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Canadian Artists

All prices are listed here in both Canadian and US Dollars

(US prices are approximate exchanges in brackets)
Best selling titles are listed in yellow   Other available titles are listed in white   Releases which are currently unavailable are listed in grey

ARTIST                          TITLE                                LABEL           CAT NO.    PRICE CDN    PRICE US
K Band, The                     Trigger Point                        K Band                                   Deleted

k-os                            Exit                                 EMI Canada      74321-07777-2  20.99  (14.00 US)
k-os                            joyful Rebellion                     Virgin Canada   V2 78758B      20.99  (14.00 US)

K-Rec                           Disque Jockey                        Nettwerk        W2 30282B      20.99  (14.00 US)

K.C. Accidental              captured anthems for an empty bathtub   Noise Factory   75020-4792-2   17.99  (12.00 US)
K.C. Accidental              Anthems For The Could've Bin Pills      Noise Factory   75020-4917-2   17.99  (12.00 US)

K.E.B.                          You're Not Going To Listen Anyway    K.E.B.          1440001        22.99  (16.00 US)

K.I.A.                          "...Adieu, Shinjuku Zulu"            neuphoria       NUCD44         17.99  (12.00 US)

kaBOOM                          kaBOOM                               kaBOOM          Cassette Only            Deleted

Kaboom                          Beggin For Change                    Outside         74321-70477-2  17.99  (12.00 US)

Kadysh, Alla                    Perichole's Sincerity Theory         Alla            ALLA01         21.99  (15.00 US)

Kadiri, Kia                     Feel This                            Maximum         MAX14802       18.99  (13.00 US)

Kaeshammer, Michael             Blue Keys                            B&B             SA96443        19.99  (14.00 US)
Kaeshammer, Michael             tell you how i feel                  Alma            ACD 1004-2     18.99  (13.00 US)
Kaeshammer, Michael             No Strings Attached                  Alma            ACD 10202      18.99  (13.00 US)
Kaeshammer, Michael             Strut                                Alma            ACD 10207      18.99  (13.00 US)

Kahli                           Mantra Wars                          Adhoksaja       5              19.99  (14.00 US)

Kaldor, Connie                  Moonlight Grocery                    Coyote          CEGCD 1002               Deleted
Kaldor, Connie                  Gentle Of Heart                      Coyote          CEGCD 1009               Deleted
Kaldor, Connie                  Wood River                           Coyote          CEGCD 1010     18.99  (13.00 US)
Kaldor, Connie                  Out of the Blue                      Coyote          CEGCD 1015     18.99  (13.00 US)
Kaldor, Connie                  Small Café                           Coyote          CEGCD 1020     18.99  (13.00 US)
Campagne, Carmen & Connie Kaldor     Lullabye Berceuse               Oak Street      OAKCD011       11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Kaldor, Connie                  One Of These Days                    Coyote          CEGCD 1317               Deleted
Kaldor, Connie                  Love is a Truck                      Coyote          CEGCD 1025     18.99  (13.00 US)
Kaldor, Connie                  Vinyl Songbook                       Coyote          CEGCD 1030     18.99  (13.00 US)
Kaldor, Connie                  a Poodle in Paris                    secret mountain 2923163133     18.99  (13.00 US)
Kaldor, Connie                  Sky With Nothing To Get In The Way   Coyote          CEGCD 1035     18.99  (13.00 US)

Kali & Dub                      Rise Up!                             BSM             BSM 001        19.99  (14.00 US)

Kalil, Dave                     Hole In The Universe                 Vogue                          30.99  (21.00 US)

Kaleefah                        Listen To The World                  K.C.            KCD-1001        8.99  ( 6.00 US)

Kalmanovitch Trio, Tanya        Winterland                           Stump           STUMP 1        19.99  (14.00 US)
Kalmanovitch, Tanya             hut five                             Perspicacity    PR 01          18.99  (13.00 US)
Kalmanovitch, Tanya             Out where the trains don't run       Perspicacity    PR 02          18.99  (13.00 US)

Kane, Kevin                     Neighborhood Watch                   OnOff           ROO 01-2       24.99  (17.00 US)
Kane, Kevin                     Timmy Loved Judas Priest             No Name         NNKKU001       22.99  (16.00 US)

Kane, Rachel                    groundwire                           Adam's Rib      RK - 0001      18.99  (13.00 US)

Kane, Tracey                    Tracey Kane                          H&S                                Not Available

Kaosiung City Chinese Orchestra   Autumn                             Hugo            HRP 7185-2     23.99  (17.00 US)

Kardinal Off!shall              Eye & I                              St. Clair       CAP00012                 Deleted
Kardinal Off!shall              Hustlin'                             Page            FIV12062       10.99  ( 7.00 US)
Kardinal Off!shall              Firestarter Vol.1: Quest For Fire    Universal       0881125692     19.99  (14.00 US)

Karmasatra                      Karmasutra                           Karmasutra      K001           21.99  (15.00 US)

Karnas, Catherine               Les Mots D'Urgence                   Select          CPLCD-01                 Deleted

Karrik, Les                     Collection Les Karrik                Trans-World                        Not Available

Karsilama                       Karsilama                            Green Goat      GGMCD 001      19.99  (14.00 US)

Kashtin                         Akua Tuta                            Columbia        CK 80209                 Deleted
Kashtin                         Kashtin                              kébec-disque    CK 80210                 Deleted
Kashtin                         Innu                                 kébec-disque    PPFLC 2011     24.99  (17.00 US)

kat rocket                      kat rocket                           kat rocket      Cassette Only  23.99  (16.00 US)
kat rocket                      High Below Everyone                  Hoodwink        Cassette Only            Deleted
kat rocket                      town disguised as a city             Hoodwink        hood005                  Deleted
kat rocket                      Captured by the Dream Co.            Hoodwink        hood006        21.99  (15.00 US)
kat rocket                      Colours On The Inside                Hoodwink        hood008        21.99  (15.00 US)

Kataklysm                       Northern Hyperblast Live             Hypnotic/F>A>B> HN20046        15.99  (11.00 US)
Kataklysm                       Victims of this fallen world         Hypnotic/F>A>B> HN21064        15.99  (11.00 US)

Katari Taiko                    Commotion                            Karakarakara    KT 1000        19.99  (14.00 US)

Katee                           Plus Fort Que Moi                    Or W. Woolf     ORWCD-20       22.99  (16.00 US)

katerine                        8éme Ciel                            Barclay         066 496-2      18.99  (13.00 US)

Kathleen                        Kathleen                             Sony Musique    CK 80166                 Deleted
Kathleen                        Cette fille-la                       Sony Musique    CK 80241       19.99  (14.00 US)

Katie's Bridge                  Katie's Bridge                       Katie's Bridge  KBCD 001       22.99  (16.00 US)
Katie's Bridge                  Can We Help You?                     Katie's Bridge  KBCD 002       22.99  (16.00 US)

Katz, June                      June Katz                            indie pool      MAC1001 LP         Not Available
Katz, June                      Lulu's Back In Town                  katzeye         MAC 1002       29.99  (21.00 US)
Katz, June                      new shoes blues                      katzeye         MAC 1003       29.99  (21.00 US)
Katz, June                      Let's Stay Home                      katzeye         MAC 1004       27.99  (20.00 US)
Katz, June                      Romancing the Seasons                katzeye         MAC 1005       29.99  (21.00 US)

Kavanagh, Angus                 Golden Jubilee                       Condor          HCD 4459       11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Kavanagh, Angus                 Tribute To Harry Hibbs               Oak             Cassette Only   7.99  ( 5.00 US)
Kavanagh, Angus                 Juniper Stomp                        Oak             Cassette Only            Deleted

Kay, Desi                       Anything's Possible                  indie pool      PNCD1365       20.99  (15.00 US)

Kay, John And The Sparrow       John Kay And The Sparrow             Columbia        REP 4878       23.99  (16.00 US)

Kay, John                       Forgotten Songs & Unsung Heroes                                         Not Available
Kay, John                       My Sportin' Life                                                        Not Available
Kay, John                       All In Good Time                                                        Not Available
Kay, John                       Lone Steppenwolf                     MCA             MCAD-25167     24.99  (17.00 US)
Kay, John & Sparrow             Tighten Up Your Wig (The Best Of Sparrow)  Columbia  CK 77777                 Deleted
Kay, John                       Heretics & Privateers                  Rainman       RMK 4022       20.99  (14.00 US)
Kay, John & Friends             Live At The Renaissance Center DVD     Rainman       RMVD 4039      35.99  (25.00 US)

kaya project                    walking through                      Pacific         ICHILLCD 017   18.99  (13.00 US)

Kayak Angst                     Kayak Angst                          ScAFfoLD        001            22.99  (16.00 US)

Kaylan                          Trini-Vibes                          Thunder Sound                      Not Available

Kayle                           Tell Me Why                          Knotty          KNOTTY001      16.99  (12.00 US)

kcc & dance speak               a sound mind                         IronMusic       77876 51011 2  19.99  (14.00 US)

Kean, Sherry                    Sherry Kean                                                             Not Available

Kearney, Christopher            Christopher Kearney                  Capitol                            Not Available
Kearney, Christopher            Pemmican Stash                       Capitol                            Not Available
Kearney, Christopher            Sweet Water                          Capitol                            Not Available

Keating, Matt                   killjoy                              alias           sun cd 777     17.99  (12.00 US)

Keatnicks, The                  The Keatnicks                                                           Not Available

Keefer, Anne-Elise              Far Other Worlds   The Music of Euphrosyne Keefer    CK 67777       22.99  (16.00 US)
Keefer, Anne-Elise              The River Of Golden Dreams Vol I     Rising Phoenix  RPR 002        18.99  (13.00 US)
Keefer, Anne-Elise              The River Of Golden Dreams Vol II    Rising Phoenix  RPR 003        18.99  (13.00 US)

Keelan, Richard                 Chameleon                            athanor         1BEU1          22.99  (16.00 US)

Keelaghan, James                Timelines                            Tranquilla      TMCD-001       24.99  (17.00 US)
Keelaghan, James                Small Rebellions                     Tranquilla      TMCD-002       18.99  (13.00 US)
Keelaghan, James                my skies                             Tranquilla      TM-3           18.99  (13.00 US)
Keelaghan, James                a recent future                      Tranquilla      TM-4           18.99  (13.00 US)
Keelaghan, James & Oscar López  Compadres                            Jericho Beach   JBM 9701-2               Deleted
Keelaghan, James                Road                                 Jericho Beach   JBM 9901-2     18.99  (13.00 US)
Keelaghan, James                Home                                 Jericho Beach   JBM 0201       18.99  (13.00 US)
Keelaghan, James                Then Again (Greatest Hits)           Jericho Beach   JBM 0401       18.99  (13.00 US)

Keelor, Greg                    Gone                                 WEA             CD 17513       15.99  (10.00 US)
Keelor, Greg                    Seven Songs For Jim                  teleSoul        2-60099        16.99  (11.00 US)
Keelor, Greg                    Aphrodite Rose                       teleSoul        2-61777        17.99  (12.00 US)

Keenan, Patrick                 As Constant as the Northern Star     Friendly Fire   PK0001         16.99  (12.00 US)

Keith                           City So Cold                         Keith           KEITH001       21.99  (15.00 US)

Keithley, Joe                   Beat Trash                           Sudden Death    SD 0077        22.99  (16.00 US)

Kelita                          Lucky Ones                           Peg             7657-40075-2   19.99  (14.00 US)

Kelland, Otto P.                Songs Of The Anchor Watch            Banff                              Not Available

Kellerstein, Faye               A Feygele Zingt                      indie pool      YIDDISH1       25.99  (18.00 US)

Kelly                           What A Wonderful World               indie pool      KAS777         20.99  (15.00 US)

Kelly, Geoffrey                 Gringo Star                          Pacific         BC 8091M       18.99  (13.00 US)

Kelly, Jo Ann                   women in (e)motion                   Tradition & Moderne  T&M 110   20.99  (14.00 US)

Kelly, Terry                    On The Move                          Terry Kelly     Cassette Only  14.99  (10.00 US)
Kelly, Terry                    Old Tyme Christmas                   Gun             TKCD77                   Deleted
Kelly, Terry                    Face To Face                         Gun             TKCD90                   Deleted
Kelly, Terry                    Divided Highway                      Gun             TKCD92         19.99  (14.00 US)
Kelly, Terry (w/ Colin Linden)  Far Cry From Leaving                 Gun             02 50597       19.99  (14.00 US)
Kelly, Terry                    The Power of the Dream               Landwash/Perimeter P232 09227  19.99  (13.00 US)

Kelly & Planet Earth            5 song CD-EP                         TBA             TBA                          TBA

Kelm, Karen                     Here To Stay                         indie pool      TS0144         25.99  (18.00 US)

Kelowna Secondary Jazz Ensemble Suncatchers                          Brothers                           Not Available

Kelso, Mark                     No More Heroes                       Maisamark       MKMI-1000                Deleted

Kemmis, Bob                     Kemmisutra                           Red Hare        RHCD 001       18.99  (13.00 US)
Kemmis, Bob                     Tomorrow Doesn't Look Good Either    Red Hare        RHCD 002       18.99  (13.00 US)

Kendall, Simon                  Sweet Compulsion (ex-Doug & The Slugs)   Simon K     GYOGDU 001     19.99  (14.00 US)

Kened, Mary                     Motions & Emotions                   Echiquier       ECD 077        17.99  (12.00 US)

Kenins, Talivaldis              music of Talivaldis Kenins               Centrediscs WRC8-7117      19.99  (14.00 US)
Kenins, Talivaldis              music of / musique de talivaldis kenins  CMC         CMC CD 5997    25.99  (17.00 US)

Kennedy, Joan                   Family Pride                         Joan Kennedy    JKP0007                  Deleted
Kennedy, Joan                   A Dozen Red Roses                    Joan Kennedy    JKP0012                  Deleted
Kennedy, Joan                   Candle In The Room                   MCA             MCBBD 10277     9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Kennedy, Joan                   Higher Ground                        MCA             MCABD 10779    13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Kennedy, Joan                   Christmas To Remember                MCA             MCBBD 10755              Deleted

kennel district                 red 44                               Noise Factory                  22.99  (16.00 US)
kennel district                 glass of same drink                  Noise Factory                  22.99  (16.00 US)

Kenney, Mart                    Celebration 2000 with Mart Kenney... World Artists   604-324-8680             Deleted

Kensington Market               Avenue Road                          Stone                              Not Available
Kensington Market               Aardvark                             Stone                              Not Available

Kent, Enoch                     I'm A Workin' Chap                   Enoch Kent      EKCD001        22.99  (16.00 US)

Kerns, Todd                     Go Time!                             Her Royal Majesty's  HRM 0417  12.99  ( 9.00 US)

Key, cEvin                      Music For Cats                       Metropolis      MRCD-00777     22.99  (16.00 US)
Key, cEvin                      tHe gHost oF eAch room               Metropolis      82388-0217-2   19.99  (14.00 US)
Key, cEvin                      The Dragon Experience                Metropolis      82388-0285-2   19.99  (14.00 US)

KGB (Kevin Gerard Band)         Infinite Destinations                KGB             KGB03          23.99  (17.00 US)

Khac Chi Ensemble               Moonlight In Vietnam                 Henry St.                      22.99  (16.00 US)

Khada Nin                       Khada Nin                            Quebec                     74321-11662-2 Deleted

Khan, Irshad                    Awakenings                           indie pool      UAM002         27.99  (19.00 US)
Khan, Irshad                    Rhythm House Classic                 indie pool      Cassette Only      Not Available
Khan, Irshad                    Romancing The Sitar                  indie pool      DPC1001        23.99  (16.00 US)

Kharitidi, Olga & Jim Wilson    Entering The Circle                  Thunderbird     TR 4109                  Deleted

Kick Axe                        Vices                                Rewind          55011-2                  Deleted
Kick Axe                        Welcome To The Club                  Rewind          55013-2                  Deleted
Kick Axe                        Rock The World                       Pasha           PK 77777                 Deleted
Kick Axe                        Kick Axe IV                          Elfin Stone     068944-93472   24.99  (17.00 US)

Kid Icarus                      Six Months Until You Leave Me        Spawner         CR003          11.99  ( 8.00 US)

Kid Koala                       carpal tunnel syndrome                      Ninja Tune  CD ZEN34    19.99  (14.00 US)
Kid Koala                       some of my best friends are djs             Ninja Tune  CD ZEN82    19.99  (14.00 US)
Kid Koala                       live from the short attention span tour!!   Ninja Tune  CD ZEN101   16.99  (12.00 US)

Kid Lunch                       Kid Lunch                            teenage USA     teen 011        6.99  ( 5.00 US)

Kidd, Kathy                     Serious Fun                                Lowrider    LOW 41       18.99  (13.00 US)
Kidd, Kathy                     Do What You Love                           Lowrider    LOW 43       18.99  (13.00 US)
Kidd, Kathy                     Yemaya Suite Sacred Songs of Yorubaland    Lowrider    LOW 44       18.99  (13.00 US)
Kidd, Kathy                     Hajji                                      Lowrider    LOW 0045     18.99  (13.00 US)

Kidder, Linda & Betty Haswell   Mom and Me                           Kidder          KID 698        19.99  (14.00 US)

Kids, The                       The Kids                             Heart           823301                   Deleted

Kids In The Hall                Music From The Motion Picture Brain Candy  Capitol     E2 52073     22.99  (16.00 US)
Kids In The Hall                Tour Of Duty (DVD)                         King        8052399001   34.99  (23.00 US)

Kilbourne                       Measure Of Health                    no list         NOEL 007-2     14.99  (10.00 US)

Kilheaven                       Welcome To Kilheaven population 4    Resin           KH-001         22.99  (16.00 US)
Kill Transmission               Conform                              Kill Transmission                        Deleted

Killarney                       Irish Edition                        Killarny        K01                      Deleted

Killer Dwarfs                   Killer Dwarfs                        Attic           ACDM 1178      13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Killer Dwarfs                   Stand Tall                           Maze            BLR-CD-4022    17.99  (12.00 US)
Killer Dwarfs                   Big Deal                             Epic            EK 44098                 Deleted
Killer Dwarfs                   Dirty Weapons                        Epic            EK 45139                 Deleted
Killer Dwarfs                   Method To The Madness                Epic            EK 47322                 Deleted
Killer Dwarfs                   Reunion of Scribes  Live  2001       Bullseye        BLR-CD-4067    14.99  (10.00 US)
Killer Dwarfs                   Reunion of Scribes  Live  VHS        Bullseye        BLR-VI-5067    23.99  (16.00 US)
Killer Dwarfs                   Reunion of Scribes  Live  DVD        Bullseye        BLR-DV-5067    19.99  (14.00 US)

killer wail                     E g g s                              Duke & George   KW0069                   Deleted

Killer's Favorite Cartoon       Te Voy A Matar                       Killer's Favorite   KFC001-CD            Deleted

killjoys, the                   starry                               Bug-a-boo       1040103        24.99  (17.00 US)
killjoys, the                   Gimme Five                           WEA             CD 13450       24.99  (17.00 US)
killjoys, the                   melos modos                          WEA             CD 13777       24.99  (17.00 US)
killjoys                        onenight and a morningafter          Shoreline       SHOCD0013      20.99  (14.00 US)
killjoys                        Essentials                           Rhino           262475         11.99  ( 8.00 US)

Kilowatt (ex-Guess Who)         Kilowatt                             Dallcorte                          Not Available
Kilowatt (ex-Guess Who)         Currents                             Dallcorte                          Not Available

Kilt                            Kilt                                 Oh Ha           RDRCD-3719               Deleted
Kilt                            four in the crib                     Oh Ha / Kilt    50798                    Deleted

Kim, Andy                       How'd We Ever Get This Way           Dot                                Not Available
Kim, Andy                       Rainbow Ride                         Dot                                Not Available
Kim, Andy                       Baby I Love You                      Dunhill                            Not Available
Kim, Andy                       Rock Me Gently                       Dunhill                            Not Available
Kim, Andy                       Andy Kim's Greatest Hits             Ice                                Not Available
Kim, Andy                       Andy Kim                             Ice                                Not Available
Kim, Andy (Baron Longfellow)    Baron Longfellow                     Ice                                Not Available
Kim, Andy (Baron Longfellow)    Prisoner By Design                   Portrait                           Not Available
Kim, Andy                       Baby I Love You - Greatest Hits      EMI             CLC6652        20.99  (14.00 US)

Kim Band, The                   Girlology                            The Kim Band    TKBCD-001      19.99  (14.00 US)

Kinder Atom Super Nice          Hippypants                           Cleopatra/Hypnotic             19.99  (14.00 US)

King, Bill                      goodbye superdad                     Capitol                            Not Available
King, Bill                      Blue Skies                           Capitol                            Not Available
King, Bill                      Moments Notice                       Roadrunner      RACD 10001     15.99  (11.00 US)
King, Bill                      East Side Symphony                   Roadrunner      RACD 10012     22.99  (16.00 US)

King, Dusty                     Something To Say                     Rodeo           Cassette Only   6.99  ( 5.00 US)

King, Ed                        heartsent country jubilee            ED King Country CCR 0102-95    22.99  (16.00 US)

King, J T                       Ruby River                           Black Hen       BHCD 10232     18.99  (13.00 US)

King, Mary                      Quand Le Soleil Aux                  Holborne        Cassette Only   9.99  ( 7.00 US)
King, Mary                      Ma Belle Province                    Holborne        Cassette Only            Deleted
King, Mary                      Marie                                Holborne        Cassette Only            Deleted
King, Mary                      Allo Mon P'tit Bobby                 Holborne        Cassette Only   9.99  ( 7.00 US)
King, Mary                      Festival Du Disque                   Holborne        Cassette Only   9.99  ( 7.00 US)
King, Mary                      Joyeux Noel                          Holborne        Cassette Only   9.99  ( 7.00 US)
King, Mary                      Tendrement                           Holborne        Cassette Only   9.99  ( 7.00 US)
King, Mary                      Encore                               Holborne        Cassette Only   9.99  ( 7.00 US)
King, Mary                      Enregistrement                       Holborne        Cassette Only   9.99  ( 7.00 US)
King, Mary                      La Valise Du Bonheur                 Holborne        Cassette Only   9.99  ( 7.00 US)
King, Mary                      Marie Yodel Et Chanter               Holborne        Cassette Only   9.99  ( 7.00 US)

King, Robbie                    Showtime in the Main Lounge          Aero            AM 17          18.99  (13.00 US)

King, Samantha                  A Hometwon Christmas                                                    Not Available

King, Wayne                     Old Time Fiddling                    Holborne        Cassette Only            Deleted

King Apparatus                  King Apparatus                       Raw Energy      CD RER 01                Deleted
King Apparatus                  Marbles                              Raw Energy      74242-1005-2   24.99  (17.00 US)
King Apparatus                  Hospital Waiting Room (CDEP)         Raw Energy      742421006•2    24.99  (17.00 US)

King Beezz                      King Beezz                                                              Not Available

King Biscuit Boy With Crowbar   Official Music                       Daffodil        AGEK-2162      13.99  (10.00 US)
King Biscuit Boy                "Gooduns"                            Daffodil        AGEK-2163      13.99  (10.00 US)
King Biscuit Boy                Mouth Of Steel                       Stony Plain                              Deleted
King Biscuit Boy                Badly Bent The Best Of King Biscuit Boy   BEI        BEIBD-24                 Deleted
King Biscuit Boy                Badly Bent the best of King Biscuit Boy   Unidisc    AGEK-2164      13.99  (10.00 US)
King Biscuit Boy                King Biscuit Boy                     Select          124                      Deleted
King Biscuit Boy, Richard Newell AKA    Urban Blues Re:Newell        Stoney Plain    SPCD 1210      20.99  (14.00 US)
King Biscuit Boy                Best Of King Biscuit Boy             BEI             BEIBD-24                 Deleted
King Biscuit Boy                Down the Line                        Sequel          NEB CD 849               Deleted
King Biscuit Boy & Sonny Del-Rio        Two Hound Blues              Race            001            14.99  (10.00 US)

king cobb steelie               king cobb steelie                    Raw Energy      74242 1008 2             Deleted
king cobb steelie               Project Twinkle                      Lunamoth        M260001                  Deleted
king cobb steelie               junior relaxer                       EMI             E21S 38245     15.99  (11.00 US)
king cobb steelie               Mayday                               Ryko            14431-0604-2   19.99  (14.00 US)
king cobb steelie               Destroy All Codes                    Outside         23339-9003-2   16.99  (12.00 US)

King Cool Flipped               The Motion Picture Soundtrack        King Cool Flipped     TBA                    TBA

King Friday                     King Friday                          King Friday     KFCD1701       17.99  (12.00 US)

King Ganam                      Ridin' The Fiddle                    RCA Camden                         Not Available
King Herbert & the knights      canada's message to the meters       Fusion3         FUSCD 777-2    25.99  (18.00 US)

King Khan & His Shrines         Smash Hits                           Vicious Circle  DIV RV888      20.99  (14.00 US)

King Kool Flipped               King Kool Flipped                    Loaf            CD 030372      22.99  (16.00 US)

King Kung                       Smashing Glass / Breaking Hearts     Subphonic                      22.99  (16.00 US)

King Lettuce                    Geekwaterlagoon                      Green Pepper          TBA                    TBA

King Nancy                      To Quitta                            Landwash        02 04245       19.99  (14.00 US)

Kingbees, The                   The Kingbees                                                            Not Available
Kingbees, The                   The Kingbees II                                                         Not Available
Kingbees, The                   The Kingbees 1 & 2                   School Kids     OGL 81599-2    24.99  (17.00 US)

Kingpins, The                   Watch Your Back                      Stomp           stomp007       17.99  (12.00 US)
Kingpins, The                   Let's Go To Work                     Stomp           stomp017       17.99  (12.00 US)
Kingpins, The                   Plan Of Action                       Stomp           stomp077       17.99  (12.00 US)

Kings, the                      The Kings Are Here                   Extreme                            Not Available
Kings, the                      Amazon Beach                         Extreme                            Not Available
Kings, the                      R.S.V.P.                             Ready                              Not Available
Kings, the                      Unstoppable                          dizzy           DZ-49532       24.99  (17.00 US)
Kings, the                      Party Live In '85                    dizzy/Bullseye  BLP-CD-4043    14.99  (10.00 US)
Kings, the                      The Kings Are Here And More          dizzy/WEA       CD 37375       11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Kings, the                      because of you                       Bullseye        BLR-CD 4064    14.99  (10.00 US)

Kinnear, Bill & Carlos del Junco    Blues                            Big Reed        BRRCDJ 01      18.99  (13.00 US)

Kinship                         First Born                           Kinship         KSCD1          23.99  (16.00 US)
Kinship                         Next Of Kin                          Kinship         KNCD2          23.99  (16.00 US)
Kinship                         Bone Shaker                          Kinship/Pacific 778224166023   15.99  (11.00 US)

Kirk & Magoo                    I Don't Want To Keep My Room Clean   Kirk & Magoo    K&M CD 001               Deleted
Kirk & Magoo                    We Are The Dinosaurs                 Kirk & Magoo    K&M CD 002               Deleted

Kirkland, Graeme                Sing Along With Graeme               Graeme Kirkland GKM4           22.99  (16.00 US)
Kirkland, Graeme                Beat Truths                          Graeme Kirkland GKM5           22.99  (16.00 US)

Kish                            Order From Chaos                     A&M             70301-91725-2            Deleted
Kish                            a nation of hoods                    isba            ISCD 2067                Deleted

Kiss Me Deadly                  Misty Medley                         alien8          ALIEN057-2     18.99  (13.00 US)

Kiss The Ground                 I Think I See                        CMIC/indie pool KTG01          21.99  (15.00 US)

Kiss The Midget                 auto erotica                         inferno         INF0001-2       6.99  ( 5.00 US)

kitchens & bathrooms            utter a sound                        Sonic Unyon     SUNCD083-2     18.99  (13.00 US)
kitchens & bathrooms            vehicles beyond                      Sonic Unyon     SUNCD088-2     18.99  (13.00 US)

Kite, The                       The Kite                             Spy             SPY CD 1008              Deleted

kittens                         Doberman                             Kittensongs     RDRCD 1027               Deleted
kittens                         tiger comet                          Sonic Unyon     suncd025       17.99  (12.00 US)
kittens                         Bazooka Joe and the Hustler             Sonic Unyon  suncd037       17.99  (12.00 US)
kittens                         The Night Danger Album                  Sonic Unyon  suncd053       13.99  (10.00 US)
kittens                         Lo-Fi Classics ...and other rarities!!  Sonic Unyon  suncd054       17.99  (12.00 US)

Kittie                          Spit                                 Artemis         REDK 751002    15.99  (11.00 US)
Kittie                          Paperdoll E.P.                       Epic            XEK 751066     11.99  ( 8.00 US)
Kittie                          oracle                               Epic            REDK 751088    15.99  (11.00 US)
Kittie                          safe (EP)                            Epic            EK 91718       15.99  (11.00 US)

Kitty                           Until the End                        Artemis         ATMK 751538    19.99  (14.00 US)

kitty's kitchen                 cistin chití ~ kitty's kitchen       Kate Crossan    KITCD 0196     23.99  (16.00 US)

Kix                             Kix                                  Orient                             Not Available

kiva                            pulse                                Yemyss          KR 002         19.99  (14.00 US)

Klaatu                          3:47 E.S.T.                          Daffodil        BLR-CD-2510    14.99  (10.00 US)
Klaatu                          Hope                                 Daffodil        BLR-CD-2511    14.99  (10.00 US)
Klaatu                          Sir Army Suit                        Daffodil        BLR-CD 2512    14.99  (10.00 US)
Klaatu                          Endangered Species                   Daffodil        BLR-CD 2513    14.99  (10.00 US)
Klaatu                          Magentalane                          Capitol         E2 36961       20.99  (14.00 US)
Klaatu                          Klassic Klaatu                       Attic                              Not Available
Klaatu                          Peaks                                Attic           BLR-CD-2514    14.99  (10.00 US)
Klaatu                          241 Double Header                    Attic           ACD 24122                Deleted
Klaatu                          Two Classic Albums from Klaatu       Collectors' Choice  CCM-1221-2 21.99  (15.00 US)
Klaatu                          Sun Set 1973 - 1977 (2CDs) 	     Bullseye        BLR-CD-2515    28.99  (19.00 US)
Klaatu                          Raarities                            Bullseye        BLP-2515       30.99  (22.00 US)

Klas, Andrea                    Orion                                Andrea Klas     AKP111         15.99  (11.00 US)
Klass, Beverly                  III                                                                           Deleted

Klein, David F.                 Sonrise                              Sonrise         DFK0999        22.99  (16.00 US)

Kleiner Power Trio, Mark        Love To Night                        Mint            MRd-0077       19.99  (14.00 US)

Klippert, Billy                 Billy Klippert                       Orange          ORNG0004CD      8.99  ( 6.00 US)

Klitschpeil                     Keit depression                      entartete kunst ek 1297        19.99  (14.00 US)

Kluner Big Band, Kerry          Live At The West End Cultural Centre   Justin Time     JTR 8436               Deleted

km/h                            km/h                                 km/h            KMH240         19.99  (14.00 US)

knacker                         snapshot                             Axis            AXM0001        22.99  (16.00 US)

Knickle, Mary                   Who Will Take The Throne             Windward        WPP CD-02      24.99  (17.00 US)

Knight, Chester and the wind    -freedom-                            Falcon's Dream  CK-101         18.99  (13.00 US)
Knight, Chester and the wind    Falling Down                         Falcon's Dream  CK-102         18.99  (13.00 US)

Knight, Peter                   Buscándote                           Peter Knight    PK 2002        20.99  (14.00 US)

knock~down~ginger               Snowman's land                       Zulu            ZULU 17-2      14.99  (10.00 US)
knock~down~ginger               take out                             Zulu            zulu 19-2      14.99  (10.00 US)

Knockin' Dog                    Chicken ep                           Knockin' Dog    KDCDii-13      22.99  (16.00 US)

knockout pill                   can i open the big present first?    knockout pill   KOCD811-2      19.99  (14.00 US)

Knowself                        Everythings Under Control            Weather Modification                     Deleted

Knucklehead                     Another Neurotic Episode             Melodiya        MOD-014                  Deleted
Knucklehead                     Ode To The Old Reliables             Melodiya        MELO-011                 Deleted
Knucklehead                     Little Boots                         Far Out         FOR021         24.99  (17.00 US)

Knuckleheads                    The Curly Shuffle                    Attic           ATT-1185       13.99  ( 9.00 US)

Knurl                           Torus                                Alien8          ALIEN12                  Deleted

Kobialka, Daniel                Softness of a Moment                 Chacra          DK114                    Deleted

Kochan, Alexis & Paris to Kyiv  Fragmenti                            olesia          AKBCD05        25.99  (18.00 US)
Kochan, Jacek                   visitor                              Unity           UTY - 126      22.99  (16.00 US)
Kochan, Jacek                   Corporate Highlanders                Unity           UTY137         22.99  (16.00 US)

KodiaK                          Pour y voir Clair                    indica          indcd 056      18.99  (12.00 US)

Koenig, Mark                    Mark Koenig                          Justin          JED 07                   Deleted
Koenig, Mark                    Trail Of Tears                                                                Deleted
Koenig, Mark                    Pretend                                                                       Deleted
Koenig, Mark                    She Looks Alot Like You                                                       Deleted
Koenig, Mark                    Your Turn To Fall                                                             Deleted
Koenig, Mark                    It's A Big World                                                              Deleted
Koenig, Mark                    Don't She Get Lonely                                                          Deleted
Koenig, Mark                    Pretty Eyes                                                                   Deleted
Koenig, Mark                    David's Stone                                                                 Deleted
Koenig, Mark                    Evening Star                                                                  Deleted
Koenig, Mark                    The Lonesome Kind                    Justin          JED 11                   Deleted
Koenig, Mark                    Crazy Over You                       Blue Dog        BD 015         19.99  (14.00 US)

Koffman, Moe                    Hot And Cool Sax                                                        Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    The Shepherd Swings Again                                               Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    Moe Koffman The Swinging Shepherd Plays For Teens                       Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    Tales Of Koffman                                                        Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    Moe's Curried Soul                                                      Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    Moe Koffman Plays Bach                                                  Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    The Four Seasons                                                        Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    Master Session                                                          Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    Sorcerer's Dance                                                        Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    Curried Soul                                                            Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    Solar Explorations                                                      Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    Live At George's                                                        Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    Best Of Moe Koffman                                                     Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    Jungle Man                           GRT                                Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    Museum Pieces                                                           Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    Things Are Looking Up                                                   Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    Back To Bach                         Anthem                             Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    Best Of Moe Koffman Volume I                                            Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    Best Of Moe Koffman Voluem II                                           Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    If You Don't Know Me By Now                                             Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    The Magic Flute                                                         Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    One More Time                                                           Not Available
Koffman, Moe                    Moe Mentum                           Duke Street     DSBD 31036      9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Koffman, Moe                    Oop Pop A Da                         Duke Street     DSBBD 31048              Deleted
Koffman, Moe                    Quintet Plays                        Duke Street     DSBD 31060     13.99  ( 9.00 US)
Koffman, Moe                    Music For The Night                  Duke Street     DSBD 31073      9.99  ( 7.00 US)
Koffman, Moe                    A Tribute To Andrew Lloyd-Webber                                              Deleted
Koffman, Moe                    Collection                           Duke Street     DSRMD 31089    13.99  (10.00 US)
Koffman, Moe                    Devil's Brew                         Duke Street     DSRMD 31100    18.99  (13.00 US)
Koffman Quartet, Moe            1967                                 Justin Time     JAS 9505       21.99  (15.00 US)
Koffman, Moe                    Best Of Vol 1 & 2                    Anthem          ANBD 1057      11.99  ( 8.00 US)

Koffman Project, Moe            [MKP]                                Columbia        CK 92712       19.99  (14.00 US)

Kollage                         Kollage                              Seajam          SJ 1008-2      17.99  (12.00 US)

Koller, George                  Music For Plants, Animals, And Humans    ZSAN        ZSAN-1001                Deleted

Koma                            Kollectiv Order                      indie pool      Cassette Only      Not Available

Komorous, Rudolf                strange sphere                       Artifact        ART 030        19.99  (14.00 US)

Kon Kan                         Kon Kan                              Hypnotic                           Not Available
Kon Kan                         vida!...                             Hypnotic        713561010 2              Deleted
Kon Kan                         Syntonic                             Atlantic        7 82163-2                Deleted
Kon Kan                         Move To Move                         Atlantic        CD 81984       16.99  (12.00 US)

Korb, Ron                       Celtic Heartland                     Ro'Bit          UNCD2000       20.99  (14.00 US)
Korb, Ron and Donald Quan       Tear Of The Sun                      Oasis           OASCD 1005     22.99  (16.00 US)
Korb, Ron                       Taming the Dragon                    Humble Dragon   ALCD 7784      19.99  (14.00 US)
Korb, Ron                       Behind The Mask                      Oasis           OASCD 1014     22.99  (16.00 US)
Korb, Ron                       Between The Shadows (DVD)            Humble Dragon   HDVD 2003      20.99  (14.00 US)
Korb, Ron                       Live                                 Humble Dragon   UNCD DVD 20    19.99  (14.00 US)

Korea                           Korea                                MaGaDa          MAGHCD 76      15.99  (11.00 US)

Korpi, Cathy                    This Side Of Your Kiss               Rescue          CK06951        24.99  (17.00 US)

Korrdorf, Nicolai               in memoriam                          CMC             VB 2006        19.99  (14.00 US)

Korven, Mark                    This must be the place               Radar           RR13001         9.99  ( 7.00 US)

Kosinec, Tony                      Consider The Heart                Smile                              Not Available
Kosinec, Tony                      Processes                         Smile                              Not Available
Kosinec, Tony                      Bad Girl Songs                    Smile                              Not Available
Kosinec, Tony and Asher Ettinger   Original Music for Film and TV    FBI four bars   TM-0697        22.99  (16.00 US)

Kottmeier                       cuscus                               corduroy        Cassette Only   3.99  ( 2.50 US)

Koulack, Daniel                 Clawhammer Your Way to the Top       Little Giant    DK 1CD                   Deleted
Koulack, Daniel                 Life on a String                     Little Giant    DK 2                     Deleted

Kountry Klassics                Kountry Klassics                     NCN                                Not Available

Koushkani, Amir with Eyvind King    In The Path Of Love              Golbarg         AAK 121        18.99  (13.00 US)

Kowalek, Luann                  Late Night Heroes                    ragged pup      rpr 00062       8.99  ( 6.00 US)
Kowalek, Luann                  Grace                                ragged pup      rpr 0007       19.99  (14.00 US)

Koyle, Luke                     Structured Ambience                  Gyroscope       GYR006605      19.99  (14.00 US)

Kozar                           Kozar                                Ernest J. Lyons  Cassette Only  3.99  ( 2.50 US)

Koziol, Andrea                  Mission Bliss                        Bigass          CD2K 00        18.99  (13.00 US)

Krall, Diana                    stepping out                         Justin Time     JUST 50-2      18.99  (13.00 US)
Krall, Diana                    Only Trust Your Heart                GRP             GRD-9810       15.99  (11.00 US)
Krall, Diana                    All for You                          Justin Time     IMPD 182       15.99  (11.00 US)
Krall, Diana                    Love Scenes                              impulse!    IMPSD 234      18.99  (13.00 US)
Krall, Diana                    Have yourself a merry little Christmas   impulse!    IMPDM 3111               Deleted
Krall, Diana                    When I look in your eyes             Verve           IMPD-304       18.99  (13.00 US)
Krall, Diana                    The Look Of Love                     Verve           314549846-2    18.99  (13.00 US)
Krall, Diana                    Live In Paris                        Verve           440 065 109-2  18.99  (13.00 US)
Krall, Diana                    Live In Paris (VHS)                  Eagle           VHS2 39012     20.99  (14.00 US)
Krall, Diana                    Live In Paris (DVD)                  Eagle           W91F 39012     27.99  (18.00 US)
Krall, Diana                    The Girl In The Other Room                Verve      VERW33682      18.99  (13.00 US)
Krall, Diana                    Live At The Montreal Jazz Festival (DVD)  Verve      B000378009     29.99  (21.00 US)

kramdens, the                   ...semi-stylish                      the kramdens    DROG039        22.99  (16.00 US)
kramdens, the                   Radio for Now                        DROG            DROG066        24.99  (17.00 US)
kramdens, the                   Quiet Collision                      Sextant         SXT-CD-0012    22.99  (16.00 US)

Krazy House                     In The Beginning...                  Krazy House     KHCD9801       23.99  (16.00 US)

Kreviazuk, Chantal              Under These Rocks And Stones         Columbia        CK 80246       15.99  (11.00 US)
Kreviazuk, Chantal              Leaving On A Jet Plane EP            Columbia        XEUK11 666443            Deleted
Kreviazuk, Chantal              Colour Moving And Still              Columbia        CK 80391       15.99  (11.00 US)
Kreviazuk, Chantal              what if it all means something       Columbia        CK 80818       20.99  (14.00 US)
Kreviazuk, Chantal              Ghost Stories                        CEC             CEC 80877      19.99  (14.00 US)

Kristian, David                 Cricklewood                          Alien8          ALIENCD5       19.99  (14.00 US)
Kristian, David / SIANspheric4  David Kristian / SIANspheric4        Alien8          ALIENCD8       19.99  (14.00 US)
Kristian, David                 Beneath The Valley Of The Modulars   Alien8          ALIEN16        19.99  (14.00 US)
Kristian, David                 music from the mermaid room          Wikkid          WKDK001CD      16.99  (12.00 US)
Kristian, David                 Sweet Bits                           monochrome      MONO15         17.99  (12.00 US)
Kristina                        Hype Jam '93'                        K.C.            KCSCD 1777     22.99  (16.00 US)

Kroeker, Joel                   Melodrama                            New Release                    18.99  (13.00 US)

Kroker/Kroker/Gibson/KristiaN   Hacking The Future  Sex Without Secretions  New World  NWP 000-2    22.99  (16.00 US)

Kruhner                         Kruhner                                                                 Not Available

K2 Project, The                 The Ultimate Rock                    K2 Entertainment  K2ENT 1                Deleted

Kuchocki, Juliann               Com potion                           Juliann Kuchocki  A034983-01   22.99  (16.00 US)

Kuerti, Anton                   Schumann: Kreisleriana               Ace Of Diamonds SDD 2154                 Deleted

Kummel, Philip                  Book of Serjeant Salt                Philip Kummel   PMK05           6.99  ( 5.00 US)

Kunga 219                       Tharpa's Transcripts                 Good Night                               Deleted

Kurt, Elvira                    Kitten With A Wit                    Uproar          UPRO 3800-2    18.99  (13.00 US)

Kurt & Noah                     There Are Things                                                        Not Available

Kusturok, Patti                 A Touch of Heritage                  Banff           Cassette Only   6.99  ( 5.00 US)
Kusturok, Patti                 Stringin' Them Along                 Rodeo           SBS 5513       11.99  ( 8.00 US)

Kuthe                           1,000,000 mph                        indie pool      PM1675                   Deleted

Kydd, Karyn                     The Bridge                           Fusion III      DP-CD-2-1020    6.99  ( 5.00 US)

Kyn                             ...relatively speaking               Kyn             KYN0001        22.99  (16.00 US)

Kyprios                         Say Something...                     Columbia        CK 80942                 Deleted

KZKombination                   Time Lan Changé                      tir Groupé      tg cd 026      17.99  (16.00 US)

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