  (13.00 US)

Hoy, Dave                       Dave Hoy Plays Music Music Music     LMJ             Cassette Only   5.99  ( 4.00 US)

Hromek, Michal                  Celtic Guitar                        Bonton/Holborne PRCD 1306      22.99  (16.00 US)

Hrsta (godspeed you black emperor!)  L'eclat Du Ciel Insoutenable    Fancy           FANCYCD3-2     18.99  (13.00 US)

Hubele, Robert Burton           Halfway to Everywhere                Foff            FR 0220                  Deleted

Hubert, Bruno                   get out of town                      Maximum Jazz    CL 011402      17.99  (12.00 US)
Hubert Trio, The Bruno          A Cellar Live Christmas              Cellar Live     CL 092905      14.99  (10.00 US)

Hubert, Laura (Leslie Spit Treeo)   my girlish ways                  Girlish Days    78631 41782 4  22.99  (16.00 US)

Hudd, Lawrence                  Lawrence Hudd                        A&M                                Not Available
Hudd, Lawrence                  Dancin' In My Head                   A&M                                Not Available

Hudson, David                   Guardians Of The Reef                Indigenous/Banff  IA2002 D     22.99  (16.00 US)

Hudson, Garth                   The Sea To The North                 Other People's  P2 10011B      22.99  (16.00 US)

Hudson, Garth and Maud          Live at the WOLD                     MapleNationwide MIR 006        16.99  (12.00 US)

Huevos Rancheros                Huevosaurus                          Independent     Cassette Only            Deleted
Huevos Rancheros                Rocket To Nowhere                    Estrus          10" LP Only              Deleted
Huevos Rancheros                -Endsville!-                         C/Z             08628-9363-2             Deleted
Huevos Rancheros                Dig In!                              Mint            #MRD-007                 Deleted
Huevos Rancheros                * ¡Longo Weekendo Fiesta! *          Lucky           LKY CD 006     22.99  (16.00 US)
Huevos Rancheros                Get Outta Dodge                      Mint            #MRD-024                 Deleted
Huevos Rancheros                Muerte del Toro                      Mint            #MRD-040                 Deleted

Huezo, Daniel                   Comienzos  Latin American Folk Music    AVA          AVACD963                 Deleted

Huge                            Huge                                 indie pool      PYOU1001       21.99  (15.00 US)

Huggett Family, The             The Huggett Family                   Daffodil                           Not Available

Hughes Group, The Brian         Break The Rules                      Unidisc         UBK-4040       11.99  ( 7.00 US)
Hughes, Brian                   between dusk ... and dreaming        Justin Time     JUST 36-2      18.99  (13.00 US)
Hughes, Brian                   Under One Sky                        Justin Time     JUST 49-2      18.99  (13.00 US)
Hughes, Brian                   Along the Way                        True North      TND 357        18.99  (13.00 US)

Human Beast                     Volume One                           Decca                              Not Available

Human Nature                    Human Nature                         Human Nature    HN-1           22.99  (16.00 US)

Humanist Advent                 Concepts Invasion                    Reveal                             Not Available

Humber, Albert                  Albert Humber                        Albert Humber   AHCD01         23.99  (16.00 US)

Humphrey And The Dumptrucks     Cruel Tears                          Sunflower                          Not Available
Humphrey And The Dumptrucks     Goose!                               Sunflower                          Not Available
Humphrey And The Dumptrucks     Saskatoon                            Sunflower                          Not Available
Humphrey And The Dumptrucks     Hot Spit                             Boot                               Not Available
Humphrey And The Dumptrucks     Six Days Of Paper Ladies             Boot                               Not Available
Humphrey And The Dumptrucks     Gopher Suite                         United Artists                     Not Available
Humphrey Adn The Dumptrucks     Songs From Cruel Tears               United Artists                     Not Available

Humphrey Go-Cart                Live Bait                            Barrie Boys     RDRCD-878      22.99  (16.00 US)

Humus                           Slave Today...Slave Tomorrow.        H.R.H.          HRH950610      22.99  (16.00 US)

Hundred Mile House              Hundred Mile House                   MapleNationwide HGE2004        13.99  (10.00 US)

Hung Up Scarecrows              Having A Marvy Time                  indie pool      Stemwall0002   21.99  (15.00 US)

Hunt, The                       The Hunt                             Daffodil        AGEK-2151      13.99  (10.00 US)
Hunt, The                       Back On The Hunt                     Daffodil        AGEK-2152      13.99  (10.00 US)
Hunt, The                       The Thrill Of The Kill               Daffodil        AGEK-2153      13.99  (10.00 US)
Hunt, The                       Tracked Down  (The Best Of)          Pacemaker       PACE-006                 Deleted

Hunter, Keith and the Witness for Christ Choir (hart rouge)          MCA                                Not Available

Hunter, Kiara                   We Can Play                          Page            P232 11512     20.99  (14.00 US)

Hunter, Myles                   Northern Union                                                          Not Available

Hunter, Thomas K. & the Steve Lehmann Big Band   Next One In Line    Flamingo Soup   FSRC1          22.99  (16.00 US)

Hunter, Tommy                   Tommy Hunter                           CBC Canadian Talent Library      Not Available
Hunter, Tommy                   Tommy Hunter                           Columbia                         Not Available
Hunter, Tommy                   Time Slips Away                        Columbia                         Not Available
Hunter, Tommy                   Tommy                                  Acclaim                          Not Available
Hunter, Tommy                   Readings                               PolyTel                          Not Available
Hunter, Tommy                   Songs of Inspiration 2                 Rockland      00110B-2       20.99  (14.00 US)
Hunter, Tommy                   Timeless Country Treasures             Rockland      70006E-2       20.99  (14.00 US)
Hunter, Tommy                   Timeless Country Treasures vol. 2      Rockland      70007C-2       20.99  (14.00 US)
Hunter, Tommy                   Timeless Country Treasures vol. 3      Rockland      03053B-2       20.99  (14.00 US)
Hunter, Tommy                   Traditional Country Christmas          Rockland      00112-2        20.99  (14.00 US)
Hunter, Tommy                   Readings                               Rockland      00055B-2       20.99  (14.00 US)
Hunter, Tommy                   Tommy Hunter's Greatest Hits         Harmony                            Not Available
Hunter, Tommy                   The Anniversary Sessions             Attic           KCDI 0600      29.99  (20.00 US)

Hunter•Greer                    tales from Stoney's bar & grill      fre             L2 00108                 Deleted

Hurrie, Sam                     Slide Guitar in Standard Tuning DVD  Windswept-Cox   306193040197   23.99  (16.00 US)

Hurricane Jane                  Walkin' The Edge                     Aquarius        Q2-573         24.99  (17.00 US)

Hurst                           Wanderlust                           MapleNationwide TH63332        16.99  (12.00 US)

Hus, Tim                        Alberta Crude                        Saved By Radio  SBR 0003       18.99  (13.00 US)

Hush, The                       Where Rainbows Hide                  Humantown       HT2001                   Deleted

hushfeed                        ...without blinking                  Permafrost      PFCD 001       13.99  (10.00 US)

Huska Varna                     music for pornos                     Spawner         SPN015                   Deleted

Hutchinson, Dean                Dobro Guitar                         Arc                                Not Available

Hutchison Quintet, David        Out On A Limb                        indie pool      90872          25.99  (18.00 US)
Hutton, Jack                    Jack Hutton: Muskoka Ragtimer                                           Not Available
Hutton, Jack                    Jack Hutton: I Love a Piano (a tribute to Irving Berlin)                Not Available
Hutton, Jack                    The World is Waiting for the Sunrise   Hutton        HUTTON         22.99  (16.00 US)

Hyde                            Hyde                                 Quality                            Not Available

Hyde, Paul                      turtle island                        Capitol         C2 92414       24.99  (17.00 US)
Hyde, Paul                      Love & The Great Depression          Broken          BCR01                    Deleted
Hyde, Paul                      Living Off The Radar                 EMI Canada      E21I 27687     20.99  (14.00 US)
Hyde, Paul                      The Big Book of sad songs Volume.01  bongo beat      67003-1962-2   17.99  (12.00 US)

hydrofoil                       ...a big hand for wonderboy          Shoreline       416-467-6718   22.99  (16.00 US)

Hydrogen Dog                    H2K9                                 Hydrogen Dog    H2K9           23.99  (17.00 US)

Hylozoists                      La nouvelle gauche                   Brobdingnagian  brob cd 0077   19.99  (14.00 US)

Hymans                          A Hyman World                        AMP             HYMAN201        8.99  ( 6.00 US)

Hynes, Michael                  Chamber Music                        indie pool      ETICD001       23.99  (17.00 US)
Hynes, Michael                  4 Four                               indie pool      ETICD002       23.99  (17.00 US)

Hynes, Ron                      Standing in Line in the Rain         Atlantica  02 50755                      Deleted
Hynes, Ron                      cryer's paradise                     artisan    E2 07777 89466 2 5  11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Hynes, Ron                      Face To The Gale                     artisan    72438 36187 2 9     14.99  (10.00 US)
Hynes, Ron                      Get Back Change                      borealis   BCD152              19.99  (14.00 US)
Hynes, Ron                      Ron Hynes                            borealis   BCD175              19.99  (14.00 US)

Hynes, Vicky                    Vicky Hynes                          Amber           75020-1454-2   17.99  (12.00 US)

Hype                            Burned                               Fringe Product  FPCD-3048                Deleted

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